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Iplehouse Special Edition Realskin YID dolls

Oct 22, 2009

    1. I knew it was coming. I just knew it!
    2. Must. Have. Mars.
    3. I saw this and literally screamed. I am SUCH a sucker for the realskin. ;~; My favourites are the Gentle Soori, Mars, and Lion. Ryushin is fantastic too. AUGH. I really wish they had put up teasers for the new model boy first though; he's who I'm really waiting for.

      Thankfully the ordering period lasts until December 31st so I have time to contemplate!
    4. They all look fabulous! I'm afraid I'll be saving my money for a basic Luna. I would imagine they are going to go like mad, though--they all look so good!

    5. I knew they'd eventually do this, but I didn't think it'd be so soon! Mars in Real Skin is one of my dream dolls, and now I can have him. :D

      Asalie and Kale (my two Real Skin JIDs) can have their (really) big brother! :aheartbea

      The YIDs look fantastic in the Real Skin tone. I just love it so much. The girls look especially great -- I love the face up that they have on Silvia, her lips look so luscious. ^^
    6. Oh man... Iplehouse, why? I couldn't pass up Luna, but a realskin Freezia is SO tempting. I think I'll just be paying off my Luna though... I doubt I'd be able to afford one of these beauties during the order period. :|

      Also... I so want one of those gray suits for one of my other girls. :sweat
    7. Although I'm not personally crazy for realskin, Ryushin looks particularly handsome in this color.
    8. I'm surprised they decided to do this release before they fully solved the problems with the realskin going green after light exposure.
    9. I thought their tests were showing the new UV realskin went yellow?

      I have to say, Harin looks absolutely great in realskin! Darn...it's renewed my desire to get her. Hehe. And I had wanted her in WS too! >_<
      Iplehouse is just so good at being tempting, aren't they? ^_~
    10. OK Can I Die Now...!?!?!?!??! WHY NOW?!??!?!? T^T

      But it's good. They have LAYAWAY!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! MARS FOR ME!!!! XD
    11. B-But... I'm already having to tell myself no to tiny birdy soom. A Real Skin Silvia? D: This is just cruel.
    12. Oooo! I am impressed. I particularly like the look of Mars, Harin, and Gentle Freezia!
    13. Darn you, Iplehouse. And Freezia looks like the perfect sister now for my realskin Tania.
    14. So is anyone buying? O.O I'm inches away from clicking that Mars... >_< HELP~
    15. I am literally whimpering like a puppy right now, because these come out and I still can't land a job. >_< And ugh, the Mars and Ryushin are just GORGEOUS!
    16. I know... IPH is killing me... :...( Even on a layaway, I can only manage to snatch one of them... :( Ryuushin or Mars? Ryuushin or Mars? Ryuushin or Mars? *_*
    17. I'm so glad to see them do something with their YIDs! I love Gentle Freezia in this skin tone. I'm safe from having to buy one, but I can't wait to see them start popping up in photos.
    18. Ah... real skin louis >.< i've been asking them for ages if they would make louis in tan, and this pretty close... he looks lovely
    19. Surprisingly, I am actually torn between Louis and Ryuushin. They are both so gorgeous... I thought I'd be meebly over the Soo Ris, but that Louis' precious face and Ryuushin's eyes with that dark skin... Gah.

      I have a feeling I'll be making the decision to buy on December 30th. ;D