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Iplehouse Standard Chase released

Nov 25, 2009

    1. http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=1833

      Holy C***! >_< I didn't think it was possible for me to like him more than the Noctarcana version... but but but... I LOVE him! What an -evil- face!!

      It si me, or he looks less... 'stylised' than the limited version? Looks a bit like Akando with narrower features and thinner lips. Gah, he is -gorgeous-!
    2. I agree, he looks so gorgeous in both faceups, too! I think he might look less stylized because he has calmer, less smirky lips in both of those styles. Nrrr . . . want . . .
    3. He is HOT! Period!
    4. ;_; I wanted Chase for that face so much and I just couldn't afford him....is this real? :pcupcake It's not even my birthday! :) And he's not limited? ie; He'll be there, smirking at me, waiting for me to have some more pennies? :lol: Perhaps it is my birthday after all. :fangirl:
    5. I like him more than the Noctarcana Circus version. He looks a bit like Akando and that's definitely a good thing.
    6. Only $640 to go! XD

      I love how his smirkyness can look both evil and sweet :aheartbea Aagh, I want this doll.
    7. omg omg omg omg i already have him on my wish list. xD he looks fantastic!
    8. I definitely want him, but I'm torn as to which body to pick. I generally like the Superhero body better, but I am worried that his narrow face will look unbalanced with such broad shoulders.

      I posted a question on Iple's Q&A asking if they could show what a Chase head would look like on that body. If they get back to me, I'll be sure to put it in this thread.
    9. omg, faster release than I thought....
      He's so cute devil, I like him as normal version!
    10. AWW shitzu dog!! I have another damn choice to make!!:x:...(
      I'd take all the EID men if I were rich...but no.
    11. I simply ADORE him!! I never thought I would want one of the EIDs just because they are so big (my roomie has one and he's almost too much doll for me! hee hee) But I just LOVE him! :love
      He would look just wonderful on the new model body, I'm so glad they made that an option for him.

      As soon as I can afford him, he must come live with us! :kitty2
    12. ...I thought I was safe. I thought it was over.
      God damn it Iplehouse.
    13. I don´t like, as i said previously i don´t like very much the 1/3 seize and IH mold on that size have strange faces to me...i prefer msd sizes dolls like Ryan or the sweet Amy.
    14. I was on the fence about this guy before, but after seeing the basic version he is definitely going on my wish list. <3 He looks great in NS! Though I can't help but wonder how he'd look in RS. :drool And if I want to wait for a RS release or not to get him, since its pretty much only a matter of time and its nowhere near the rainy season. *sigh*
    15. OHMAN, Realskin.... :nosebleed
      Darn, now maybe I need to wait with you...
    16. Wonder what clothes other than IpleHouse will fit him? And if one gets the model body will the regular EID clothing fit?
    17. Don't know what other clothes will fit him, but the EID shirts will fit him, just not the pants. I think the shoes will fit too... He just has slimmer hips, so the superhero pants won't fit.
      Iple has the "mo" designation on a couple pair of pants, that are designed specifically for the model body. :)
    18. Mmmm... something about his face just bothers me a little, but I can't place what. I think I'm going to wait a bit and see what other guys they release before I make my decision on him.

      Also, it looks like positioning eyes in his head would be a pain.

      I do hope they release some nicer pants for the model boys without the gaudy chains, though. That body looks wonderful in tighter clothes.