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Iplehouse Taina vrs. Luts Bory

Dec 11, 2008

    1. Anyone have an opinion?
    2. I don't have those dolls specifically but have dolls from both companies and have a coupel of kid-delf bodies - I like the sculpt, the quality and the poseability, if that's any help.

      No complaints about the Iplehouse one either - but that's a bigger size and a boy rather than a girl, so not much of a comparison.

    3. I vote for Tania.
      I love Bory too, but there is something about Tania, I think it is her delicate features that I really like. She looks more mature too, depends on what you need I guess.
    4. I have a Bory boy and I love him to death! x3
      The only complaint I have posing wise is that I wish he had double jointed knees, otherwise he's perfect.
    5. I vote for Tania.

      I've had a Kid Delf doll and I wasn't that impressed with the poseability or body-type. Mine was waaaayyy too chubby for my liking.

      I guess it depends on if you want a slim or bigger MSD... Tania will be more mature and curvy, while Bory will be... chunky? :sweat

      Not a lot of people on the board have a Tania. I know a handful of people who have Bory.

      They are both very gorgeous dolls, though. I think you will be happy regardless on which one you choose.
    6. Tania, she is very pretty and posable!
    7. Bory!
      Purely for the fact I`ve ordered mine and I love him.. xD
    8. Thanks for your opinions! How posable is Bory? I've seen a couple of Tania with the mobility joint.
    9. I don't know about posability, but for a first doll I recommend Bory. Kid Delfs are a very common size and getting clothes for him will be cake. I don't know from experience but I hear the Iplehouse minis are an unusual size. so while people call Tania "slim" she's actually just as wide around as Bory and doesn't belong in the slim mini category of Unoa, Narae, MNF, etc. My experience with difficult sizes is that they're frustrating and I usually have to do a lot of research to get clothes that fit. I have a Lati Blue boy who has a very small wardrobe compared to my other dolls. (he has 3 outfits.) If you're planning on having both in the future, you should note that they might not go well together. Tania just looks older and more realistic.
    10. Bory is actually more poseable than he looks - his single-jointed knees can bend quite a bit, and the joints that he does have, have very nice articulation. He's not as awesomely posable as Tania, but he's pretty good.

      I agree with what the others said - it depends on whether you want a more mature-looking mini or a more child-like one. Luts says their KDF's are supposed to be around 6 (and they do have child bodies), whereas the Iplehouse J.I.D.'s are supposed to be older, I believe.
    11. The arms of kids delfs are pretty posable but I've found their knee movement pretty limited. The kid delf girl bodies do have more thigh leg movement than the boys, though even so, I doubt it could beat the mobility joints of an IH Tania. :s

      But it all depends on whether you prefer mature minis or the kid-like ones, really. :)
    12. oh crap i love them both too..... ;_;

      I will tell you this though. Tiana is more realistic looking where as bory is more anime character looking. his eyes are slightly more anime-ish than normal eyes. So if you want a more realistic looking doll go for tiana. if you want a more anime-ish doll go for bory.
    13. I have a Tania... and she's beautiful, BUT she is difficult to dress if you'd want to buy any clothes for her.