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Iplehouse Tan Soo Ri Limited V2 with bonus 'Gentle' Head

Nov 23, 2007

    1. He's back! :D I decided to help spread the word to those who have been waiting for his return. He doesn't come with the nice outfit the V1 had but with a bonus head instead! He's about $811.00 USD with all the bells and whistles. $715.00USD with no face-up or clothes. Either way he's comes with a random wig and random eyes.



      *Bonus* Limited Tanned Head. Non-Tanned version of heads will be optional parts after the holidays (Unless you are lucky to get one in the Event).


      More pictures at the Iplehouse site.
    2. He's lovely!

      But I was really hoping for a tan Louis for a character of mine ;) come on Iple!
    3. Others have been pushing for another Tan Iple. I'm sure with the success Tan Soo-Ri 2 is having it could very well happen :3nodding: .
    4. *agagagagagaaaaa!!!* [​IMG]

      Omigawd, I can't believe they actually did it! He's actually back! At last count, it was "no, we have no plans to release tan Soo Ri again in the future". God bless you Iples, you sneaky dawgs. :aheartbea And now a Gentle head with it? I want to die! I don't need another whole Ilya... but I cannot get the Tan Gentle head on its own... and the new Tan resin is nowhere near the same color as the old Tan... and couldn't get another new Tan body for it anyway... so, oh gee, it looks like I may have to get the whole enchilada. Time for me to get a bigger house.

      This 'new' face, with the natural faceup, it's gorgeous. I can't tell if the sculpt is shaped different, or if it's just the new makeup & new body that makes him look so different from the old one. He seems so much more soft & "harmless" than my Ilya. ^^ Does anybody know if the sculpt itself has changed? (At least he still has the trademark Soaring Eagle nose. <3)

      Also: Does anybody know how many of him there are? Normally, they're really specific about how many are in the LE run (usu 10 or 20).

      I just got back from the Volks LA Dolpa, so my timing for this event couldn't be worse. :P But his Sale page doesn't say Sold Out yet, so...! He must still be available, but I can't believe he'll last long.
    5. He has a limited ordering period instead of a limited number this time. The ordering period is between Nov 23 and Dec 25.

      Iple told you they werent making another tan Soo Ri? I've been bugging them about it since June and they told me then that they were going to re-release him O.o

      Also something interesting they told me that I didnt know. These tan boys are french resin. I dont know if the previous tans were, but these are. If the were using french resin before, it's news to me.

      In their words:

      "Manufacturing Soo Ri needs lots of time, so please kindly have to wait patiently.
      Iplehouse tanned Soo Ri is made by French resin.
      Due to this, the failure of manufacturing is low, however, the manufacturing of tanned doll is much more difficult than general doll."

      I got different faceups for my boys. The gentle Soo Ri will have the default that he has in the pics. But the normal tan Soo Ri will have the same faceup as version 1 minus the face tattoo. ^.^
    6. No, not me specifically... I never asked them, but many of my friends have been asking them on & off for the past year/two since his release... and Iples just kept saying "no plans to rerelease". I think they were just being sly with the wording. ^^

      So thanks for the clarification. I saw the event had a time-period, but didn't know that his quantity was date-based too. That's a new system! That takes so~oo much pressure off, man... no staying up till 5:30 AM waiting for the "Sale" button to come up for an LE10 or 20, and praying that your connection doesn't give out before 9 other people's. :)

      Ah! Whoa! :ablink: French resin?? For real? That IS big news. I must have missed that little tidbit of information. No, their previous tans were both regular resin.

      Hm. Tan French resin, I am skeptical now. I wonder why they changed from urethane? Maybe they're experimenting with tan formulas or something. I really thought that they had the secret down cold, though-- their tan resin has always been better than everyone else's I've seen, and they've managed to make more & darker shades than anyone else yet. French resin fades even faster than normal stuff, and the only tan French resin I've seen is a funny color (Narindoll). Well, they must have something up their sleeves, to make such a big change, so I guess I will trust them.

      PS. Did they really say they'd make the same "glam-rock-assassin" faceup as they did for the old version, with the frosted eyeshadow & gray lipstick? :love How awesome is that! Their service is such love.

      I think if I break down and buy him, I will love having a natural-style faceup around, for contrast. For me, the hardest decision would be the body type! (Ah, they're all so yummy.) Well, if I do break down, you will all hear the scream.
    7. I just put up a question to them in their Q&A. Because the pictures they just put up definitely look like regular resin. French resin has a creepy "wax doll" look that you can spot immediately. Well, I can! So I asked if they've changed the body since taking the pictures, and if the other dark dolls will be the same way. We'll see what they say!
    8. French Resin for Soo Ri?? No way! I have a Tan Narae and she is no where near that dark, even the newer Narin/Narae that are coming out are darker, but not "chocolate" in the Tan resin....hmm....maybe they should clarify a little more..Narin Dolls resin has a more grit feeling to it and is more matte than any resin I have owned..
    9. Wow...WOW...*_______________* I LOVE Soo Ri...and seeing him again in Tanning skin.....I love Iplehouse.....T~T though i don't think i'll make the order period....but it's ok....I really adore the non-tanned gentle head....someone mentioned that it will be available under option parts AFTER the event period....my question is, where does it state that on the site?

      I really want to get my hands on that head. >>;;;;;*slaps self* i really need to buy some bodies though.

      Congrats to those of you who get your hands on this gorgeous boy. T~T I will forever envy you all....
    10. I don't know if they've mentioned it on the site. Several of us asked in the Q&A and they told us it would be.
    11. Ah thank you for your help hobbywhelmed!!! :D If people have asked the company, then that puts me at ease....^^
    12. Oh dear, it never ends --

      No answer yet on my resin question, but someone asked in an unlocked query about the possibility of msd size, particularly mature ones. IP's answer was that they're working on them, and maybe can announce something by next February -- The mind boggles at the thought of a midget Soori.....
    13. i think theyve answered your question now (i hope).
    14. Ok, got an answer. Some nice person there took a lot of time out to give me a very detailed answer. And it seems the Aaron has been this same formulation too. Not just French resin but a mix of resins to increase the density and avoid the waxy look. (Note, I did bring up the "waxy" look of total French resin and how I don't like that, and that was why he/she did mention it in the response.)

    15. I wonder if this mix has been used in their lighter dolls too. It would certainly explain the extra-high reflectivity of IP resin, which fairly glows in bright light when you snap pix of it.

      I've seen two Aaron's this year, one the really dark one and one lighter one this last month. And also have seen various Narae's and Limhwa's. You would never think of French Resin if you saw the Aaron. Even the lighter one is a deep, dense color. (The darker one, though is heck to photograph because it's SO dark. I think my camera would stroke if I tried to photo a dark Aaron and a beauty white doll next to each other!)
    16. Now that was interesting to read, at least they gave a explanation to the reason why they are using a lot of different types of resin to get the darker shades. I look at my Narae and she does not look like wax per say, but she has a glow to her. Thanks for posting the response:)
    17. Personally, I'm burbling goo waiting for my TangodSooRi. :nosebleed
      I'll have three Soo Ri! :dance
      I'll either go hermit with them, and you'll never hear from me again, or I'll go monkeynutz with the camera and spam the heck out of the whole lot of them, and you'll wish I'd go hermit! :XD:

      *is an insane knot of emotions just waiting until he gets here*

      JennyNemesis! Can you say THREE on a condoll shoot? I know you caaaan! :mwahaha
    18. Profuse thanks to Hobby for winnowing out the Frenchness-and-Urethane Tan Resin mystery for us. I hope they don't come out quite so powdery-looking, the ones they end up shipping to us.... At least they recognize that people don't quite go for the powdery look when it's a dark skin-color. (I am perversely attached to the high gloss that Ilya, tan Soo Ri v1, acquired as soon as his insufficient coat of sealant wore off. Definitely less French blood in that boy! So to speak. ^^)

      Anyway. *deep steeling breaths* I am going to get twins!

      But oh my buggery bollocks is it hard to decide on a body-type. I am in agony! ;; Muscle, or Model? Muscle, or Model? Caramel, or butterscotch? Chocolate, or more chocolate? I simply can't decide.

      On one hand, I wanna have all 3 body types in Tan someday, on grounds of basic coolness. <3 And I do kinda like the difference that the Muscle body makes. On the other hand, I already know I love the Model body with this smaller head. Perhaps I'll wait to get a Muscle-man when they-- and you know they must-- someday put out Barron and/or Ryushin in Tan! I think those new broader faces may look better on the thicker body.

      But on the other-other hand, they've just updated Soo Ri's page with a 3/4-length shot on the Muscle bod, and *mmmf!!*:


      *_* Anybody got a Ouija Board? Maybe the ghost of Great-Aunt Francesca will be able to help me decide.

      Great bouncing buddhas, woman-- if you don't do me a big ol' Tripletcest show on ConDoll as SOON as that boy arrives, I am going to send somebody over there to slap you with a whole pastrami brisket. Have you ever been hit with a whole pastrami brisket? *SHWACK* Imagine being hit with a flattened Mini Cooper with spices on the outside. You will feel it. So. I expect my Rainbow Soo-Ri Pr0n forthwith. Thank you for your consideration.

    19. OhOhOhOH!!!! *violent* :nosebleed
      I was just about to head on over there to see if they'd put up any new pix!

      WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So this is what it's like when your wildest dreams are fulfilled! *rolling around in intoxicating resin*

      Heh heh heh. I've been calling them my Neopolitan Triumvirate. :XD:
      Chocolate, Strawberry, and ... coconut. ;) Kyouzou refuses to be anything as blase' as Vanilla. :mwahaha

      ...and your pastrami brisket just reminded me of Monty Python's Fish dance. :lol: *slap* *slap*
    20. My Goodness, Soo Ri is quite a Hunk a Stuff with his buffed and tanned self, and I just ordered big boy Tanned Mano. Sigh! Santa I need me some money so I can get me some mo' muscle in da houz.