Iplehouse Toyko Story dolls discussion! New SID boy Storm & SID girl Soo

Jul 7, 2010

    1. If Tedros came in an SID size, he'd sooo be mine!
      I'm keeping an eye on Storm tho... waiting for more pictures. :)

      I'm just turned off by those huuuuuuuge EID male bodies. :(
    2. For me it will be between Storm and Tedros. I think Tedros will win out if I can get him without the beard. That way he'd be different enough from my Noctarcana Tedros. But I'll need to see the rest of the pictures of Storm. Dang Iple for granting my wish for a more mature SID and a tan Tedros at the same time when I can only afford one!
    3. I just today recieved my secondhand EID Jessica, and I've never had a big doll before, just MSD sized. And I love it! xD

      But I can understand how the size can be intimidating.

      I am lusting after Asa, but because I want her blank, I am not worried about having to get a limited version. I am also liking Sooh! She's got a darling expression. Storm, I am going to have to see more of before I can make my mind up on him.
    4. Okay, I am kind of in love with Tedros, but my overall doll plans were to get a realskin Chase at some point. I'm going to have to think a bit.
    5. When I saw the coming soon pic, I knew I'd have to rethink my doll plans, because I wanted tanned spiritdoll Acer, but I think tanned Tedros will be better. But more expensive? Ahhh. I really want him though. And I'll be interested if I can get Asa's or Soo's costume seperately.
    6. damn they promised an EID boy with asian features, but both of them aren't!
      im so disappointed.
    7. I'm torn between Asa and Soo. I always wanted Asa, but I am not sure I can afford the layaway. I have to see what Soo is going for with full set and stuff. I hate for not having the funds for such gorgeous dolls u-u
    8. Tedros looks so good in that skin color, but I have heard it can fade over time if exposed to sunlight or indoor light. I wonder what EID Storm will look like upclose too. The new SID girl looks so adorable too!
    9. Same here. Lee is the closest they have come so far, but he's not an EID. If they get around to releasing an asian EID male, I will snatch him up in a heartbeat.
    10. actually, it was the "real skin" resin that had this problem, especially the akando pierrot LE that were released in RS, not the "light brown" resin.
      haven't really heard of any fast greening reported on the light brown skin.

      in any event, tedros in the light brown look outstanding, as do the other 3 dolls:aheartbea
    11. Beautiful costumes.
      Too bad, I was hoping for a SID version of Asa, I prefer her much more than Soo.
    12. I will consider Tedros in this color as long as he does not fade or turn green, and I have the money for him for full set.
    13. I'm sunk, I'm afraid. I've wanted a brown Tedros since they first showed the NC version of him in RS. The other 3 I can resist, although I do like Storm too. I just don't want to start yet another size wardrobe..........
    14. Ugh..that beautiful brown skinned Tedros..x-x -drools- But I have no money and other plans..I'm getting a Chase someday..and not a smexy Tedros..as much as I do love him..-headshake- Storm is lovely too..I hope to see more pictures of him soon.
    15. ZING! I am loving the new sculpts! XD I was hoping Lee might sneek into this LE, but it's nice to see a few of the new SID gang. Soo is very soft and I like the open mouth. Storm is very cute and looks like a youthful Tedros/Akando.
    16. They are all beautiful! I really like Tedros in brown skin out of all the other colors I have seen him in. (Your dolls are wonderful, btw JinCIncy. I always look at your boys and Jessica in the gallery!)
      I am a little disappointed though that they haven't came out with an EID with Asian features yet...
    17. Oh dear. I've been waiting for just the right Iple boy to come along for a character of mine and Storm might be him. I'll need some more pictures to be sure, but from what I've seen he's very close. I'll wait for the NS version though.
    18. I was scared for my wallet when I saw the first picture... I've been checking their website everyday since they posted it ! Now I just saw the teaser pictures, and I'm... not in love. I can't pinpoint why, but I don't like them as much as I thought I would. So I guess I'm safe this time ! :sweat

      I do want to see more pictures, though.
    19. Ditto! I was hoping for an Asian EID male after seeing SID Lee! :[

      Oooh! :) I hope he is the right one for you. I think he's a very cute sculpt. I too would love to see more photos.

      Lucky!!! Maybe another one in the future will be for you instead. ;) I shall be resisting temptation myself. I think Soo is quite pretty, but I spent most of my dolly money on Asa already. XD