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Iplehouse updates: Dollshe Husky and Afgah

Jan 28, 2006

    1. I am very sorry, if this is not a new doll or something. He looks a lot like Hound so I am slightly confused. XD

      Anyway, I was looking at wigs that I wanted at Iplehouse, and I saw DollShe Husky, on the front page. At first I even thought the Husky was for the clothes. ^^;; I obviously haven't looked at Hound much to tell the difference.

      I'm sorry again if I am completely wrong...
    2. Nope, he's a new boy.

      Hound is much more gentle/smiley looking than this guy is, that's for sure.

    3. Nah I don't think he is limited...so far only Bermann has been limited. And I think if he was, Tensiya would have told us before Iple house sold him...right?
    4. I suspect he has a Hound V2 body. The hands in the pics are clearly Hound hands, so I am assuming everything but the head is as well.
    5. He has the same exact measurement as a Hound body, so I am guessing he will have a standard Dollshe boy body (Hound's) too. :P
    6. Yes, I'd like to see a milder face-up as well. It's harder to see the potential range of the doll with such a strong face-up. I'd love to see a mournful-looking Husky as opposed to a fierce one.

      Can't wait for owner pics! :love

      ETA: Thanks omichao. ^^
    7. First Dollshe Husky and then this gorgeous woman!


      Oh yeah... HER and that Afghan can now be ordered from Ipplehouse.

      And yes I stalked Iplehouse with the thought: What else ebil pretties does Ipplehouse has in store for us...
      Who would have know I was right? :vein :vein :vein
    8. Afgha can wear boots because the boots she is wearing are boots for boys. Afghan could probably wear those boots also. To me it looks like the only difference between Afghan and Afgha (other than spelling) is the faceup.

      Also, I suspect the bit about Afgha being a boy is a misprint, probably using a template or copy/pasting from Hounds page?
    9. ITA, I am quite sure it is the exact same sculpt with a new marketing ploy, since Afghan has not started out as a big seller.

      Or just a simple Typo on the part of Iplehouse (been known to happen )
    10. if you look at Iplehouse's page where they have Afghan's picture next to Afgha you can see Afgha's cheeks are VERY slightly less round x_x I just noticed it myself and her lips are more full and her nose is a bit thinner
    11. They did--see Donn's Bishonen House thread in the Artist's Dolls section, where he discusses some of the difficulties in making colored resin.
      The surface isn't the same as the interior nearly always.
      The color tends not to mix evenly even with the best and most careful of touches, which is separate from the surface problem; I believe it will look marbled.
      And the larger the doll (say, 68-70 cm, for example), the worse these problems become.

      On topic for the thread,:
      I look forward to seeing gentler face-ups on both Husky & Afgah.

      Afghan looked too much and too little like Salubia to me; it's the mouth.
      I own & love a Salubia, so Afghan looked 'wrong'<--perception thing; there's nothing actually wrong with the sculpt, except for me.
      The wider mouth and the more chiselled face on Afgah suits me better.

      I'll bet Husky will do a great melancholic boy when his mouth isn't painted quite that pouty, and without angry eyebrows. Iplehouse faceup = >(

      Ann in CT
    12. I just thought you guys might be interested. I sent Iplehouse an e-mail...

      Q: Is Husky a totally different boy from Hound? Is Dollshe going to release more male dolls?

      A (Iplehosue):

      Dollshe will release more male dolls.

      It can use the body same as Hound.
      When compared to Hound each other, Husky has very sharp shape of eyes and different shape of lips. Nose is very sharp. On the face, he has hollow cheeks and high cheekbones.

      In one word, the feeling of Hound is quite soft, but Husky is sharp.
      They are both brothers, so they are alike a little, each other.
    13. I would also like to share Tensiya's reply to me...


      Dear Tensiya,

      I was wondering if there is a new DOLLSHE doll coming out. I saw one at Iplehouse and his name is Husky. Is this a new doll? Or is it a modified Hound doll? Are you going to sell it sometime this year?

      Thank you for your time!


      Dear customer

      Hi there~it's Momo from Tensiya ^^
      Of course, we are planning to release him from our shop too.>_<
      We think it will be about next week...and right,his head is modified Hound head..^_^
      I met him and felt very special thing from him, I think you'll love him too! ^^

      Please write here at anytime you have any inquiries

      Best wishes
    14. More Iplehouse news:


      1. When will you be releasing new dolls from Dollshe? I know you already released Afgah and Husky, but I was wondering when you are going to release the others.
      2. I was told that Husky was a modified head mould of Hound. Does this mean that the other dolls that is going to be released will also be a modified Head mould of Hound?
      3. When will Husky be shipped if I ordered him this week?


      The preparation for the new doll of Dollshe is now almost complete.
      It could be shown as early as next week.

      It is correct that Husky has the modified head of Hound.
      Regarding the new Dollshe dolls which would be released soon, the head would be absolutely a new type/mould.

      In case of Husky with no make-up, we can ship it in the early of next week.

      Thank you so much ^_^