Iplehouse Wendy and Russian Vogue

Apr 13, 2018

    1. https://flic.kr/p/264HRDN (sorry couldn’t get the photo to post from flickr)

      Hope this is in the right place...I’m probably not the first to notice this, I don’t know much about the Iplehouse company but I adore their dolls. I’ve always wondered at their inspirations for the dolls and clothes. With that said, I missed out on Wendy and consoled myself with looking at couture fashion on that rabbit hole called Pinterest and lo and behold, I found this image from Russian Vogue, which looks exactly like Wendy.
    2. Yeah there was a time when Iplehouse was selling a SID-sized dress that was inspired by a Vera Wang gown.


      And also there was a slew of clothing that Iplehouse did that were inspired by Disney princesses/villains.
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    3. Thanks for the info!! Now I know why so many dresses look familiar...:)
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    4. I remember the Disney inspired line! I was so sad I couldn’t afford any of them at the moment :( but they were all so beautiful! Specially the Maleficent inspired outfit, Rania looked great on it <3 <3 <3