Iplehouse will sell Elemental Guardians through Custom Doll System

Apr 30, 2012

    1. Hi, this is Iplehouse.

      From May 1st we will start selling Elemental Guardians characteres in CDS.
      At first we did not have any plans to sell Elemental Guarduans as a basic dolls or in CDS so we told our clients like that.

      And all of sudden we decided to sell them so many would be curious.

      A lot of our clients have requested us to release Elemental Guardians again but until recently we did not think about selling them again.
      But when we heard that counterfeit dolls were sold since it was limited item, we decided to sell them again.
      We decided to sell Elemental Guardians only in CDS and we will only sell characters which were released last year.
      Elemental Guardians which is sold 2012 will be sold in CDS at 2013.

      Also you can buy the doll in CDS anytime, but please be aware that outfits and other items won¡¯t be offered again.
      To those who bought Elemental Guardians because it was limied dolls, we are sincerely sorry.
      Please understand our situation and in return for your constant support, we will continue to do our best.

      Yahooooooooooo! :sumomo:

      Link to Custom Doll System

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