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Iplehouse YID boys - what other clothes fit?

Feb 26, 2009

    1. Hello all,
      I'm planning to buy an Iplehouse Mars, and I was wondering what clothes from other companies may fit him (and other YID boys). Iplehouse have a somewhat limited selection of clothes and shoes, and I would like to see some more. Shoes are my main concern.
      Did any of you lucky owners buy other clothing for your boys? Dollmore SD shoes, for instance?
    2. I don't know if you got an answer to your question already, but I own three Iplehouse YID boys, and almost everything meant for ~60cm boy dolls fits them nicely.

      Pants can be an issue, though. The Iplehouse boys have long legs, and pants from companies like Volks can be too short in the leg; not so bad if you boy wears boots or what have you, but it can get annoying, particularly when your boy sits.

      As for shoes, most everything seems to fit them. I have shoes from a number of companies--not Dollmore specifically, but several others--and they're just fine. A couple of pairs of Volks shoes are a bit large, but not large enough to be a problem.
    3. Gallye, thank you so much for your answer!
      I'm looking for some clothes and shoes to buy once my boy arrives, and I wouldn't want to spend so much money on something way off...
      It's sad Iplehose has such amazing dolls and so little stuff for them!
    4. Luts Senior Delf clothes work. The length of pants are ok, though they may be a little big in the waist.
    5. Oh, great tip, loz64, thanks! I'll check the Luts site now.
    6. I'd like to know if someone can confirm whether Dollmore Youth Adam shirts and pants fit YID Model boys or not.
      So far from searching it seems that shirts and pants are alittle big but passable fit? Though I heard one person say that they got pants that were too small.

      I'd like to join the Dollmore group order, so any and all help is greatly appreciated! ^^ Thanks
    7. What about Angell Studio 70 cm. clothes?, I know these are bigger, but I´d like to know if it´s possible to use these outfits on YID boys with any small adjustments.
    8. YIDs can share pants with LatiDoll Red guys, who are similarly leggy & narrow-hipped.

      I've also had some luck with DoT Boy sizes.

      He can also wear Soom Gem's clothes - the pants are a smidgen short, but otherwise they fit pretty great (Gems are even a shade skinnier than YIDs).

      For Volks tops, YIDs are actually closer to SD10 than SD13 through the chest & shoulders. My YIDs share tops with my SD10. Long sleeves will be a little short, but short-sleevers & tanktops are perfect.

      SD10 pants will fit too, but will of course be quite short. If your YID's into wearing shorts or clamdiggers, he may not care. ^^

      I find most SD13 pants are too loose, & shaped all wrong through the hips, but they can be used if a baggy fit is desired. (Volks guys have big curvy asses, a differently proportioned waist, longer rise, & wide hips... YIDs have no hips, a long parallel waist, and ittybitty ass, not to mention his Equipment can really get in the way.) If Volks ever starts making pants specifically to fit the new Graffiti boys, however, then YIDs will be in luck! SDGr is very very close in shape/size/proportions to YID. Volks is crazy to claim that he fits SD13 clothes, I swear.

      But, again, if you like a baggy fit, your YID should also be fine with SD13 shirts.

      I find most Dollmore Youth clothes are more similar to SD13 clothes in bagginess & proportion-- but they do make some smaller/tighter items that a YID can get away with. Dollmore's selection is of course enormous, so it can be hit-and-miss. It also, again, depends how your boy likes his clothes to fit; my YIDs all like 'em tight. ;)

      Shoes = Right, not much of a problem! Since their feet are smaller & narrower than SD13s or standard 60cm, they can get into everything. Mine always wear boots, so it doesn't show that there's massive gaps around his little foot/ankle. But if your boy wears low shoes, that show how loose they are... :sweat Then get him Soom Gem, CP/Delf, or actual Iplehouse shoes that fit more closely. And once again, Dollmore; some of their shoes are smaller than others, so you can get lucky if you keep trying.

      I also believe in randomly trying all the cheapie shoe sellers on eBay that I can find. When you find one you like, latch onto it!

      And: Whenever Iplehouse has a sale, jump on it. Their quality is lovely, & of course it all fits.

      It has sometimes been a challenge, properly outfitting these willowy guys, but when you do manage to find well-fitting clothes, it makes such a difference. I hope your pretty Mars has found stuff that he likes. ^^
    9. Thank you so so much for all of the help! I will add all of this to my Mars' "clothing fit" notepad. xD

      For the Dollmore order I just went with a black polo shirt and skinny pants. I don't mind if the shirt is baggy. There may be no predicting how the skinny pants will come out though. xD

      I love going to places like Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and Marshall's for off-brand/strange-brand (:P) doll items.
      A few days ago, I went to Michael's for some iron-on lettering, and happened to find doll shoes that I think were made for American Girls. And now my boy has soccer shoes, tennis shoes, and pink bunny slippers. XD I also got him a tightly knit bear sweater. It's a bit short but otherwise fits well. I love the magic of craft stores. X3