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IpleHouse YID girls - what clothing fits?

Aug 13, 2007

    1. I was just wondering on what clothes/shoes/wigs WILL fit these girlies aside form IpleHouse itself...?

      and a side question... are they "thinner" than the ElfDoll girls?

      Thanks a bunch, guys. ;]
    2. AWESOME, thanks so much!

      That's a relief, so I guess she'd fit into DOT girl clothes too?
    3. Our girls fit Elfdoll and Dollmore. SD16 Volks shoes and clothes fit well too. Especially the SD16 sized shoes as we prefer them high heel feet.

      Really IP fits most clothes that are made for moderate to large bust bodies.
    4. I'm planning on getting a Cocori and I'd like to get her a special outfit but nothing on the iplehouse website has 'wowed' me. To all you owners of Iplehouse girls, what other companies' clothes have you found to fit these ladies (or not fit them for that matter!) Your help is appreciated! :)
    5. Bump...

      I have the same problem--want Iplehouse girl but not thrilled with Iplehouse clothes.
    6. I wanted to buy my girl a new pair of pants (ok her only pair of pants :sweat ) and I love the jeans from IH. I know they will fit but can anyone else recomend another company/pair?
      Thanks all!
    7. Me too, I was hoping to find out more goodness....I am off to check the volks shop to see if they have anything I need there in the mean time

    8. I was disgusted to see IH had sold out befor eI ordered some, but I have a feeling they'll get more in stock. In the meantime, Dollmore girls have VERY similar measurements to the IH bodies (moreso than Luts), so DM would very likely be a good place to start. Have you posed on the IH Q&A page to see about future restocks?

    9. If you ask IH to restock something, they more than likely will. I've asked them to restock jeans many times. Iplehouse is good like that. :)
    10. Elfdoll Pants work well too. I don't know if they are releasing seprate items or only selling outfits. Either way you can't go wrong. Elfdoll clothes look stunning in IP girls!
    11. thanks! I was hoping to find ones that were cheaper.....
    12. I want to buy clothes for my Cocori (still awaiting her arrival) and I want to get her some clothes before she does arrive. I've been looking at the dollsoom site and I like some of the clothes there but I don't know if they'll fit. Size Mecha angel, SD 13, Gem, etc, so many terms that I'm not familiar with yet *_*

      Which clothes would fit her? Any online store recommendations?

      Sorry if this has been posted before, I'm rubbish at searching :doh
    13. I'm not sure what clothes will fit Cocori, but here's an explanation of the Soom terms:

      Mecha Angel - 80cm giants. Will definitely NOT fit Cocori.

      Super Gem/SD13/Senior Delf - Super Gems are 65cm. Which makes them an odd size to find clothes for. Generally they are about SD13 size, but make sure you check measurements. Super Gem girls have only just been released though, and no-one has one yet (I'm still waiting on mine!!!) so I'm not sure how much bigger than an Iple girl they are. Iple girls should theoretically fit into Super Gem girl clothes.

      Hope that helped.
    14. Sorry if this is the wrong place or there is already a topic like this one! :sweat

      I was wondering about clothing selection for the big IH girls.

      I have a JID Tania and I know that it is difficult to find clothing (other than IH) that fit her because of her ghettofabulous hiney.

      Does this stand true for the YID girls as well?

      Particularly... do Volks and Dollheart clothes fit them nicely?
    15. Dollheart clothes fit my YID girls like a dream, Volks clothes are a little baggy but still fit well. Their bums aren't really a problem because there's other SD girls with ghetto fabulous butts too XD

      They're on the smaller end of the SD girls so I figure that clothes made for slimmer SDs should fit them like Souldoll, but I haven't tried anything from them yet.
    16. ...So perhaps a Dollheart Fer would fit nicely? ;)
    17. I've purchased a few things for Rainy dolls that fit my YID girl.. I've had a problem with bust issues with a lot of items. Drat that gorgeous hourglass figure!
    18. They do! The coat is a bit tight at the chest but it fits like a dream otherwise :)

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3496543&postcount=85 has a picture of my Gentle Freezia in a royal purple fer, ignore how the skirt is bunched up :p

      I'll try to look for a better full-length picture later after class but here's another one of my Freezia in a cherry blossom fer

    19. Perfect! :D

      Thankyou SO much, Lokita!