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Iplehouse- Young Doll Basic Releases!

May 15, 2008

    1. Hey

      From Iplehouse.net

      "Hi, everyone. ^^

      We kindly give big pleasant news for all customers visiting Iplehouse.

      So far, our eagerly waiting basic Y.I.D will be finally released as a basic version. ^^

      And the absence of stock for cream white color in all dolls will be cancelled
      The date of release is on May 28.

      * LT Aaron (model type / muscle type)

      * LT Cocori (mobility type / general type)

      * LT Gentle Cocori (mobility type / general type)

      * Cocori (mobility type / general type / normal / cream white)

      * Gentle Cocori (mobility type / general type / normal / cream white)

      * Gentle Freezia (mobility type / general type / normal / cream white)

      Here, we kindly ask for your lots of interest & support.
      Thank you very much. ^__^"

      GENTLE COCORI! And Cream white?!
      gah, Ive just gotten my Limited doll :(

      Chatter thread :)