Irrealdol Enyo Tiny discussion part 1

Jun 3, 2011

    1. I didn't see a discussion thread about this little cutie. I hope its ok to make one.
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      I missed out on the first order, but I just ordered one in the second order. YAY!

      I know there are at least two of these here on Enyo Keepers share your little wards with us while the rest of us wait for ours. :aheartbea

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      This is a discussion thread for Irrealdol Enyo.

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      Foot comparison with other Tinies:

      [Body size]

      Size: 17 cm
      Eye size: 8 mm (can also fit 10mm)
      head circumference: 17cm
      Arm length: 4,5 cm
      hip circumference: 11 cm
      leg length: 7 cm
      foot length: 2,5 cm
      foot wide: 1,5 cm

      Irrealdol Enyo Tiny discussion part 1:
    2. Can't believe I forgot there was a discussion thread here. Congrats to all who are waiting on an Enyo from the second order!! I was lucky enough to get in on the first order, and can confirm little Enyo is absolutely adorable. Here's my Oliver! :)

    3. Hello everybody :aheartbea
      Good news about Enyo!!
      If everything goes alright I am going to receive all the dolls in the next week!
      So I will send the Enyos between October and November (I will send e-mails about the last payment in October). I think that first I'll send the Enyos without make-up.
      Thank you so much for your patience, I really apreciate it, I know the waiting is always horrible ><
      The boxes are almost ready (I just have to add some details), and when the dolls arrive I will need time to assemble all of them.
      I'm doing my best to make a special presentation for you, I hope you love Enyo when you have it in your hands ://)

      Enyo-News! por Sakuli, en Flickr

      And I have another thing to show you! I did a Stop-motion with Enyo and maybe you would like to see it ://) --> Enyo Stop-Motion
      I hope you like it! <3

      Laura (Sakuli)

      PD:I have to say that your lovely comments make me so happy ;_; thanks a lot for your support!! *hugs*
    4. I have been a fan of this cutest little doll for such a long time, but now I was able to see one irl in LDoll Festival! This little fellow was shown in Dust of Dolls table and I just fell in love, I hope there will be chance to get one later in future for myself, too.

    5. She has the same size body as the Lati yellows but longer legs so I think dresses and tops will work, maybe pants will be a little shorter.
    6. NO EYES!!! What size do they take?

      Smudge, definitely put up a WTB in the MP. I got a doll EVERYONE wanted from someone who had an emergency with her dog and needed money fast. She checked the WTB first to save putting up a post and I answered first. I also went around like a beggar (only to people I am friendly with) in the doll community spreading the word.

      I always think of my dolls as "Insurance". Sounds crass I know but I have animals and when something goes wrong with them I have had to sell dolls to get the $$$$. I guess it's better than selling my children he he :)
    7. Someone on flickr used 10 mm and they looked great.
    8. 8mm or 10mm, but I do prefer 8mm.
      I couldnt agree more, dolls are so important to me but I would give up them all for my dogs, living things means a lot to me, more than dolls.:aheartbea
    9. OmiGosh Our EnYo's Have Arrived! First PeeK - mine is the little girl peeking out from her wrappings
      Am so In LoVe!:aheartbea:D:aheartbea
    10. Congrats, DollZwize and toydogs4! Your Enyos are super cute! toydogs4, I love the green eyes you've put in.

      Re: Wigs and such: I read, in this thread, maybe?, that Enyo takes the same size wig as Secret Doll, and I researched and saw the circumference was 17 cm for both, which is around YoSD size, correct? I only have Lati Yellow and PKF, so this is new to me. What wig size would that be? 4-5? 5-6?

      Shoes! Eeep! Luckily, almost all my babies tend to stay barefoot, even in the winter, heh, so I'm not too fussed about the shoe thing. My biggest problem is that I am 95% sure my Enyo is a boy and I only have girl dolls, and therefore, mostly girly clothes. Hmm. We shall see.

      I have a feeling my Enyo is going to be full of mischief.
    11. YHIPPPPEEEEEEEE My Enyo looks like it will be here tomorrow, woo hoo! Everyone's is so cute!

      Secret Person wigs are a weird size 6-7, the same size as Littlefee but the SPD wigs are made for a rounder head like the Person dolls have. I have 3 of them and once my girls gets here I'll be happy to let everyone have a look at the remaining 2. I have a red pigtails and blond pig tails and a brown Secret Person 21 default.

      Oh la la I can't wait :)
      Oh and I asked about the shoes and Lolly ???? the person on here that has an Enyo told me Hujoo shoes fit to a tee. Problem is there are different size Hujoo's. I guess just go by the cm's. Junkyspot has Hujoo stuff instock most of the time and they are in the US. Shipping is 3 days. Opps, off I go to shop for shoes!
    12. Heres Gidget! Woo Hooo what a doll!
    13. :chocoberry:chocoheart:truffle:whitetruffle Trick and Treat!:whitetruffle:truffle:chocoheart:chocoberry
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    14. Never mind! Got it.

      Introducing Osito!

      [​IMG][/URL] Osito by Ky Eliza, on Flickr[/IMG]
    15. And my little P.T. arrived today and wasted no time getting into the toys! Congratulations on all the new Enyo arrivals - looking forward to seeing many more! Each one is so unique and so adorable!
    16. Mine arrived today!! ^o^
    17. Here is little Echo.

      What incredible magical little dolls

      Echo by imajica63, on Flickr

      I know exactly what you mean about the personality quirks. I thought she was floppy but she is really just standing how she wants and she holds a pose easily. She just is quite clear what is acceptable and what is not!
    18. Echo ditched the frills and came to work with me this afternoon. I had a horrible shift but her sweet smiling face whenever I went into the nurses station was great therapy. The resin has such a glow. She is such a simple little thing but perfect.
      I do remember the piglet now you mention it. Sock monkeys sound fun. Not sure how Domo teeth would go.. can you use beads or is that "cheating" in the world of needlefelting?

      Echo is happy now she has a hat. (stolen from the Persons) Love the little pink acorn hat. We need more hats.... and shoes. Her chubby little feet are hard to find shoes that fit over socks with. I hope we get some new arrivals , there must be a fair few little ones flying home at the moment.

      Echo by imajica63, on Flickr
    19. Howdy Everyone

      Yay Dambuster - another EnYo to come and play, can't wait to see what you will create for yours. They are so inspiring to create things for - Must be some aspect of Enchirito magic

      Little Marnie decided to go all Prehistorical and explore the woods today