Limited Items [IRREALDOLL] Direct sale on October 15th. Five models available!

Oct 13, 2017

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      On Sunday, October 15th at 18:00 (CST /UTC+2 timezone) we will open a DIRECT SALE where you’ll be able to purchase any of the following dolls: Enyo, Ino, Dryo, Ery or Mai.

      That alone seems too good to be true, but wait for the best part:

      These dolls are already in stock, so they will be shipped approximately one month after placing your order -we still need to paint and prepare dolls for shipping-. That means they will be on their way to your home around mid-late November at the latest!

      Keep in mind that stock will be VERY LIMITED, so you better log in your account ahead of time, set your clock alarm and act fast in order to purchase the one you want.

      Accepted payment methods for this direct sale will be full payments through Paypal or Bank Transfer only. No layaway option this time, sorry!

      Please also understand we can’t reserve dolls in advance, the sale starts on the above mentioned date.

      As usual, dolls come with the following:
      • A pair of random color glass eyes
      • Special outfit/pajamas like the ones in the picture
      • Certificate of authenticity
      • Irrealdoll box and cushion
      One last thing to note: while most of the skin tone/doll model combinations will be available, there’s two specific dolls that won’t be: that is Peanut Enyo and Milkshake Ino, so in case you were waiting for any of those two I’m afraid you’ll need to wait for a future pre-order.

      Well I think that’s it!

      I'll update the products info at shortly and will place a countdown clock on our blog as usual.

      See you on Sunday, October 15th!
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