irrealdoll engendritos - enyo, dryo, ino etc

Jan 12, 2015

    1. since all of the engendritos share the same body i thought it would make more sense to have one thread where we can discuss and post pictures of all of these cuties. since it's impossible to merge the previous threads i'm starting a new one for all three and any other new sculpts that come out. with hopes the discussion from both threads will come over to this one :)

      Company website:

      links to the separate threads
      Irrealdol Enyo Tiny discussion part 1
      Irrealdoll Ino Discussion Part 1
      Irrealdoll Database
      Irrealdoll Flickr Group

      size: 17 cm
      eye size: enyo 8 mm (can also fit 10mm), dryo/ino 6mm,
      head circumference: 17cm
      arm length: 4,5 cm
      hip circumference: 11 cm
      leg length: 7 cm
      foot length: 2,5 cm
      foot wide: 1,5 cm
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    2. Good idea to do one single thread :)

      So here picture of Margotine (Ino) : after the bath

      Bath time
      by Loofthewood, on Flickr
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    3. the other advantage of a new joint thread is we get all the great new thread spam right away :)

      jemjoop i'm still fairly new to these guys, is that one of each sculpt - ino, dryo and enyo?
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    4. A very good idea, new thread spam is always welcome from Irrealdoll.

      Yes it's Oriental Enyo, Toffee Ino, and another Blue Enyo. I haven't managed to capture a Dryo yet but hopefully I will be lucky.

      Loofthewood big hugs for you and your beautiful Margotine
    5. Thanks auntbear for doing this... I am now waiting for my 1st Irrealdoll, the irresistible peanut Ino. I know the wait will be long so keep the spam coming. It's great seeing so many on one page.
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    6. Thank you so much my dear!, your three "musketeer" are adorable too!!!, and so colorful too <3<3<3, thank you so much for sharing!! *_____*
      Awww Margotine is so cute!, I just have the need to give her a hug!!, it is such a lovely idea to give her a bath *______*<3

      Huge congratulations!!, I can not wait to see him, but probably it will take a little long :S, I will share more pictures of my girls so your wit is not so difficult! ;)

      [​IMG]Llegada Enzian (regalo de cumple), Irrealdoll Enyo blue ♥♥♥ by brighteyes2002, on Flickr

      About the next preorder I have to say that I thought she (Sakuli) would do a preorder of Enyo in December, at least that was what she said to me at the LDoll festival when I talked to her in October, but I guess with the preorder of Ino in November it will take longer for another preorder.
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    7. This is so much fun :) Can I show my girl? Sorry for the huge picture and her messy hair - dry winter air

    8. Bajib : you girl is adorable
      I love her black hair with her bleu eyes ... and also the pinky teddy bear <3

      brighteyes22 : thank you for Margotine
      I love her so much
      Your girls are so cute and you have a blue one : lucky girl

      Thanks for the info about the next preorder : I hope to be able to have an enyo at the next preorder :)

      faeryfae : congratz for your first Irrealdoll :)

      Jemjoop : :) Margotine send you a big hugs too :) (& me also :)

    9. i'm feeling greedy now that i got my teddy. i thought one enyo would be enough, but he is hinting for a sister :doh i'll have to see what happens at the next preorder.....
    10. hehe - that's what happened here :) I think as soon as this Enyo popped out of her box she let the need for a sister be known, so there is a Dryo in her future.

      I was so excited to be posting her I neglected to thank you for organizing this thread and to compliment all the cuties --- please forgive a too excited new owner for oversights.
    11. OMG she is just too cute!!! >_____<, I am in love!!! <3<3<3

      yes, I know how you are feeling!, it was the same with me!, but the worst thing is that now that I have 2 I would like to have another one.....:S, they are just too lovely!!!, I wish you good luck on your decision *____*
    12. Yes me too
      so addicted :)
    13. brighteyes I'm loving the two enyos together, so loving and cozy. Already I'm wanting another for my incoming Ino. I hope the first preorder Ino's arrive soon because mine will be in the second batch and if I could only see the soon to be home ones, it will ease the wait a little. It looks like Canada will be home for quite a few of these Spanish sweeties!
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    14. aw he is so cute

    15. Oh thank you, I love your enyo teddy too. But to be honest they are ALL so cute ! Never seen a single Enyo I haven't liked, they are something really special aren't they ?
    16. they are, it's funny when i first saw them i wasn't that smitten, but now i just can't get enough of them. i love my teddy :)