New Doll {-Irrealdoll-} Enoki, our new 22,5cm tall bjd!

Mar 15, 2017

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      Greetings Irrealdollies!
      How you’ve been? Are you eating all your vegetables and being nice to each other? Great! Since you’re being such a good citizen we’re going to reward you with good news that we hope you’ll enjoy.

      We’re glad to announce Enoki will be up for pre-order on Sunday, March 19th, at 19:00PM (GMT/UTC+1 timezone) at

      Enoki is the first of Laura’s new line of 22,5cm tall dolls called “Setitas”.
      She is named after a delicious very tall and thin mushroom used in asian dishes.

      Features versatile joints that will allow you to pose her in many different ways and her size will make it easier for you to purchase or create your own fitting clothes.

      Your Enoki package includes:
      • Assembled doll (make up is optional)
      • Certificate of authenticity
      • Box and cushion
      • A pair of glass eyes (random color)
      Additional Information:
      • Doll will be ready to ship in 5 months approximately after the pre-order takes place. This is an estimate date for production but it may be subject to changes. Payment methods accepted are full payments through Paypal or bank transfer, or layaway through Paypal, which will allow you to pay in three installments. If you're using the layaway option, please read our layaway guide carefully before placing your pre-order.
      • Purchases are limited to 1 doll per order. You can place several orders but you must complete one before placing another.
      • Pre-ordering a doll with make up may increase the wait period slightly, since they're all made by hand by one single person. You can check the status of your order anytime by visiting MY ACCOUNT section.
      • Before you place a pre-order, please read our FAQ & INFO and Terms and Conditions sections carefully.
      • The available make up options are A (neutral), B (sad) and C (grumpy).
      We will be waiting for you on Sunday March 19th on, see you then!
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