New Doll [IRREALDOLL] New date for Nora's pre-order: June 14th!

Jun 10, 2020

    1. Nora Junio preorder.jpg

      Great news!

      As the world slowly comes back to its former self, we've decided that Nora's pre-order will finally take place in next Sunday, June 14th at 18:00 PM (UTC/GMT+2 timezone) and both Toffee and Peanut skin tones will be available. Pre order will be open for two weeks. Payment methods offered will be our usual full payment through Paypal and Bank Transfer, but you also have the possibility to split the total amount in 4 monthly instalments thanks to our Layaway through Paypal option. Not sure how it works? Make sure to visit our layaway guide. You will find more information and lots of pictures here, so please take a look.

      While it felt awful not being able to open the pre-order earlier, we were also happy to receive many messages asking for Nora, which to us meant you didn't forget about this kid even three months after our original planned date, thank you so much!

      We hope you and your families are all in good health and safe. Lots of bad stuff kept happening in the first half of 2020, but hopefully Nora will be something to look forward to in a year we could all use a little bit of good news for a change.

      See you all in June 14th at!
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