Irrealdoll Nora - what do you guys think?

Mar 12, 2020

    1. She looks cute! It's up to you what you want. What are your plans for her?
    2. I don't really have any. She's just damn cute.
    3. Dear Osquary, hello. I am just reading your posting now. The dolls do look cute. I am curious whether or not you ordered a doll and if you will be posting a photo when it arrives. I am new here and I love looking at doll photos to help me decide which dolls I might want.
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    4. Unfortunately, but quite understandable, irrealdoll decided to postpone the pre-order for the time being due to the current situation with Corona/Covid-19. Whether I will be able to get a Nora when they do decide to open her pre-order depends on my economic situation at that time.
    5. Dear Osquary, oh I am sorry. I hope you are able to get her when she is available.
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    6. Thank you. You are very kind.
    7. I think she's cute too, and will probably order her when she's available. I love the quality of these dolls.
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    8. Nora is now available for pre-order! I couldn't resist her and have ordered Nora in Toffee skin to go with my Enyo, Nora will be her big sister. I chose the neutral faceup.
      The great thing is that Laura of Irrealdolls offers layaway over four months, so I have opted for that too as I'm not flush with dolly funds right now.
      Apparently she'll take about 6 months to arrive so maybe she'll be here in time for Christmas? Having said that, we all know how delays happen in our BJD hobby so I'm just keeping an open mind and living in hope :)
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    9. As you know Sharon, I've also ordered Nora and I totally blame you:abambi: thank you :XD:, xx
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    10. Amazing! I can't wait to see your Nora. I decided to not participate in the pre-order this time around, I am just not feeling it right now. But they are so so so cute, and I hope you will post an abundance of pictures once you get her.

    11. Oooooh - which one did you get?
    12. I ordered a toffee Nora with neutral face up (exactly the same as dambuster01) I think mines a little boy though;)
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    13. I broke down too! I got Peanut Nora with Neutral face-up. Now we wait!
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    14. Did you see the Nora pictures as "black kitty"? Those pictures were gorgeous! Can't wait to see everyone's Nora's when they get here!