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Is a backstory a turn-off or turn-on when buying a doll?

Jan 24, 2007

    1. So, imagine you already for the most part like the look of a doll or can already see enough potential in the doll.

      You browse around and find a story written by the doll company about the doll. S/he's royalty, mafia, a ghost, a celebrity, an ingenue, a heartbreaker... or something else.

      Do the stories make you more attached to the doll? Or do they irritate you because you have to "overwrite" them?
    2. I like backstories, personally. It lets me know what kind of character they were thinking of when they sculted/dressed the doll. I think that's why I love DOD and Iplehouse ^.^
    3. I always think that the backstories are like the past lives of my dolls, but when they come home to me, they reincarnate into new people.
    4. Doesn't much matter to me. I honestly don't pay attention to them. When I buy a doll I usuaully already have a character in mind for them, so I don't even notice whatever the company has written about them. ^^
    5. Honestly .......... I couldn't care less. It's cute but it doesn't affect my decision at all.
    6. While I enjoy reading the companies' stories, they have absolutely no influence on whether or not I buy the doll. Generally once they arrive, the dolls say that those stories have nothing to do with who they really are.
    7. I don't pay attention to them at all because once a doll is mine, anything that anyone else wanted that doll to be is no longer relevant. I choose from there on out.

    8. I agree with most of what's been said...the story is cute to read and sometimes I'm quite eager to find out what comes next (like the new story featuring SD16 Amelia and SDC Kurt), but it doesn't affect my decision to buy, or what I'll do with the doll after buying it. :)
    9. I don't pay attention to them. The dolls I buy were either for specific characters of mine, or just develop by themselves over time. Besides, a doll company story would be about that mold in general rather than a doll as an individual.
    10. As much as I love the little stories Volks writes, and the care they put into creating limiteds, I rarely incorporate their character into my doll's personality. It's not a turn off, it just doesn't effect my personal dolls.
    11. Like others have said, I don't really care about a doll's backstory from the company. I do think it is cute though, it just doesn't affect my decision to choose the doll or not. ^_^
    12. I mostly ignore them. The sculpt is all! (And sometimes it's a bit difficult to figure out just what they're saying, if the story was put up in English by the company, and/or sometimes they get fancy with layout/fonts, and I just skim past to the pictures!)
    13. I think it is cute how the companies see their dolls, but I still ultimately leave their personality to my decision. Same goes for the backstory of a doll I've adopted from another hobbyist.
    14. i also like the backstories, it shows the company is really proud of their dolls. Even if they do have a back story i still am able to come up with my own for them. But sometimes i do wounder what the companies think when the see what other people do with their dollsXD
    15. I like those sorts of stories... I like the feeling that I could bring a warrior or scholar into my home. ^^ Probably if I had one of those dolls, they wouldn't become the character that the mold was created for, but it's fun to think about, and I might take some inspiration from it.

      I wish Luts would have such things - just a couple of sentences, like how they mentioned that El and Lishe are siblings (^w^) I think it's sweet to see the connection between the sculptor and their creation.
    16. While the stories do not effect my decision to buy a doll, it does effect what I might think of a company. From the start, the impression I have of the ABJD "world" is that the dolls are unique and are possible vessels waiting to be filled with your ideas.
      From my perspective, companies that take the time to develop stories and personalities for their dolls and costumes demonstrate a level of commitment to maintaining the unique essence of the hobby. It's just that little extra something that often trademarks them as well.
    17. Any story/personality that may have been attributed to the doll for any reason is obliterated once s/he is in my hands so I don't mind it either way.
    18. Company backstories, I don't pay attention too. It's just flavor text, and it's kind of fun to read, but has no influence.

      Now, when buying a doll secondhand, an elaborate backstory is a turn-off. My experience is that not all sellers fully accept that once the doll is sold, they no longer have any say in it. I don't like to deal with someone jumping on me because their "sweet innocent boy who loves puppies" is now a vampire lord who eats puppies. So if the backstory is specific and looks like it's taken seriously, I'm inclined to pass on that seller.
    19. I was just about to post another backstory-doesn't-matter-to-me post, but then I started thinking....

      To me, Cecil = pirate. Part of that could be his clothes & accessories, though. Volks' other dolls, especially the ones that don't come with an outfit, really don't evoke a mental connection with any backstory.

      And in the case of some completely OT dolls ... the historical American Girl dolls are completely connected with their stories in my mind.

      Great question, BTW! Now that I'm looking at what I just wrote, it seems like (1) I have to have some emotional connection with the story, and (2) clothing & accessories are essential to reinforce the story (for me). Perhaps I ought to work some of my girls' outfits into their backstory & see about getting some "meaningful stuff" for them!
    20. They're totally irrelevent to me...