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Is almost $500 too much for a doll?

Apr 29, 2008

    1. I'm getting a dream of doll basic Petsha, with all the shipping and faceup costs, she'll be around $452.Is this too much for a 41cm girl?:sweat

      doll cost:$349 *gasp*
      faceup: $40
      shipping:$63 (as if she wasn't expensive enough!)

      so what do you think?
    2. No, I wouldn't say so, in fact the general cost of an MSD is around $400 isn't it? Bluefairies are $430. There are others too.

      So I would say decide if it's too much for you. I wouldn't know, but I think $500 is more SD territory?
    3. Not if you can afford it and you really want this doll. At least that's my oppinion.

    4. Are you getting it directly from DOD or second hand??

      Because if you are getting from DOD, then that is the price for their DOC. So whether that is too much for a MSD size doll would depend on what your wallet says.

      If you are getting from the marketplace, then I think that is a little high, since you can get new doll for about that if not slightly less (when I did the order for her right now with face up, my total is more like $452.00 USD shipping to California)
    5. Um.

      The Petsha fullset, with the outfit, is sold out on dreamofdoll.com. That doll is $480.

      Normal Petsha, without the outfit, is $349, $389 with faceup, new. Shipping should run around $60. That's still not $480.

      I'd say that unless you are getting the fullset...yes, almost $500 IS too much for her.
    6. It all depends if you CAN financially, and if you really want this doll. A doll's worth is as much as you want to pay for it, if you really are in love, price doesn't matter. ;)
    7. I say, don't let price Dictate the dolly you want. If she pulls at your heart, and you can get her with out starving and lossing your home go for it :)

      As for if that is too much in terms of that particular doll, i'm unsure, i'm not famillar with her XD
    8. I don't have an msd but I notice that you seem to spend at least $100-200 over the price thats actually written on the site. So I'm gonna hafta say nope not at all.
    9. hmm, if you really want it then I guess it's not too much... > 3 <
      The MSD doll I am targeting is like about 600$ if include shipping ;___;... *sigh*

      so yeah, try to stay away from that website for about 5 days, then return and see if you still interested or not. > 3 < So you won't feel silly after owning that doll for a week or so.
    10. I paid $460 for my Narae..so no its not too much
    11. I payed about that much each for my Narae and my Unoa because I really wanted them.

      DOC charges separately for the faceup (face paint) so a non-fullset Petsha would be $349 plus $40 for the faceup plus probably something like $45 for EMS shipping unless you found her at a US reseller (then shipping would be less).

      Petsha fullset is out of stock, but if it was in stock the faceup seems to be included (I think?) but some parts of the costume are not (the shoes, sword and mask). So you are paying an extra $100 for the dress, wig, hair jewelry, and an extra pair of hands. I guess that's not bad if you really want those pieces and you can find one in stock somewhere. You could email them and see if it will come back in stock.

      Re is it too much it depends on how much you can afford and how much you want it.

    12. Mini prices typically rub between $200 and $550, depending on company and options. So is it too much for a mini, it depends on your wallet and how much you want her.

      However, you didn't say why the Petsha you are buying costs more than the standard offered on the DoD site. Usually the price for a standard edition mold will be sold second-hand for equal or lesser value than on the official site, unless she has other special accessories, customizations, face-up by a well-known artist, or other things which make her more valuable. If she's just a regular Petsha with a default faceup, then yeah, that's more than I'd pay, because I can order her from DoD for less.
    13. Cost is relative.
      If you genuninely FEEL that it's too much money, then it probably is. But if you're really crazy about the doll, the twinge of guilt is fleeting.
      I've gone without spending any money on myself for the last two months to pay off Hazy and my Soo, it makes me feel better about spending nearly a thousand dollars on dolls :X
    14. I don't think that's too much price if you really love her. Usually the basic mini-size dolls with face-up don't cost up to 500$. But if count the shipping fee and some other fee for some country, I think normally it's not less than 400$ or almost that, depend on many things.

      For Petsha, the basic is 349$ plus 40$ for face-up, it's already 389$ which is still normal price. The other 100$ might be for shipping and other fees, is it too much or not I think that depends on your feeling.
    15. No, not if that's the doll you want. So if you want Petsha, go for it! :)

      I've just paid 545$ for an unassembled Unoa L-bi without faceup, but I wanted him for years now, so it's worth it.
    16. That's about what you'll pay for a new doll from most of the major BJD companies. There are some that sell for cheaper, but no point in buying a doll you don't like as much, just because it's a good deal- usually people who do this end up selling their deal doll and buying their desired doll in the long run, and lose money on reselling their first doll.

      BJDs... are just an expensive hobby. XD Whether or not it's worth it to you is up to you to decide.
    17. Limited edition fullset minis are often over $500, and then you often have customs charges on top of that. And even if you buy the basic version, say for $300 by the time you've customised it the way you want with wig, eyes, clothes, shoes, maybe even commissioned a face-up, that's easily another $200, maybe more on top. As skwerlie said it's an expensive hobby.
    18. I don't think so. Costs generally run that high. My first girl was an MSD as well (although she was from Dollmore), and she hit the $500 mark for faceup, sanding, shipping, and basic clothes.

      This is an expensive hobby, so...prices tend to go high- depending on the company, it can go higher.
    19. That's on the low side - or at least in comparison to what I've been paying $450+
    20. If you want to you could try to go in on the order with a friend and share shipping, that would lower your costs.