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is bobobie nissa limited?

Aug 28, 2008

    1. I was messing arround with my bobobie nissa/elf kin and i noticed that inside her head it says 49, ive also read somewhere cant remember now but it siad only 50 nissas were made?

      so my question is are bobobie nissa/elfkin limited?

      If so sweet! I didnt even know:) lol
      if you have one whats their number?
    2. Yeah, Nissa was limited to 50 dolls. So I guess you were lucky to get one if yours is #49 :). On the Bobobie site, Nissa is no longer available for purchase. Elfkin is not limited, though.
    3. Every Bobobie doll I've ever seen has a number written inside their head in pencil, so a number doesn't necessarily mean anything. The difference is on the front of the head--Nissa has a horn, and Elfkin does not. Does your doll have a horn on its forehead? If yes, it is one of the limited Elf Nissas. If not, it is an unlimited Elfkin.
    4. no horn just elf ears guess shes just #49 of the elfkins then.... oh well
    5. my bobobie nissa elfkin says either 29 or 298, Nissa supposibly is no longer sold NEW, bobobie made only SOOOO many and sold a bunch off to Junkyspot (again supposibly) so they have what they have. Now since it is not a very POPULAR BJD Junkyspot still sells them and probably Bobobie itself still has some too. Junkyspot I believe still has a few of the LE ones with the horn. Make sure to always ASK BEFORE you purchase. That way before sending your money you KNOW for sure they still have one!

      The Nissa Elfkin still sells! I love my Kimiko.

    6. Yes, it's both true that there were only 50 Nissas (the one with the horn, the unhorned one is properly just called Elfkin, not Nissa or Nissa Elfkin), and that Junkyspot bought most of them for reselling.