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Is Box Opening Still Fun?

Nov 17, 2009

    1. Okay, i just wanted to know, for those of you who have more than one doll. When you buy another bjd is the excitement still there?

      If you had for say like 9 dolls would you still be overly excited for the next one to come?
    2. Ah, yeah I love getting new dolls heck I like getting any new doll stuff. I could never get bored of getting new dolls.
    3. Is Christmas still fun?

      Lol... I can imagine opening the box of a new doll that you've carefully selected and waited for for months to be anything but fun.
    4. Heck yes! I have six dolls and every single box opening has been just as exciting as the first time! :)
    5. Absolutely still fun! Usually, it's the first time I have actually seen the doll in person and I love finally having it in my hands.
    6. I have 6 dolls and I still get excited. Feels like christmas to me. I also get excited getting doll items.
    7. The box opening itself is absolutely magical still (of course, I have only gone through the process 5 times, but still...). But I definitely am less interested in posting box opening pics. I enjoy the experience of unwrapping the long-awaited package, but I feel much less need to permanently memorialise the experience through photographs, or to network by posting a box-opening shoot here.
    8. I have ten dolls, and each and every box opening for them was exciting and fun! I love doing box opening photothreads, and I like looking through the box opening gallery!

      Its just like christmas, even if you bought it your self, its like opening a present, since each doll is so different. I even enjoy opening doll clothes and/or accesories. I dont think it will ever get boring. ^^
    9. I'm always SUPER excited whenever I have a new boy arriving, that I usually end up going home early to wait out the mail delivery. XD However, like undermost salamander, I don't really care for taking photos of the box opening anymore, and am usually just trying to get the doll out and dressed and in the proper wig and eyes so I can take real, nice photos to share. :)
    10. I think that for most people, box openings will still be fun because they are excited about that doll. I can really only see a box opening as a chore if someone is getting a doll that they don't feel strongly about--maybe because it wasn't the one they really wanted, or they bought it for some reason other than liking it. I haven't opened many doll boxes personally, but I know that I still get excited when any package for me arrives, and opening it is thrilling!
    11. absolutely :3 It's always exciting!
    12. I love box openings. I took pictures of them and posted them for my first two dolls, though my third doll didn't box opening pictures for a few reasons. She's a rather popular LE from a few years ago, and there are already a lot of pictures of her around. I don't really like to show off, and I feel that posting box opening pictures like that would be because there's not really much of a point when it's a doll that people have probably seen a lot.

      I do get super excited for the arrival of a doll and actually opening that box when they come. ^_^
    13. Box opening has always been fun~
      It's so exciting. I have to remember to slow down though, so that I can take pictures. ^^

      So yes. Box opening is still exciting. Though I don't think it will ever grow boring.
    14. Of course > w<

      I'll be just as excited when my unicorns arrive as when Nayo and Lye did, albeit more prepared.
    15. I agree. I love opening the box to see the new doll and finally get to play with it, but after the first two only photographed them for new from the factory dolls, and I never got around to posting those. A lot of mine also had the head and body bought at separate times, and I've never photographed a box opening for just a head or body. I should probably have done one for the Mythdoll body I got, it would have been fun! I requested it shipped unstrung to save on shipping so it was in this little box in pieces. It was cool to see how small a box a MSD size body can fit in unstrung!
    16. After 30+ of then... not so much =/ I mean, it's nice to get a package in the mail, but at this point I'm getting more dolls in pieces or more dolls that need a lot of work to be finished. A box opening for me is 'right, here's this part, check... now I need to sand this and paint this and buy this...'

      I think the most exicting point is that point where the doll is first finished and I get to take it on a photoshoot. It's when I've edited the photos and look at the finished results, that's the moment I'm missing from box openings. <3 That 'eeee! I love it!' moment.

      Of course, seeing as no one so far has shared this opinion, I feel like the black sheep XD
    17. Personally I think that is one of the most exciting thing about the hobby!

      While the choosing and waiting are hell... getting it is just such a stress relief!
    18. Even after 26 of them, yes! :D The first glimpse of that long-awaited face, the unveiling, the breath-holding moment of doubt where you're just not 100% sure it'll look anything like the pictures, that new-doll smell.

      But then, it must be said that I have a very low threshold of amusement. I also still get that Christmas-morning thrill from just opening a package of shoes from Iplehouse, or a secondhand fur wig from someone in Iowa, or even printing out my concert-tickets online. I get excited to receive a single piece of snailmail in my mailbox that isn't a bill, a piece of junk-mail, a flyer, or a wrong addressee. Having your Inner 3-Year-Old be firmly in charge keeps you from getting too jaded.
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    19. I love box openings. I browse the forum of them here on DoA. I've opened...seven boxes. And I just love it. It's my favorite part of getting a new doll, that first moment when you see their face and you know that he or she is yours. It's such a fun thing.
    20. Yep, definitely still fun for me! :) But then, I really get a kick out of seeing other people's Box Openings on the forum, too. (It IS like Christmas - big box, lots of layers, bubblewrap galore with a big payoff at the end... What's not to love?:aheartbea)