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Is collecting BJD's your only hobby? Which hobby came first?

Jun 23, 2014

    1. I personally have always had dolls houses as a kid and as I got older wanted to give my Lundby dollshouse a make over in around 1998. I started searching for furniture and came across different scales and that was that! Then I came across a 1/12 size doll and thought wooowwww and the rest is history :D
    2. Ummm... Difficult question. :) I have many hobbies (BJD not included); drawing, writing novels, collecting manga, taking photo, sewing and doing science (chemical) experiments. So I can say. My No.1 hobby must be experiments because I very enjoy to do and also my study's subject anyway, No. 2 is writing novel because it used to be my ex-part time job but I still can't quit to do it, even though I don't write for publisher anymore. Then No. 3 is BJD HOBBY and sewing!! Other hobbies, I do only when I have a long vacation without practice or going for lecture in university. ;)
    3. I have a hobby farm, garden and pets in addition to my bjds. My pets came first, my farm animals second, my garden third and then my bjds. I find all of my hobbies to be very relaxing. :)
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    4. Its safe to say you an extremely busy life :D sounds fantastic! Tell me more about experiments :D

      Hey punchmonkey :)

      I would love to live on a farm :D
    5. I've got several hobbies, though I don't really consider my bjd customizing to be one of them- largely because I don't do the customization myself, I commission people with actual talent. :) The hobbies that actually take up my time are crocheting, weaving, writing, and reading. My other collections include vintage kimono, Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh stuff, and impressionist-style art depicting Paris.
    6. I do some gardening, sewing, various arts and crafts, a dollhouse and shooting sports.
    7. Not really. I do collect Sailor Moon items, and Dragons, mostly. But the dolls are the biggest thing, but the Sailor Moon items are a close second! I'm waiting on a SM Pullip now. If they do all of them in Pullips....I'm doomed!
    8. I'm a gamer, like to read, write, play music, sculpt, I'm building my own dollhouse, and I like tabletop roleplay and am currently writing my own home campaign. There's a lot that I like to do, but I also have a habit of turning my hobby into a job. I was a game writer for some years, until I had to give it up due to illness and now I'm a doll maker.

      The downside of making a job out of a hobby is that you can no longer just enjoy it. It took me some years after game developing before I could pick up a pencil and just write what I liked, instead of that nagging voice in the back of my head saying "what will your editor think of this?". Or play a game without analyzing the life out of it (this I still do, though... nasty habit :)).

      Ah well, that just means I'll have to find a new hobby!
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    9. My first hobby was Anime/Manga but together with RPGs (for consoles) mostly from Squaresoft - Square/Enix, I also play Sims 2 a while but somehow I played it irregular since three years ago, I am more into Sims 3. I had interest in BJDs because their looked like on the Pictures of some Artist I loved and found also my favorite BJD I wanted but I found out it was a expensive hobby so I stayed a while away of it until March this year. :)
    10. Besides dolls, I really enjoy reading. I think that a big part of why I love fantasy dolls is because I like to read fantasy and mythological based fiction the best. That's not to say that one lead to the other, though; I think I just have overlapping interests.
    11. I was never into dolls much as a kid because of the gender stereotyping that I was constantly avoiding, but I did end up collecting ceramic clowns! Weird choice to collect, I know. I also have a bookcase full of manga.

      Other then that, I'm an artist and I do a lot of gaming. :)
    12. I love my dolls but I also have a lot of other hobbies. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, sew, write short stories, roleplay, read manga, watch anime, play video games, cosplay, and I even have a little collection of anime figures. I think I'm around my dolls the most. They tend to be near me when I'm doing anything as if they're watching. I'm usually home with the dog and he doesn't keep me company so the dolls do that for me.
    13. I have always been a reader and a gamer. During the 90s I was one of the poor TY beanie baby suckers. I collected most of their old cats before the company went and wrecked themselves. They occupy a box in the closet for now. One day they'll have a shelf again.
    14. I watch movies, play games, read manga. But I also collected a whole of things. Erasers, pencils, ticket stubs, sanrio stationary, cats, nightmare before christmas memorabilia, Alice in Wonderland stuff. I guess you could say collecting things WAS my hobby. And while I was in my Alice in Wonderland phase, I discovered Alice themed BJDs and now I'm collecting dolls and bjd-sized things. I've basically stopped doing all the other stuff because this new hobby of mine eats up all my money.
    15. I've always been a person with somewhat obsessive interests. When I was younger, it was learning about plants and animals. I learned about practically every type of plant or animal in North America - their appearance, where they could be found, common names and scientific names... I memorized tons of data. I don't remember half of it now, but sometimes I surprise myself by seeing some wild plant or other and remembering what it's called. As a teenager and into my 20s I become crazy about music. I would collect all the import singles by my favourite bands, on both CD and vinyl. I kept up with new bands and all the latest releases. For a while I wrote music reviews for the local newspaper. I had over 500 CDs at one point before I decided to convert my collection to digital and sell most of them.

      BJDs are the latest obsession, for the past four or five years. Sometimes I wonder if I'll lose interest, but I wouldn't say my interest in music ever really went away, and my childhood interests are still echoed in my overall interest in science. So I imagine I'll hold on to the hobby for a while yet. But who knows what I'll get into in the future. But for now, BJDs definitely are the area where all of my accumulation of useless knowledge is going on. I have a lot of information in my head about the different companies, sculpts, clothing providers, et cetera. My boyfriend's the same way with Transformers, so at least we understand each other. :sweat
    16. I'm an artist. I love to draw males in particular and design clothes. This goes along with my other hobby, writing. I have been forum roleplaying for at least 10 years now. All my life I've collected music boxes. I don't have a lot, only 8, but they are super nice ones and I will be inheriting at least 10 others from my parents, one of those being an over $500 music box that looks like the Grand Hotel. It's about a 1.5 feet long. Very large and made of wood. I also collect perfume bottle, mostly the miniature sized bottles but I have like 110 of those, all different, no doubles. I have a few large bottles too. I only collect high quality perfumes, no cheap drugstore perfumes. In recent years I've gotten into collecting Egyptian glass made in Egypt. I have 15 of those, one of them being a very large decantor and another being a large egg :D. Its also a hobby of mine to travel abroad. I've been doing that since I was a child and counting my own country and regions such as Hong Kong which uses its own currency, I've been to 26 different countries. I also always collect unique souvenirs from wherever I go. BJDs came last as far as hobbies go and it's a quickly growing hobby for me although compared to other BJD owners, I don't have that many.
    17. I have other hobbies, but most can connect with the dolls in some form: sewing, art, travel, making miniatures, writing, role play, painting/drawing.

      I've always been a doll enthusiast, since childhood. There's never been a time in my life that dolls didn't interest me, only the type changed. Started with stuffed animals, then baby dolls, then Barbie, then Bratz, then Living Dead Dolls, then celebrity dolls and action figures and finally BJD! I guess my first real experience with anything close to BJD was in the 6th grade, I had 18" Baby-Sitters Club dolls, who had strung arms and legs and head and were about MSD proportions, other than a big head....and I ended up repainting them because I didn't think they looked like they should have from the books. And wishing and hoping EVERY day that they'd make the boy baby sitter, Logan....and secretly hoping he'd be anatomically correct. So I guess, in the long run, I DID end up getting my 1/4 scale anatomically correct customizable doll. :P
    18. My dolls are one hobby among many.

      I'm a gardener, an old-school tabletop RPG player and GM (Currently playing 13th Age and running Champions, though Exalted is the real love of my gaming life. Many of my dolls are resin avatars for favorite RPG characters-), a "gamer chick", a landscape and floral photographer, a long-time Tai Chi student and an aspiring baker. Along with the dolls, I also collect 19th century photographs, antique household guides and cookbooks, as well as ammonite fossils and nautilus shells. I've built up a fairly extensive comic book collection over the years, too. (I'm a Silver Surfer and Nightwing fan-girl. :lol: )
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    19. Yeah, I have plenty of hobbies... although they are a little pushed to the side because of my bjd obsession, these days. I think it's all a bit inter-related for everyone. There is something that makes the dolls appealing to certain people, after all, and that is true of other hobbies: it is the same person who likes these different things.

      I've always liked dolls, but my like comes and goes. But I like creating characters and I like fashion and I like things I can accessorize and I like pretty things and so... bjds are great. I like non-bjd things for all kinds of reasons, many of them different from why I like bjds, but some of them the same.
    20. I have a range of hobbies that include anime, video games, manga, sewing, design, pattern making in cad etc. Without playing visual novels I never would have paid bjd's any attention or know what they were. We also collect nendoroids and figmas as well as some 1/8 figures. I imagine without them I wouldn't have seen the possibilities bjd's might have. On the other hand I rarely get to see my partner because his dads health is ailing so I imagine my first doll will help occupy me while we can't see each other.
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