Is CustomHouse Ai Gara-Han a limited Han headmold?

Oct 15, 2004

    1. ARRRGGHH!!! :o
      Im gonna go crazy! I have been after a Han headmold for so long and i *just* missed out ont he beauty and the beast Han.... and now here's Gara-Han. He is a costume play Ai on customhouse's site but is he a Han headmold????!!!
      I need to know!! Or i will die!! :( :crushed :cry: :cry: :cry:

    2. Gara-Han looks like a Gene mold to me.

      Han's head isn't used very often, and only for limited and costume type Ai. Keep a look out - one will show up eventually!

      Next to Gene - whom I adore - Han is my favorite Ai!
    3. THANKYOU!!! I was having a fit wondering if he was Han or not and should i buy him!

      Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

      Rachie *_* :oops: :D
    4. I'm looking on Customhouse's site and I can't find what you're referring to '_'; Maybe I'm dumb T_T; Have a link to a picture?

      (edit)Nevermind, I just found it >_>; I am dumb after all! ToT;
    5. I know exactly how you feel - I almost went blind looking at Ai boys, trying to figure out if the one I wanted was a Gene or a Han. :D They're both so beautiful!

      Ai are *very* special. I hope you get your boy soon!
    6. That one is a pretty boy but not Han...

      Han is a cutie, like said, there aren't too many of him but one will come up. I really enjoy having my Han, I jumped so fast when I saw someone selling him. :chibi
    7. OMG!!! You have a han??!! I would so die to be you right now!!! Han is the first doll i ever really fell in love with... he is sooo... beautiful! :D :D

    8. Yep! :D He's my avatar. I have about a billion other pictures of him too. These are from his arrival.
      Right now my Young Han is a blonde! :chibi

    9. OMG! You are sooo lucky!! *Cries as she realises she cannot ever get her beloved Han* :crushed :cry: :cry: :crushed

    10. I was told by Anu months ago .... that Gara-Han is a Jun headmold ...
    11. Thank you, Mia! It's so hard for me to see the difference between Gene and Jun! (As yo know. ^_~ )

      Did she tell you if he was BW by any chance...?
    12. Gene and Jun are both so handsome and very similar....
      of course, like you said, one can always look inside their headcaps to
      confirm ! (^-^)....... it would help if CH site or Dealers's site can
      indicate it too......

      If my memory serves correctly...he is standard skintone...
      (which someone said once is lighter than Volks Standard skin)

      and the only reason I asked her was because she was helping out Customer Service back then .....and I was interested in Gara_Han ........