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Is DOA your place of refuge from the real world?

Aug 16, 2007

    1. I was just sitting here on my own..the family is in bed asleep...and im thinking im not tired ill go surf DOA ...its just such a comfort this place xx Except for when i need to be somewhere and i suddenly notice ive been on the forum for far too long lol
    2. :3nodding: Absolutely!!!:3nodding:
      I'm done working and food in the oven (or Microwave)I'm either here or Devianart
    3. Well, it IS a relaxing place to visit for awhile... ^_^
    4. The color scheme is very relaxing, and it's full of beautiful things, so it is very nice to come here! Plus everyone's so kind!!! It's the only forum I've been to with this kind of atmosphere :o
    5. Oh you are so right about DoA being a refuge. After a horrid day at work I escape into Beauty through the Gallery. It's how I stay sane some days.
    6. It is a nice place to come to when I want to escape from all else. I really enjoy the group, the discussions, the pics, etc. :)
    7. Exactly, I've never seen an entire community so kind especially to newbies.
    8. ^^ For me, pretty much. I don't go out much - so I like hanging around DoA and the internets.
    9. OH HEAVENS YES!!!! It has BECOME my life...
    10. Yeah, I find that I'm here quite a lot...
    11. 2nd that too!
      I was scared of forums everytime I went on one because they are usually full of idiots who are only interested in high post counts and then finding even the lamest excuse to call some one a noob. I asked some pretty dumb questions at first and even posted in the worng section but no one screamed at me they all ask so nicely^^ It really is a COMMUNITY :D

      I always hang out on DOA I'd rather be here than outside ^^
    12. ohh yes most definitely like an escape from all the crap i have to deal with everyday, yup. ^_^
    13. ^-^ Not really.
      If I need to escape from the real world for a bit, I like to play fantasy RPG video-games <3
    14. Yes, not really for me either. I like to look at dolls, get the news and occasionally buy stuff here, but if I want to escape I'm more likely to go on a smaller site where I know everybody and they're all my friends, or just get off the PC and spend time with family or a good book.
    15. I've been obsessed with BJDs and this site for a while.

      And sometimes I think spending all my time on here is a bad thing.

      It just makes me want more and more dolls. T_T
    16. Heh heh... Well, sometimes I spend more time browsing here than I probably should. Like now, for instance. :)
    17. While I browse the site a lot, it's more out of a need to be reading several things at once to not be bored.

      But it's definitely not my refuge or even the one site I could not live without. I am not free to express myself on DoA, and there are places I feel much more comfortable just being myself on. It's not fun having to self-censor so much.

      But it does have a lot of useful information and I do enjoy looking at dolls, so it serves its purpose.
    18. I like looking through dolls and shopping in the Marketplace. Dolly Debate has become my favorite place to snoop. However, the "real world" is my life. I'd rather not replace it with DoA, which I regard as an informational archive with a friendly atmosphere.
    19. Oh, hell no! Any place with people in it is no refuge! Especially an internet community...:ablah: DoA is more like an exemplary, interactive source of information on BJDs which doubles as an online store. I’ve spent a great deal of time on here over the last month since it’s by far the best source I’ve found to learn about BJDs, but I can't spend more than an hour online at a time without becoming irritable and wanting to run off into the woods to recoup. *laughs* That being said, everyone on here is very amiable and you’re all lovely people. :sweat

      Amen to all of the above. XD
    20. You bet; I can (and do) escape for hours on DOA. I escape to other forums as well, but I could look at dolls all day.