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Is DOD Kirilln head avaliable on it's own?

Apr 26, 2008

    1. This might be a really stupid question, but does anyone one know if you can buy a plain Kirill head from the DOD site? I can't seem to see it :?

      I'm thinking of putting it on a DZ body if I can get it, Thanks ^^
    2. I do not believe it is available.
    3. Dang!!! I really liked that head, but I want a DZ body next. :|

      Thanks for letting me know :) I'll just have to keep looking for that perfect head :(
    4. Why don't you try emailing them to ask? It won't hurt to try.

      I've bought feet (which are not listed as an item) from them and they accommodated my order just fine.:)
    5. Thanks for the advice :) I gave it a try, but they said I could only buy it with the body (well first they said I could by just the head, then apologised for being wrong *_*)

      Oh well, it'll be a while before I can by him anyway, thanks again. ^^