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Is Dolkot really so terrible?

Mar 26, 2008

    1. I'm really tempted to buy Lucciel (With probably Hara or maybe abel head) but I keep hearing many many bad things about Dolkot, some say the dolls can not even sit up and just flop over. Others have trouble with resin breaking or being thin.... So what I'd like to know is does anyone actually have anything good to say about dolkot or possibly have they changed and improved at all for their new model line? I mean the whole point of a BJD is to have one that poses for photoshoots and such... If it can barely stand and has horrid moveability then it's not what I'm looking for. I don't know why all the other company's 70 cm dolls have to look so old and masculine /is going insane trying to find one with more anime-ish face. Dolkot has responded to alot of my questions in a timely manner, but if their dolls can't stand then even good customer service would not make me want to purchase from them. I'm wondering if the thin resin and floppy dolls are common from them, or if people with problems are just more vocal/outspoken on the forums.
    2. There's a 60cm Dolkot boy body in my house. We got him a few years ago and indeed he could not stand at all. His knees would not lock, and the chanels for his stringing were drilled at such a bad angle they could never align properly. He'd just collapse. Bad engineering on Dolkot's part. I wouldn't say that people complaining about Dolkot in the past were more vocal, the dolls were flawed.

      Last year, Dolkot made new legs for their 60cm bodies. All of their new 60cm dolls come with those now. We bought a pair and swapped them out and now the body is fine. He stands as well as any of the other dolls and never have his legs fallen out from under him. :)

      The 60cm boys have a one piece torso and it can be a little trickier to get them to sit up but I've never had any problems with it. I also haven't experienced any problem with thin resin.

      The 70cm dolls are really new. I haven't seen one IRL but I haven't heard anything bad about them. Is there a thread about problems with the 70cm dolls? If so link it here.
    3. idrisfynn, I think I'll do that for my boy. He is very kicky, so I wonder if that's the problem. But I love my Dolkot, he's so much lighter then my other SD boys.

    4. I've got a Dolkot Kiss, Leaf and Yui and I haven't had a problem with any of them, they can all stand perfectly well on their own unaided - infact my Kiss has been standing unaided for about 10months on the bookcase :)

      The resin might be a little thin around the collar bones, but it hasnt effected my dolls at all and I can't notice it.
    5. ^^ It is good to hear that it sounds like they have fixed much of their problems. Although it makes my decision between dolkot and dollmore model girls that much harder :)
    6. I dont have a 60 cm one but I do have a 43 cm body and it poses very nice, did need new/tighter stringing. The resin isnt thin or brittle at all. It's more softer then the resin of my souldolls so it get's bumps quicker ( I ten to drop my dolls now and then :( bad muscle thingies) ) The normal skin resin is a very pretty color btw XD nice flesh tone a bit less pink and more yellow so real asian looking I think ^.^

      I hope this helps a bit with you decision
    7. i'm bumping this up. i'm deciding between 2 boys at the moment. soom, which i've heard nothing but rave reviews about, and then dolkot, which i've heard -almost- nothing but bad reviews. so i too would like to know if there are any newer dolkot owners with good things to say! :)
    8. FWIW, I have a Leaf and she sits and stands fine. She has no issues I've found with thin or cracking resin. She's pretty tightly strung, no sign of floppiness.

      I bought her direct from Dolkot in 8/2007 and the entire experience was a good one.
    9. I have a few dolls from Dolkot and don't have any problems at all with them whatsoever, in fact, they are lighter and pose really well compared to a few others I have, especially my Dai, Loon and Yui. I've always received such nice and helpful customer service from Dolkot and they always throw in so many little extras as gifts with each purchase. I think they have improved as so many companies tend to try to do over time and so my experience with them has been nothing but positive. The poseability issues could've been at the beginning of the company but I personally haven't had issues with that myself. Hope this helps.
    10. oh, thanks everyone! this is actually xenokitten's thread, so i hope she doesn't mind me butting in...but hopefully this info. will help her too. :)
    11. I also want to thank everyone for the suggestions. i really want a bera, but I'm quite nervous about quality. Nice to hear it may have improved.
    12. Well i'm happy to hear that dolkot has improved because i am thinking of buying kiss <3
      No i may think about it more seriously ;D
      Anyway i have a question... since 60 CM body has one piece torso (im an artist so im searching for good posing body) so is a bit problem to me, could kiss head propably fit any other body and his NS might still match the body resin color?

      also another thing- i heard that Doklot's resin gets yellow with the time, is that true ?
      Sorry for lil offtop and take care :)
    13. All resins yellow in time

      And it matches reaseneble with Souldoll, I have a hybrid like that myself. the head might need some blushing becous souldoll is a bit pinkyer then Dollkot. And I'm talking about ns.
    14. I'm seriously considering adding a Dolkot doll to my collection, but I am wondering why Dollmore and DollnDoll both decided to stop selling them.... is this because something weird or bad the company did? How is Dolkot's service as of late?
    15. I'm curious about Dolkot's service now too. I recently (about a month ago) purchased a Yuna and haven't heard a peep out of Dolkot and no response to my emails. I also posted on their Q&A about how long it takes to get an order (no faceup) and no response their either.

      Wondering if I should contact Paypal? Any help would really be appreciated.

      Thank you!


    16. Keep bothering the hell out of them Jay. And keep in mind, doll companies sometimes take upwards of 5 weeks to ship out their dolls, maybe they're casting a new doll for you and that's causing the delay?
    17. I'm interested in Dolkot too, but after hearing many bad things from their company review thread, I'm feeling wary T_T;

      Has anyone bought a Limited Edition doll from them, or know how LE's quality compares to their regular dolls. They look very gorgeous, but with many over $1,000, and this being my first doll, I'm hesitant to buy something that might need more repair work than I can handle.
    18. To those of you who have good dollkot dolls you might want to put them in the review section of the market place since if you look at it its not very positive.
    19. I finally heard back from Dolkot but not in response to my emails. It was when I joined (I had ordered without joining) and posted on the Q&A. That's when they answered both on the Q&A and in an email. They thanked me and said they would probably (not definitely) mail my order out this week. So that's really not too long of a wait.

    20. I've never personally had any problems with Dolkot...I've got quite a few of their dolls and all of them pose like a dream for me. They've always responded to my questions and shipped out pretty fast compared to other companies. I remember for one order, I only waited maybe two weeks for my dolls to ship to me but I think it's because they were already made and ready to go as they were one of a kind. One time one of the fingers on my Yui arrived broken and as soon as I e-mailed them, a brand new hand along with some freebie gifts arrived in a week. It could be that I just got lucky when they were having a slow period but my own experiences with them have always been really good.