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Is Dollshe Bermann limited edition?

Jun 28, 2005

    1. May seem like a stupid questions but, is Bermann limited edition? It says on TensiYa that "Anu is capable of producing about 11 doll costumes in a month. Hence, Anu expects the project term to be Mar.2005 to Feb.2006."
      Im confussed, does that mean no more SA but there will be a 'normal' Bermann to buy or does that mean that after Feb 2006 no more Bermanns will ever be made again? *_*
    2. Yes. There will only be 11 more SA's and (I think) 66 more regular Bermanns ever made.
    3. hmm do you know if they will sell all the SA Bermanns first then start selling the regular Bermanns? I really only want a regular one (can't afford a SA one) :oops:
    4. Regular refers to open eyes. SA are sleeping eyes. In terms of price there is no difference. The later ones may be more expensive due to the recent $ weakness.
    5. There is going to be an SA Hound - dont know when
      we were talking about it over on HoundCalling

      there is a picture of him somewere , I think its over on Anu` s site
    6. Oh I'd love to have a SA Hound! ^ ^ I was thinking about getting a Hound next but I don't think he'd look right posing next to my DoD U ^ ^; pretty big size difference *_*
      Hound & Bermann are two of my dream dolls though
    7. LOL whats the old saying

      size dosnt matter :D
      at the momment I only have a tiny BJDs and Hound :grin:
      but I love them
      the SA Hound ...love him!
      I can see H having a SA friend
    8. ^-^ Hi everyone ~
      Can anyone tell me when the earlier Bermann releases were? Not the original 77 so much, but the Tensiya SA ones. I know that the DO HDM Bermanns were spring time ish? Last year ~ ^-^

      Thank yoouuuu

    9. All I know is that I've heard April? for the next release.
    10. The first 2 SA Bermann releases were Jan/Feb 2005 and the first DO Bermann was released in I think somewhere in summer 2005

      So we still have a long time to go until the last Bermann is being released ^_^

    11. Thank ... erm.. Anu for that XD *squishes Sabriell* I might bring home my Bermann boy after all *pines*
    12. *huggles you back* :aheartbea ^_^

      I think the Secret SA Bermann will be released last...I wonder what he'll look like...maybe the Secret SA/DO Bermann will be tanned.
      I know there were some Tanned Bermanns released for the Korean buyers. But they had to write a "contract' that they didn't re-sell them *wow*, well Mr. Dollshe I don't need a contract, cause I'll NEVER sell Kaoru!!! :aheartbea :aheartbea

    13. ^-^ I would absolutely DIE if you ever sold Kao chan XD seriously, lol it would be like me selling Kai
      As much as I want my beautiful Bermann boy, I couldn't even swap Kai for him XD because firstly I love Kai too much, and secondly I want them as a pair XD

      Tanned would be fun!.. but to be honest I really don't care -which- Bermann I get so long as I have one here to love and adore <3
    14. *loves you so much for saying that!*

      haha yeah if I ever sell Kaoru please hit me on the head, because I wouldn't be thinking at all! :abambi:

      And I really hope that you'll get your Bermann boy :aheartbea But I'm taking myself of the DO Bermann list. I want Die as Kaoru's boyfriend and in real life Die doesn't look anything at all like Kaoru, it would just look weird XD!

      So I'm searching for another Dollshe boy that would be a good Die [:eusa_pray that Tensiya releases the new boys sooooon], and also because I already have a SA Bermann...I would feel greedy with having them both :cake:

    15. I'm so confused about the 'new releases' still... have we confirmed if Husky and normal IM Hound were the new boys yet? ^-^
      I hope they're not ~~~
    16. Well what I can remember Momo saying, was that the 2 new boys weren't made from Hounds headmold and that one looks a lot like Bermann...

      So if that is true, they are NOT the 2 new boys *hopes*
    17. *hopes too* It would be fabulous if they weren't ~ more Dollshe boy to go around. *sigh* Why do they have to be so perfect? Even after seeing dolls from all kinds of companies and cuddling them and playing with them, do I get so seduced by Dollshe? XD... damnit ~
    18. I'm not sure...because I have the same problem...-_-...
      It must be because they look so "real" in everything they do, but it makes me love Kaoru so much :aheartbea [as you can tell I love that :aheartbea-thing *LOL* XD]

      But I have been thinking about getting one of those new LUTS boys [yup those 3 hotties] but then I look at Kaoru, and their images just go POOF! =_=
      Kaoru is brainwashing me!!
    19. lmao XD Sometimes I wonder how I brought Pip home at all... XD I have the same problem completely.
      Kai just owns me XD even with all his little faults, and quirks. I couldn't have been happier with my first doll ~

      ^-^ I'm relieved though that I've finally decided to actually try for Bermann now. In fear of missing out, and not being able to bring him home I've been denying the fact I even want one.

    20. I guess I was lucky with getting Kaoru, because Bermanns weren't that wanted during their first release *YAY*, but even so I still aged 10 years only pressing that "BUY IT NOW" button and paying as soon as I possibly could!! O_O...that was scaryyyy!! T-T

      So that is also one of the reasons I don't want a DO Bermann...cause I'm not sure if I could handle another 10/20 years!!! XD

      And I think you'll be able to get one, I mean there are still 66DO/11SA to go! You'll get one!!

      Kaoru isn't my first doll, but he really is THE one for me, all others just fade when I see or think about him...ah man I'm really in love with him :sweat ...