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Is Dream of Doll's resin really shiney?

Aug 16, 2006

    1. So, for many months now my dream has been to own a DOT. But now that I am close to ordering, I'm becoming a tad reluctant because of some owner pics. DOT resin always has this unnerving shine to it, something that I cant get over. I've held and studied two Camine's [at the same time] and I know that I cant resist their face, but am just curious what DOT owners have to say on this matter. I'm aware of the flash on some camera's that may have a definite effect on this, but I always end up comparing CP resin and thinking, "There's no shine on them!" So encouragement and reassurance is much appreciated and your take on this as well! ^_^;
    2. My Sha's resin is definitely shinier than my Kid Delf's resin. ^^;;; It doesn't bother me much, and he doesn't come out shiny in my pictures at all (don't use flash would probably be the first way to achieve that). But if it's something that you don't think you can put up with, maybe you can coat him in MSC to cut down on the shine?
    3. My Shall is no more shiney than my SD13. At all. So I wouldn't worry about that. Sure, it has a slight shine to it, but it's no different than Volks body shine... It's nothing I've been at all bothered by.
    4. And if shiny resin really bothers you, you can either coat your doll with MSC or Testors or something, or sand it (very lightly with fine-grit sandpaper). Or pay someone else to do either one. I definitely wouldn't not buy a doll because you thought the resin was too shiny; it's such an easy problem to cope with.
    5. Very, very light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper (I like Microfine 3M sanding pads) does indeed take the shine right off -- I recommend this method over MSC coating, because (a) it won't scratch off like an MSC coating will, and (b) it won't attract dirt in the same way that a coated body can.

      It's definitely a fixable problem :>

      -- Andi <3
    6. Doesn't sanding make the resin more vulnerable to yellowing?
    7. I don't think my boys and girl are shiny. In person they look fine to me :) and in pictures I just don't use the flash (plus not using the flash gives less of the deer in headlights look from my Shall in her default eyes >.< must change those soon)

      If you've seen the dolls in person and the resin doesn't bother you you should be fine. If it's just pictures you're worried about then that's easily fixed.

      Like others have said, you can do a light sanding to roughen up the surface a little and then coat with UV cut MSC to protect the resin.
    8. Sanding my boy with 600 grit sandpaper gave him a beautiful matte luster. The DoT resin is great and the shininess isn't too apparent (or at least I never noticed).
    9. Neither my Camine or my roommate's Lahoo are shiny. I was a little worried about that too, since I'd seen some pics of them looking a bit shiny, but they showed up perfectly matte. My Elfdoll Red on the other hand, is super shiny. *_* He'll be getting a sanding eventually.
    10. I don't know... but my Yuuku does have a shiny body.. but this was when I order him way back last year.. the surprise stock some would call it. I HATE it but light sanding took care of it. Anywho, I recently broke his hand and DoD agreed to send me a new one. His new hand was not shiny at all. It was matte and so pretty. *___* I know for sure DOD did not sand them, the seam lines were still there. Maybe it was just the batch? OR maybe the quality has improve since?
    11. A light sanding should rid the shine. I've noticed that about DOD's too. But it doesn't bother me much at all.
    12. I think maybe it was a batch issue, because my Camine is a bit shiny but my Shall is not. It's never bothered me much, but I'll probably be blushing and coating them all soon...they need some color on those nipples. ;) LOL
    13. I've heard of some dods having shiny problems with their hands and/or feet. But I own a tender too and his resin can be shiny at times, but I think in direct sunlight, he's stunning. It all depends on how and what you're capturing his/her photograph with really. I'm not sure there's a real solution to shiny resin, but dod is by far still my fave company of them all.
    14. My first doll, a Shall purchased in Jan'06, was pretty shiny in places too. That didn't bother me back then (I have, since then, parted with her), but if you want to get rid of the shine, you could always sand her lightly with extra-fine sand paper ^^
    15. Wow, I never imagined this thread would live again! The original thread was posted by me in August 2006, but I ended up buying my Camine that month anyways and he's been with me since October ^_^ He's gorgeous and I love him to bits! So thank you to everyone who replied for your wonderful encouragement. DOTs are <3