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Is Ian a BJD?

Dec 2, 2006

    1. They refer to it in the description as a "fashion doll", and I believe the eyes can't be changed.

      So it might not be a BJD.
    2. Generically, if it is ball jointed and made of resin then its a resin BJD.

      But for the purpose of posting on this board, it's up to the moderators. They can decide if it is stylistically acceptable. Dolls must meet 7 or 8 criteria to be acceptable. However, if a doll does not meet the aesthetic style criteria then it is not acceptable, and only the moderators can decide that.


      Among the criteria is that the doll must be resin, must be strung, must have 2+ part head with changeable eyes, and must be "Consistent with the style of other dolls presently allowed in terms of facial and body proportioning and overall aesthetic style."

    3. If you buy it, it may or may not be acceptable on DoA. There have been other dolls who meet all of the criteria except the "Consistent with the style" (which is decided by the moderators) and failing that one criteria alone keeps a doll off DoA even if they meet all 7 other criteria.

      The guy's hot, but his proportions are pretty close to a fashion doll.

    4. I think part of the question is - if he is not acceptable here according to criteria, would that keep you from purchasing him? If you like him anyway, then purchase him.

      Another thing to take into consideration - you do have acceptable resin dolls already and if you photograph this guy with them, with the majority of the photos being of acceptable resin, the rules do allow that. You just cannot make any entries with just him as the sole subject, like a photostory.

      The following doll types are considered off-topic for DoA:

      ~ Barbies, Licca/Jenny, Blythe/Pullip, Volks and Obitsu 1/6th and any other 1/6th fashion doll (regardless of country of origin)
      ~ Figure Kits (regardless of having poseable parts, i.e. Volks Customize Kits)
      ~ Gashapon or other capsule-toy figurines
      ~ Fashion dolls, such as Sybarites and RnD Angels

      These things are admissible in discussion or photography in conjunction with on-topic dolls. For example, a photo showing your ball-jointed doll with a figure kit or 1/6th doll is perfectly fine! As is a question asking if a certain figure or toy would make a good accessory for your doll, as are clothes-swapping topics. But a thread that's just about a 27cm dollfie would be off topic, same for a post that was soley about any of the "off-topic" dolls listed above.
    5. he seems to follow enough of the criteria to count. i agree that it's basically up to the moderators to make a final decision on it. though, for myself, i don't see why he wouldn't be allowed since he does seem to have the capacity for changeable eyes, even if you'd have to do a bit of mod-ing for this to happen.

      on a random and personal note. love the face. absolutely stunning... but am i the only one that thinks his body is totally awkward?
    6. No, I do think his body leaves something to be desired. I think it might be how thin his legs are? I'm more interested in the girl right now- I think she'd make a great companion for my Tae :aheartbea
    7. Even if it's decided they're not up for discussion, I believe you can still post pictures of them as long as they're with 'on-topic' dolls. I know lots of people have posted pics of their BJDs with blythes and pullip~ :)

      And I agree, if you like him, go for it! :D
    8. I don't think a Unoa model would ever get rejected stylistically.

    9. Sorry, Hautelier dolls Miso and Ian do not fit the DoA criteria and will be considered off-topic here as they fall in fashion doll category.

      We encourage people to buy these dolls if they are interested in them, but to please understand and respect that they are off-topic and can not be posted on DoA.

      Thank you!

      I am closing this thread.