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Is Iple House a good company to buy from???>

Apr 26, 2006

    1. Let me know how your dealings have gone with them! Thanks in advance!

    2. I bought two shirts and a jacket from Iplehouse. Excellent workmanship. Prompt shipping! No complaints whatsoever. =D
    3. I have ordered clothing and a doll from Iplehouse, and have participated in group orders as well. They are good at communicating and the products are high quality.
    4. I've bought clothes and wigs from them before - great service.
    5. I bought my Tanned SooRi from them. They quickly answered all my questions, and shipped him fast. They're really nice!
    6. Thanks everyone! Great to know!

    7. How long before you buy something until they ship it? I bought a pair of boots a week ago and still has not been shiped yet, just wondering, thanks in advance.
    8. For clothes and shoes, they usually take around a week or ten days. You can ask them about your order in the Q&A section; they're very fast to reply. As for me, I've ordered clothes from them and I must say they're the best of the best, quality-wise and customer service-wise. :)

    9. Thanks very much! that good to know.
    10. I also have Tanned Soo Ri and had great luck with the company. They were fast, friendly and always answered any question promptly.

      I'll also second the vote of confidence regarding their clothing. It seemed a bit pricey but was well worth it.
    11. I ordered a custom SooRi from them and while I was told I would have to wait a bit, I really didn't. Their site says the dolls take from 10-20 days to ship and my boy is ready after only 15 days. I just can't wait to see him!
    12. I ordered a painted Louis head, they said they could ship next day! :D Order was delayed 1 week since they were out of stock of a wig. Really good, fast communication, I love them~ X3
    13. Thank you for all the feedbacks! I was trying to decide if I should buy an Iple House doll, and with all that feedback, I've made up my mind! ;]
    14. Eek, sorry, double-posted... I don't see a delete post button anywhere x__x
    15. I know there's plenty of good feedback already listed here, but I wanted to chime in anyway. iplehouse is indeed fast, friendly, and super easy to deal with. I'd never hesitate to buy from them. Everything I've bought from them, like Magnus' three piece suit, is of high quality. I really love their line of men's ties and belts, I only wish they made more men's accessories, I'd buy them all. A++:)
    16. From order to delivery, I had my full set Soo Ri in only two weeks' time. They forgot the belt and had dated the certificate incorrectly and they sent them along a little later.

      They respond to their Q&A in 24 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) and are willing to do special requests within reason, like piercing ears.

      I love their wigs. They are notched for the ears so the fabric does not cover them like a hat.

      Another thread around here mentioned how they are strung a little differently than some dolls so you may do a search for iplehouse and see what threads you are able to pull up on specifics.