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Is It BAD To buy Popular dolls?

Dec 29, 2010

    1. I have mixed feelings about this, AND SOMEONE PLEASE PUT ME AT SOME SORT OF EASE:
      Is it bad to buy popular sculpts of dolls that alot of people have? I really like a certain sculpt(MNF Shiwoo to be exact>///<), and I feal wierd about really wanting to buy him. I think that having a doll and customizing it hepls someone to bond with it and make it their own, I feel weird(and alittle guilty) for wanting a sculpt that many people have. Am I just over-reacting, or is there a problem of too many people haveing the same doll?

      There were a few threads like this, but not one that specificaly deltl with this problem, but if I missed it feel free to move or delete.
    2. If a doll is popular, it means that a lot of people like it, I don't see why it would be bad to own a doll that a lot of people like! I'm confused as to why you feel like having a popular doll is bad to be honest! If the only reason you want it just because of it's popularity then I think there may be an issue but other than that if you really want it, go for it! You always have to buy a doll for yourself. You should never not buy a doll just because of other people!
    3. @SceneNeko:
      No, it's because I love the smirk-ing lips and the way the eyebrow bone is shaped gives it the posibility for a neutral face or a mischevious face.
      I geuss I feel that if many people have the same doll as me, all the customization of it wont make a difference as to how different it looks
    4. When you customize a doll it becomes one of a kind! Plus don't forget that you can get different eyes, wigs and outfits and make her as different as you want!
    5. If you like it, then I don't see a problem with it at all. I'm one of the people that tends to shy away from the more popular dolls, but if it's one I really want then I don't prevent myself from getting it. My best example... amongst my friends and myself, there are five Luts KDF Bory's. Not a single one looks like the other except for the basic sculpt. That's something you can't get around, but it shouldn't make you believe that the work you put into it isn't going to make it look any different.

      Have you tried looking up the Shiwoo database here? (if there is one). I often use the database as a reference to what a sculpt's potential is for different looks. It's been really handy for me that way.
    6. It is not bad at all. You should buy the doll that you like -- don't let what other people are buying or not buying put you off. And as others mentioned, the same sculpt can look drastically different in the hands of different owners. All being a popular sculpt means is that the company was able to come up with a design that is very successful and appeals to a lot of people -- it's not a negative thing at all.
    7. Yes- I avoid popular dolls. (you can blame me as a snob or vain or something... I am ^^.)
      My heart is bleeding when I saw a doll with a face up, that isnt well made (especially when I own the same doll...).
      This is why I prefer limiteds.
      But I would buy the most popular mold, if I like it and wont find an other for the character I had in mind.
      My boyfriends first doll is a Chiwoo elf. A very popular doll, but she looks unique <3
    8. BAD by what standard? Are you getting a doll because you enjoy it or to become the star of a limited release doll community? Many of the well admired dolls on DOA are not limited, they just have talented owners.

      With BJDs you can express yourself anyway you like. Why ask the community to ease your mind about something they don't collectively take a stand on? Just do your own thing! :)
    9. In a word? No.

      Buy what you like. What you like may be something that a lot of other people like (popular), something not a lot of other people like (rare) or something that no one else likes (unpopular). It's your money and it will be your doll. Buy the one that calls out to you to be your own.

      Anyone who says that it's bad to buy popular/unpopular/company X/this size/that skin tone/whatever is barking up the wrong tree (and may be in the hobby for the wrong reasons, IMO). Buy to please yourself, not "the fandom".
    10. You should buy what you like. Forget about what others think, its your money and you have to have the doll with you all the time. Get the one you want. Period!
    11. Uh... you should buy the dolls you like.

      It doesn't bother me if a sculpt is popular or not because what matters to me is what I think. But if what other people are doing somehow makes you feel badly about your choice of doll... if you can't ignore it, then maybe you shouldn't buy.

      Is it "bad"??? if it's bad for you, it's bad for you. Others will have different opinions. Obviously, MOST people will NOT view it as bad since they are the people buying a lot of the same dolls everyone else is!!! :)

      I've bought sculpts that are popular and sculpts that are not. I actually enjoy the fact that others have the same taste in dolls as I do, but I don't let it affect my personal opinions on what dolls I like. But that's how I feel. Your feelings are what should matter to you.
    12. um. I have a MNF Shiwoo. And a Luts Delf El, Breakaway, Bory and a Migidoll Ryu...Those are all pretty popular molds and I don't really see a problem with it. I don't really understand why anyone would think it's bad, I like them, that's why I own them.
      That's most likely the same reason why a lot of other people own them as well.

      The thought that someone would actually care or even look down on you (or anyone else) because you own a "popular" mold is much worse in my opinion, than owning that popular mold.
    13. Honestly, I think people who worry about how popular a doll is (either buying one or pointedly avoiding merely because of other people whom they're most likely never going to meet in their lifetime) are quite silly. I think people are waaayyy to preoccupied with being yoonick and ~different~ (and being super quick at accusing others of not doing the same like it's somehow bad) while totally forgetting that everyone already is (and same goes for their dolls too).

      I own(ed) a few obscure ones, like Lati Rei (I think there were a total of 5 on the forums when I first got mine) or Infiniti Tiki (I only know of three, including mine, and the other ones are all girls). But then I also owned a Chrom (not the most popular MD, but still quite proliferous by nature of being a Soom doll) and a Luts Bory... Which, yeah, is quite the fan favourite.

      Man, I loooooooved that Bory's popularity. There were so many outfits and accessories and other things that were made specifically for KDF's that I could buy, while my poor Lati sat there kind of sad in awkwardly-tight clothes because there was literally nothing out there for him. Honestly, doll popularity is a blessing, not a curse, because that means there's going to be that much more stuff out there for them (Or maybe it is a curse because the monies... it goes bye-bye ;) ).
    14. Just like I tell people who are worried about buying a cheaper doll, if you love the dolls buy it! I happen to want a Delf Soony and Shine next and those are both popular sculpts; I don't care however because they won't be the same characters as everyone else's.
    15. I have a Bory, and at first was worried about the popularity of the m,old, but I got over it and have but work into making him into a unique character. If the mold fits, then go for it. No matter if it's popular or not!
    16. Oh my gosh, no, do not let what other people own determine your decision! I'll be honest, when I was waiting for my Migidoll head to arrive, I was a bit skeptical, just like you are. As soon as I opened the box and I saw the head, I knew it was exactly what I wanted! Forget how popular the doll is. If you love it, you love it. Have fun with your Shiwoo! I'm sure as soon as it comes home, you're going to forget that you were ever worried about its popularity!

      And Lelite has a great point, you'll have lots of clothes to choose from!
    17. I can't see how liking popular molds could possibly be a bad thing. Granted, I don't own such molds (except for F-16, perhaps?) and I do have a tendency to shy away from them only because I see them so often. But that doesn't make it any less worthy of affection! I recently ached to get a Crobidoll Lance before I changed my mind for Leeke Adolf..not for any reason such as "Lance is everywhere" but rather because Adolf fits my character's face more. I wouldn't worry :)
    18. I agree with everyone else, buy the doll you want. It goes for whether it's popular, unpopular or limited, none of that should matter because it should be the doll you want. :-D If you were buying it JUST because it's popular, that may be something else to discuss possibly, if you wanted to. But it doesn't sound like you are doing that so there's nothing to even worry about. Besides, ANY change you make to a doll changes it to something unique. I will see multiples of the same sculpt and be AMAZED at how something as simple as just a different wig will change it to someone completely different. So, honestly, I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about. :-D
    19. Buy the dolls that you like, you can always make the doll unique through face-ups, eyes, clothes and wigs
    20. Wow, I feel so loved TT^TT
      Thankyou everyone for your imput, I feel alot more reasured :)
      Now all i need to do is raise the funds, but it doesnt have to be now............eventualy <3
      THankyou everyone for your imputes, I feel very cared for here, and that's saying something!