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is it distressing to sell your dolls

Jun 4, 2009

    1. Have you ever been put into the situation which you found you had to sell your dolls? Did you find yourself in fits over it,? Telling yourself you have to do it but not wanting to, or have you sold dolls without an once of remorce? How did you eventually cope without that doll or did you end up not selling because it was to hard to?
    2. There was a point in time when I was certain I was going to have to sell my boy Kingston. I put up a thread for him and everything. But eventually I just couldn't do it. He was my first doll and I realized that I wouldn't be able to part with him.
    3. I have had to sell when I didn't want to do it, but I just distanced myself from the doll and told myself it was for the best. It actually turned out to be, but it was difficult at first.
    4. Id imagin it could be quite difficult and hard to sell them, even if you were in a situation if you just had to do it. Iv been contemplating the thought recently for some reason, and it horrifies me..x.x Id have no idea who to sell if I had to sell someone or a couple of them. Its really hard thought because I get fairly attatch, even to the ones Im not really that attatched to.. Im still pretty possesive..
    5. I have sold one doll.
      My first doll. I thought it didn't matter and I had no problem with it untill I wrapped her up for shipping, then the tears started to flow. She had to go, since her character went in another mold and the mold and body she had just weren't working for me. But I was emotional.
    6. I've only sold 2 dolls, and I sold both of them without an ounce of remorse. But I've never sold a doll I was attached to. I think I'd definately be in tears if I had to sell a doll I was attached to T_T
    7. I've sold dolls and not really cared too much. I never bonded with them, and new they were off to better homes~

      Though I've also sold (and am selling) dolls I do like, mainly because I'd rather focus on MSD and anything smaller. So, while Volks Shirou and Isao were two of my dream dolls, I simply don't have the money to put into them (and what money I do have I'd rather put into my MSDs) and thought they should go off to other homes. I'll be content looking at other's photos of them. :) (And in all honesty.... I had bills to pay and I'd rather part with the ones I know would get me more money than part with maybe 3 or 4 dolls to come up with the same amount.)
    8. I think it really depends on how attached you are to the doll. Like my old Angel Region Ren. I sold that guy without an ounce of remorse, simply because the whole buying and shipping from Korea process was a painful, nerve-wracking one for me, and selling him felt right, AND made me feel better without him there to constantly remind me.
      But I guess if you had no choice but to sell them to pay for bills, or some other monetary reason, I would feel pretty unhappy. Not unhappy enough to go into fits though. XD
    9. I haven't sold any dolls I was well "bonded" with, so I find selling dolls more of a pain to deal with than something distressing. ^^; But, once I get a new doll I tend to determine very quickly if I will be keeping it or not. And if a new doll arrived at a time when I really could really use the money, then I'd sell it before I had a chance to get attached to it in the first place and save myself the disappointment.

      I'd be very sad if I had to sell one of my beloved old favorites, though. :( But it takes a long time for me to get so attached to a doll that selling it would upset me.
    10. I’ve bought and sold pretty much all of my dolls :sweat The first time, I transitioned into wanting dolls that looked more realistic instead of artsy/anime-ish (and selling an impulse buy that wasn’t working out), and the second time, I was forced to due to unemployment :( I can’t really say I regret it though because I’ve kept the one that I’m most attached to and I know the others went to good homes. I think changing dolls from time to time (unless you do get attached) is part of the fun of this hobby anyway.

      Another thing that helped me was taking the advice of someone here on DoA; I cleaned up the ones to sell, took pictures, then put them away for a bit. After a few days to a week of not seeing them, I put up the sales threads without feeling bad. Of course once they sold, packing them in bubble wrap for the journey was a little sad, but again I knew they were going to good homes.

      …and in the end they are just fun, expensive toys to splurge on once in a while so when the time is right and I have the funds again, I can hop back into the hobby ;)
    11. I've been TRYING to sell this one doll for ages. But every time I'm about to post her sales post, I just can't do it. I just can't.

      Another doll I sold, I had no problem at all. But I had only had her for maybe.. three months.
    12. It kind of depends. I've never been able to sell a full doll. Just parts or floating heads. I think it would be distressing to me to sell a full doll.. somehow taking it apart and selling it in pieces makes it easier.

      I have a few that I've contemplated selling before and I'm okay with the idea of them not being there but I couldn't handle the idea of them being 'separated' since I tend to kind of use the buddy system and give everyone someone else to hang out with.
    13. The prospect of selling one of my dolls is so horrifiying that I decided to keep her, even though I'm getting a new doll to replace her character.

      I think if people want to and don't have a problem with it they should go for it however.
    14. The only dolls I ever really felt bad about were Sayuri and the MNF Vampire Woosoo I bought new from FL and had to sell right away because I needed money for something. I wish I had found another way, because I really, really wanted him. Someone bought him and gave him a hideous faceup, xD, which only made it worse. I had such plans for him.

      Sayuri, I don't really know why I sold her, but I regret it. I loved her.
    15. I think the only thing I find distressing about selling is the doll is getting to to be bought. When I make a decision to sell a doll and actually post the sale thread or lot on eBay, I have then cut all emotional ties with that doll. I have only once regretted selling a doll and that was back when I was still new to bjds in general and didn't know what I was doing.
    16. Some dolls I have sold without an ounce of remorse, due to them just not being what I expected, or having doll heads and other such parts just find their way into my hands without me really needing and/or wanting them.

      I've sold two dolls that I did regret selling... mostly because I needed funds at the time and they were the only ones I could bear to part with rather than others. But at the same time, they're really just inanimate projects--even if we do tend to pour a lot of time, effort, art, and creation into our dolls.
    17. I've sold a couple and then decided I missed them, so I bought the mold again...I would like to slim down a little but at this point I *like* everyone so I'm a bit on the fence.
    18. Now that I really think about it, I've sold three dolls so far, and all three were molds that simply weren't working out for the characters that i had in mind for them. For two of them I started out loving them and did for quite some time. However sometimes i feel that a doll can loose it's life for me, and it goes from being spunky and having an energetic personality to being a blank doll for me. That's mostly why the dolls I've sold I haven't had much trouble parting with them.
    19. I've sold one of my dolls in the past, but that was because we didn't connect. She was a limited edition too with custom face-up and clothing that I didn't want to change, so I decided to sell her in the hope she would find the right owner for her.

      Thinking of selling any of the dolls I'm attatched to makes me feel sick. x___x

      If I was really desperate then I might sell their bodies as they could be replaced, but even saying that makes me feel ill. :(
    20. Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking.

      But I need to sell him, if I want him in the right "shell."