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Is it okay to dye any Bjd?

Feb 20, 2017

    1. Hey!

      I have been thinking awhile about this question, and I didn't see a thread for it, so I'm doing one.

      Do you guys feel it's okey to dye/colour any Bjd no matter if it's a: cheap/unlimited/damaged/rare/expensive/discontinued etc sculpt?

      I would love to hear your thoughts about it, pros and cons etc.

    2. I think it's your doll and if you want to dye it a color to fit your character and you decide the risk of permanently changing the color is one you're willing to take, then do it. It's your money, your doll. I think the only argument that can be made is that if you're buying dolls with the intent to sell down the line, then maybe don't do it. But if you're buying dolls to make them your characters and you must have a specific color, then go for it.
      However. I personally have blushed heads to match bodies and I think if you were willing and able to put the time into it to blush the whole doll, or spray paint it, or what have you, you could probably seal it so the resin didn't stain and go about blushing the doll in a number of mediums to make a less permanent change.
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    3. Hi!
      Met a lot of pictures of dolls "monster", with sewn mouth or eyes, there is even just the skull skull.
      You're talking about the death of the body on the doll? The color? Or skin remnants?
      Why not =)
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    4. your doll, do what you want!

      I don't care if it's a limited doll or not, even if it was one I desperately wanted and someone else had it but modded it to be unrecognizable. It's their doll they should be allowed to do what they want. :)
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    5. It's none of my business or anyone else's. What people do with their own dolls is entirely up to them.
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    6. Of course I think it's okay---after all, I dyed my SOOM Pyrol Unicenta despite being LE. The hobbyist needs to be aware of the risks involved, though, and I would hope they would properly research technique before attempting a dye job.

      Dyeing dolls can be a lot of fun, IMO! <3
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    7. honestly, it's all good! it's your doll so don't be scared to do any mods to it. just be sure to be careful!
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    8. If it's your doll and you want to dye it, then none of the other factors come into it.

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    9. If you pay for it, you can do what you want with it. Just keep in mind that if you ever decide to sell it later, a well done mod can add value to a doll, but a botched one lowers resale value.
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    10. I would personally never do it to one of my dolls. Only because of how much money I've spent, I don't know how it would look years from now, and I feel I would mess it up.

      BUT when other people do it, I think it looks awesome. Actually, I love when people do any type of mod to their dolls. It definitely makes their dolls stand out.
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    11. Thank you everybody! I have a dim doll flowne, and I see her as a light grey elf with white hair.. but since dim discontinued a lot of their sculpts I got scared if it's "okey" since she isn't available anymore. Now I feel better and will think more seriously about it :D
    12. It's your doll, you should definitely do what you want with it. The only thing I'd suggest is to do a lot of research about how to dye a doll and to try a couple test runs first. If you do decide to dye yours, I wish you luck with your project! I'm a fan of that sculpt and would love to see how it turns out :love
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    13. @Elfvan88

      I probably sound like a broken record, but please use a disperse dye, which is formulated to work best for a synthetic like polyurethane resin (what your doll is made of). The popular ones are Rit Dyemore (must say "Dyemore" on the label), iDye Poly, and Pro Chemical and Dye PROdisperse.

      This will help your dyejob to be more permanent and even. Make sure also that the pot is near boiling, or the dye will also take unevenly, or not at all (the dye requires energy, in the form of heat, to bond with the plastic).

      I personally prefer dyeing to many other alternatives. Honestly, airbrushing/spraypainting/painting works for me only if it's on the head only, because I like posing my doll without worrying about chipping. Dyeing your doll also ensures you get the right color, as pictures of resin colors may vary from monitor to reality.

      Of course, dyeing isn't always possible (like if you want the doll lighter than it is--dyeing only works for different hues or darker).

      My opinion on dyeing, as with any what people might label a "significant/extreme mod," is that you have to decide what matters to you in the hobby. If the color of your doll is preventing you from enjoying it fully, dye the doll, because it's not worth it to only half-like something, all so you can sell it later.

      Yes, I believe that bonding/enjoying/whatever your doll is a choice, but for me, modding/dyeing is the means of ensuring/providing for that enjoyment. Substantive things I do to enable me to enjoy the doll ensure the enjoyment isn't all to chance or less concrete or tangible forces (subconscious, whatever). You've got to figure out what those sorts of things are for you.

      6/12--so half--on-topic dolls I have are dyed by me (and one off topic). With the exception of my Planetdoll Riz, all were done with iDye Poly. (Riz was dyed with normal Rit--not Rit Dyemore--and I would not recommend it [dyeing with normal Rit])
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    14. I'm thankful for your long reply! :) I have found iDye poly in my country, and I have some cheap free heads I have played and tried modding on for trying before I do the dyeing. I feel the same about airbrushing and painting the whole doll, since I also like to pose my dolls and such, and the paint will always chip.
      I will not rush into anything though :) so thanks for the advices!
    15. I have no interest in drying my dolls. However, I would never seek anyone's permission to do what I wanted to my dolls either. I have zero tolerance for people I don't know telling me what to do with my property.
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    16. It is okay to do anything you want to any doll you own.

      Whether you have a Bobobie Sprite or a Volks Reisner, if you want to dye that sucker then by all means go forth and dye that sucker. (I'd heavily recommend going through the Customizing forum and following @americanseamstress' advice up there to get a good quality dye job, though.) All my dolls are discontinued/limited, and while I don't want to dye any of them I wouldn't let the opinions of the forum get in my way if I did want to dye them.

      Do what makes you happy, not what you think might or might not be "okay" to other people.
    17. I intend to dye some souldolls when I eventually get them because they offer tan so infrequently it'd end up being way easier to just mix up a huge batch of tan dye and dunk all of em (I need 4 tanned dolls for my ocs, curse my inability to create whitey white characters lol)
      I've dyed dolls before, 3d printed nylon ones not resin but the principle is the same. Scrub em clean, get the pot boiling, use a dye that's for plastics/polyesters and test a junk piece or innocuous part like the head cap for colour.

      I have found that it can be a bit unpredictable, particularly certain colours. Green is a nightmare to dye, i've dyed two dolls green and neither of them ended up the colour on the box. One ended up a lovely peacock green which is pretty, but the dye was supposed to be kelly green which is a grassy colour so.. wha?
      the other ended up a very dark jade colour, more like emerald than grass. Almost black in fact and he went that dark within seconds. Mmm.
      I think the problem there is that yellow pigment needs a higher temperature than blue so the blue immediately soaked into the porous material and bound to it and the yellow didn't get a chance.
      Next time i'd add more yellow to the mix to try to even things out more.

      I also found that red came out slightly blue in the nylon too. I dyed some fabric with the same batch of dye and it came out bright fireengine red but the doll didn't absorb the colour in the same way and came out more of a brick shade. It's very pretty and natural looking, but it's not the red I expected.

      So do be aware of that. Dye can be a bit unpredictable. green will be green and blue blue and red red, but it might not be the exact tone on the box. Test pieces first to make sure it's to your expectation, or if you can, see if someone else has already done the chemistry and worked out the right recipe.
    18. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and encouragement :D I will read up on dyeing and do some testing on free dollheads etc first :)
    19. A lot of people have already offered great tips! Ultimately, the doll belongs to you and if you have a clear idea of what you'd want to do with it and it includes dyeing, I'd say to go for it!
    20. Honestly I think it's easy to say that you can mod or dye a doll to your heart's content when you're in the moment, but it's much tougher in reality. I've thought about this a lot because while I was searching for my Nanuri 14 head, I saw a few people who had modded off her beautiful elf ears. It made me so sad to think someone bought such an expensive doll that someone else would've loved just the way it is, then modified it in a way that decreases the value for many people.

      I would never stop someone from making that decision, but I couldn't do it! The reality is that you may not want that doll forever as your tastes change and if there's a chance you might resell that doll some day, you shouldn't modify it. I feel a lot of pressure like that regarding my Nanuri 14 now that I've found it; I wouldn't want to do anything to decrease her value for someone else if I ever needed to send her to a new home.
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