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Is it 'OKAY' to PM an Owner about Selling a doll they had NO intention to sell?

Aug 2, 2007

    1. Many of us have received multiple PMs in the way of interested parties wondering if we were willing to sell some of our rare dolls. I know that quite a few of us have felt uncomfortable in these situations, but it's something that happens quite frequently, and I want to know everyone's opinion on this.

      I know that if someone contacted me, telling me they loved my doll ~ and were just contacting me to let me know that if I, in any way shape or form decided to let go of him, they'd welcome him with open arms in their loving home... then I'd be flattered and I wouldn't mind the PM as much. ^_^

      On the other hand, when I receive something along the lines of: Are you interested in selling ___ doll to me for '$___, then I feel... angry and somewhat offended.

      It IS against DoA rules to do so, but I'm asking ethically (thank you for pointing this out, Armelia ^_^).

      So, my question for this debate is:

      Is it 'OKAY' to PM an Owner about Selling a doll they had NO intention to sell?
      Would you as an owner report the person, or have your own way of dealing with it?
    2. I don't think its very polite, so I guess I'm a sort of against it. For some people, they are really attached to their dolls, its like..some one walking up to you at the park while you're walking your dog and being like, "I really like that breed of dog, will you sell it to me?" I think its kind of rude, I know I would never ask some one to sell their doll, especially if its embodying a character thats very dear to their heart.

      So I guess you can put me in the "No its not okay" camp. xD
    3. Wanted to take a moment as a Mod - This is actually against DoA's rules. :) So from a "rules" standpoint on DoA, no, it's not okay.

      Ethically? I don't think it is either, I view it as harassment.
    4. I think it's a bit rude. If someone wants a particular sculpt, they can always put up a WTB thread in the Market Place. There's no need to PM owners like that. My dolls are very special to me, and I wouldn't like someone assuming they automatically had a price tag attached.
    5. eh.. I think it's kinda tasteless...
    6. lols I've actually had feelings like that, but I know that it's very rude to ask to sell the owner's doll when they have no intention to do so anyway.

      But sometimes I feel, "Well it'd be cool to own one of their dolls! But I dunno if I can grab the chance if they sell him/her."

      Like...I've seen some of my favorite owner dolls that have gone to the marketplace, but I never had enough funds to get them right then, if I did BAM I'd buy them...I'm just never in the right time frame ;_; That's when I think "I wish there was a way they'd know I what one of their dolls if they sell them." But again, it'd be rude to ask...

      *sigh* well my crying is done lol

    7. Well,
      i had pm's sorta hinting to this question.
      And an offer ones out of the blue.
      I don't have the pm from the offer anymore and i don't intend to report this person.

      I must say i felt kinda honored..
      it was a pretty high offer.
      I told the person that he/she could buy the same mold and i could do a faceup for him/her.
      I got a reply, saying that it was okey.. and the person only wanted her for she is the original.. ~_~"

      It's was kinda strange,
      but i don't feel harassed or something.
      To me it means that people really like you're doll(s),
      and it makes me feel kinda proud people like my little creations ^_^

      But yeah,
      In my case the doll wasn't limited..
      i do feel kinda iffy about the fact people just thinking you would just sell you're doll like that if the price is high enough.

      I don't say it's right,
      but bad and evil...nah

    8. lols I like the way you're thinking X3

      Yeah, I think for some...no...most, would be that they'd do anything to get that doll b/c it was unique and original. Why would I want to get the same mold and get the same faceup done for it? I don't think that would feel the same. So I'd kinda think it as an honor too (but kindly decline the offer probably XD).

      But bribing ppl...that's a no no. ^^
    9. I've had this a couple of times,the most recent actually been today.
      I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, especially as in both cases it was the doll I'm most attached too at the moment. Both where very polite about it and I politely turned them down but there's a part of me that's thinking 'if I wanted to sell him, I'd put a WTS up so why bother asking me?'

      I can, I suppose see why someone might do it, especially when its a LE or the like but there's definately a line there and I think PM'ing someone about a doll they've shown no interest in selling about buying it is crossing that line.
    10. Well..
      thats what the person said.. i told him/her.. you really think i would give you the same faceup?
      I will make you a new unique one on her head...

      Letting people know you like they're dolls is more friendly,
      but some people are just not interested in you..but only on the doll it seems.
      Sort of a blind rage for the doll and his/her look.

      You're doll is pretty new..(well..on the forum you're couple are new faces)
      and unique.. so that kinda triggers that crazy rage.

      To me it felt in the beginning people were trying to snatch her away be for i could bond with her..
      but it only made me bond better with her ^_^
    11. I think it's somewhat tasteless, but only because I know that some people are so emotionally attached to their dolls. Dolls are just objects, though, so I don't think you can compare someone asking to buy your doll with someone asking to buy your dog (since a dog is a living being, so it's hard to NOT feel like kind of affection for it). I'd say a better comparison would be someone coming to your house, saying they love your couch, and offer to buy it from you. xD *shrug* It's flattering, but only rude if you say no and they keep asking. I do have a problem with pestering the owner.
    12. I don't know about when it comes to dolls, but when someone asks if I will sell my art to them or tells me that I should sell it, I get offended that they think that I will part with what I find so precious. It really offends me, personally because they don't understand my connection with my art.
    13. ^^;;

      This happened to me once. They asked in a very nice and polite way, but it was still a bit uncomfortable. Out of the blue someone asked me if I wanted to sell him? S:

      Of course I declined. I didn't want to sell him then, and I don't want to sell him now either.

      Why ask if you haven't posted that certain doll in the marketplace?? :(
    14. I don't think it's okay at all! It's quite rude and I /would/ report it if someone PM'ed me with such intentions. It's almost as if they don't care about the doll, more like they care about having the doll.
    15. Personally, I find it rude. I've had offers (addams family moment hehe), and always wondered what on earth the mentality behind them is. I mean, if you like someone's doll, drop them a line, tell them so, I'm sure everyone would find that flattering...but don't then just wave money about in the hope of buying a chunk of someone elses creativity. That said, the ones that say things like "If you ever have to let him go..." I mind a helluva lot less than the "I'll give you X amount for him", that's just impolite!
    16. On DoA I feel that it is wrong as we are sharing our dolls, not trying to sell. On a place like ebay I have no problem or really even in a FS thread. Like I have a wig for sale and someone pm's me asking if I am thinking of selling the doll or it's eyes or outfit or whatever that is pictured in the same thread or auction. If I don't state I am not, it doesn't offend me for people to ask in ebay or a sales thread.

      However, on the forums in a gallery post or picture request post I have had people pm me about selling certain things my doll is wearing. Asking where it is from doesn't bother me, but when they ask me to sell what they see in a gallery thread it does. I mean, numerous people have asked me to sell this wig that is pictured in some of my post and frankly I am tired of being asked. This is a limited wig only available with a limited doll and I don't want to sell it and if I did I would be in a FS thread.
    17. I agree with the very first post... a lot of it is in the way it's said. If they say "I really love the doll and if you ever decide to sell him/her for whatever reason, I'd love to give him/her a good home," then it doesn't seem like harassment to me. It's actually kind of flattering. But if they are trying to persuade/coerce you to sell the doll, or if they're rude about it, then no. It does come off as tasteless.

      But in the long run, isn't that what Marketplace WTB threads are for?
    18. I've had people pm me, but they were more along the lines of "I really love your doll, please keep me in mind if you ever sell". These don't really bother me too much. As someone has said, it's kind of flattering. I would find it rude if someone sent me a pm saying "would you sell 'x' to me because I really like him/her".

      (a little too slow in the posting here ;))
    19. That's pretty much how I feel. Tacky? Yes. Ethically wrong? Definitely no.

      I'd have a good laugh if anyone ever offered to buy one of mine out of the blue.