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Is it 'OKAY' to PM an Owner if they are willing to do a face-up commision?

Jan 7, 2010

    1. My question: How would you feel if a total stranger would tell you youre f-u's are the epitome of beauty and ask you to do a face-up for them if you dont have a commision thread?

      My problem: I am totally in love with the face-ups by a DOA member, who has no commission thread on DOA. I know she has done face-ups for others recently and am under the impression she does have a commision shop on another forum, but i am not sure about that.

      My question is: How would you FEEL about this, could you be convinced to do a f-u for someone else? Please do not tell me there are plenty of commisioners in the commison thread, i am aware of that.

    2. I don't see any harm in asking, she would probably be flattered. The worst she can say is no. :)
    3. I agree. The worst they can say is no. If you don't ask, you'll never know. As long as you're polite about it when you ask, I really don't see a problem with that.
    4. I don't have a commission shop (I'd worry too much about packages getting lost and I'm very busy), but sometimes people ask me if I would like to do a face-up for them. It really depends on the circumstances whether I'll accept or not, but if it's asked nicely I don't mind being asked.
    5. Quite agreed with this, and as long as you aren't overly pushy I can't see there being an issue: if I had any talent at all with faceups (I wish!) I know I'd be very flattered to get a PM like that, really :)
    6. Go for it, that's one of the useful things about a chat board. Every now and again I PM about the identity of a doll and always get answered.
    7. I think most would be flattered that you enjoy seeing their work and like their style. :)
    8. I'm sure for popular artists, it can get annoying. If they have a shop, you should just post in that.
    9. I am flattered when people have PM'd me in the past, and then on occasion when/if I did decide to sell the doll, I was able to PM them back :).

      I did however have a very bad experience where I PM'd someone about selling their doll, I believe I was very polite and I only said something like "would you ever consider selling your doll."
      Apparently I picked the wrong person because they completely blew up at me and linked me to this thread (this was actually a while back though)... They told me to never contact them again etc. They were so mean it made me cry, but all I could say was sorry. I'm not going to do it again.
    10. I think you're thinking about the 'Is it okay to PM an owner about selling their doll" thread in the debate forum rather than this one, which is about asking someone if they're willing to do a faceup commission. Personally, I'd agree that asking someone to sell a doll is very Bad Form (and off-topic for this thread, so I'll shush) whereas faceups are a different matter, simply because faceup talent isn't a finite thing that you're asking them to sell you (i.e., if they sell a beloved doll then they no longer have the item themselves, whereas doing a faceup commission for someone doesn't take anything away from the faceup artist in the way that selling a physical object does. I'm phrasing this badly, but I hope it's relatively clear what I mean about the difference between requesting that someone use their artistic talent in exchange for payment versus selling a doll...)
    11. I am not really one to go and PM someone to ask that since I make my own faceup, but I really would not mind if someone asked me =D

      I do not think I really have the skills to do commissions, but if someone asked, its becasue they would really want it XD

      But then I would not really know what to ask/do so it would be a pretty long process =P
    12. If you are polite, and prepared to take no for an answer, then a little PM can't really hurt.

      Just don't go overboard with the flattery, or you might come across as bit creepy! ;)
    13. Well, since coincidentally the person i was talking about answered the question in post#4 (some coincidence!) I have PMed her! I so hope she's willing to do this! If not, at least ive tried!

      And we have a winner!
    14. Oops! I only read the first few words of this thread...
    15. I would definitely pm them to see if they do commissions. You never know not everyone has a commission thread just be prepared if they do commissions and they dont have a thread it is probably because they are super popular and are very busy with commissions. And like others have said the worst they can say is no :)
    16. I don't think it could hurt! When I first joined I PM'd people all the time with random questions/comments. I found that it simply flattered them and helped me to reach out and meet other members. :)
    17. Personally, I'd be utterly blown away flattered to have someone ask me to do their doll's faceup as a commission. If you're polite in asking I see no harm in it.
    18. Personally I'd be flattered if somebody asked me and I'd probably say yes depending on the circumstances at the time.
    19. speaking as someone who has no thread but does faceups, i would be thrilled. as long youre polite about it and dont freak if they say no, i dont see the problem. unless theyve expressed issues with doing faceups for others in the past and there is some reason why they dont now....thats a little different. but even still the worst they can say is no.
    20. I'd also be flattered to get a polite inquiry if I'd be willing to do a face-up commission.

      It's definitely not something I'd want to set up a shop for or even advertise that I'd be willing to do, as I generally stay fairly busy and during certain times of the year, my job would probably keep me busy enough I wouldn't be able to promise a timely return. But it would certainly be a bright spot in my week if someone asked. :)