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Is it possible to buy somehwere a doll < 10cm with ALL joints?

Apr 22, 2009

    1. Some tiny doll like a talisman... To keep in the pocket :) Or to put on monitor at work...
      Not very expensive and not too childish (you know - big head, huge eyes, etc sentimental stuff)
    2. Hi Anik,

      First, welcome to DoA! Hope you have fun. :)

      And, in answer to your question, I think that the Lati Whites, renewal size (not the SP size) are 9.8 cm. But they are child-like, not mature dolls.

      Check out the Lati Website for more info.... or there are Lati White threads here in the Tinies forum.
    3. Naripon is also too sweet :) And i don't like 'baby-dolls'. I'd prefer a mature one.

      Bobobie... 60 and 70 cm dolls are nice-looking. But what happened to tiny ones? They are not nice at all :( I'd even say ugly - sorry :)

      I browsed a lot of sites... I've seen tons of magnificent BJD of big sizes (for instance, http://dream.gothiclibrarian.net - big eyes, but so charming!!). And seems like no one of manufacturers is interested in doing decent-looking TINY dolls.

      Yeap, 'child-like' :(

      I realize it's more hard to do a tiny doll the same accurate as a big one, but i am pretty sure it's possible.
      I am just suprised about their look and size correlation. I'd rather say that big dolls should have more childish outlook - because usually children play with them and children love big dolls. While a tiny doll is nice to have as a trinket, talisman, etc... I hardly imagine a mature person having a 'dolly' as it... At least myself :D
    4. my comments here, bobobie tinies i would not judge based on the site pics. the website pics do none of their dolls justice. i have one of the bobobie tinies, but i picked on size and skin tone and ears. not the face. i had plans to heavy modify mine but he came home and was way better than i first thought.

      for them i'd go looking at owner pics for a judging there. ;) i love denny, but the poor guy isn't the best photographer.
    5. You know...no children play with any size of BJDs. They are for adults or teens, even the largests or the smallest ones.

      I think companies make small dolls childlike because many collectors use them as children/babies for their more mature dolls. But yeah, there are mature minis so along that line there could be mature tinies too :) (I'm thinking about extreme tinies, not the 28-30cm sized ones^^)

      The smallest doll with adult proportions I've ever seen must be Dolkot's Peya. She's cute and only 15cm tall^^

      EDIT: ICanStopAnyTimeIWant, OMG, those new elfdoll little ones are adorable! Kai is my favourite :aheartbea
    6. Tinybear's Moona and Mina are not under 10cms, but they are more mature looking tinies if you're looking for tinies with more 'adult' bodies.

      I also have a Bobobie tiny and they're really not bad in person at all. With Bobobies you definitely have to check out owner pictures.
    7. There aren't many mature dolls in the tiny section all the ones I can think of are over 10cm.

      The closest thing I can think of is TinyBear's Moona and Braken at about 15cm (so you don't get comfused there are also larger 25cm versions of these).
      Sleeping Elf/TinyBear

      The only other ones I can think of are in the 25-30cm range.
      Souldoll Littles
      Soom Mini Gem
      Notdoll Lab Miriam, Pandora, Yohimbin
      Tinybear's large Moona, Mina, and Braken
    8. Beg to differ on that point... Mayber your BJDs don't get played with by children, but others do. Some children are even lucky enough to have their own

      I know several children who get to play with BJDs. People with BJD's have kids of their own you know.

      Mine have gone home with friends children and been played with by visiting children numerous times.

    9. 15 cm is not very handy for pocket... :( *Sigh*
      Well.. thanks for all your replies anyway!
      If you get some new info - please, let me know...

      p.s. I used to have a toy soldier from color plastic. He was almost the same density as water and could 'walk' by jar floor, filled with water :) I cut all his legs, hands and made him 'pseudo-jointed'. But of course it very crude, not so nice as professionals make.
    10. Yeah, I know that well :) I was thinking more along the lines of "usually children play with the bigger dolls" (like the OP has said) - and that's certainly not true, even if some smaller children are lucky enough to play with/own one^^

      So sorry for the sloppy phrasing, I didn't want to say that "OMG children cannot touch precious dollies". Just that they are not made with children in mind as a primary collector-base :sweat.

      Oh, and I found one more mature looking tiny...Planetdoll Mini Riz - but she's also 27cm tall like the Souldoll and Soom ones...

      EDIT (it seems I'm always editing recently): If Moona and Bracken looked mature enough for you, you may want to take a look at CCC's Fidelia's Secret. She's 12cm tall, and has a small, but mature body. Her head is big, but with a good faceup I think she could look pretty mature^^ (oh and she glows in the dark :lol:)
    11. I think if you really only need a little doll to take with you to work everyday, it's better to make something yourself?? or buy a little bear at a dollhouse shop. I think bjd's are to precious to slip just in your pocket, most of us take them with us in a glass case, to protect the face-up.

      Little gienie from angelregion is a nice small doll, they have two new ones a apple fairy and a carrot fairy
    12. This might be the "perfect" doll for you, pocketbook size, very poseable and right now at an very good price. Under $100 for a selected group.
      Check out http://www.ajumapamausa.com/FELIX/BrownieEvent2009.html
      I'm so impressed with these dolls, I'm now waiting for 5 + 1 my girlfriend ordered. I know I'm going to hit this site before these deals are gone!

      I'm sure there are some other companies having sales right now so look and you might find the perfect doll for you.
      Good luck on your search :)
    13. Not a BJD, but have you checked out dollhouse sized dolls. Heidi Ott makes several that are jointed, and I bet with searching there are artists that make tiny fairies and dolls of this size out of various materials that might be what you want.
    14. Have you looked at banji/elf elly dolls? They're 5.7 inches and while their heads and eyes are on the big size, the bodies are of thinner proportions than a lot of the more baby scaled dolls?

      Also, if you can find one used, the older Elfdoll tinies were very small and had mature bodies. You can find pictures of them in the size comparison sticky in this subforum.

      ETA- Oops, I was thinking in inches rather than centimeters, so this is probably not helpful at all. Oh well, good luck with your search!
    15. Hiya and welcome ....!
      trouble is the smaller they get ..the harder it is .Its not just the sculpting
      its the logistics of it all ..getting someting even smaller ..to actually work ,I was working on one ...
      its harder to string them , harder for them to hold their pose ..bloody impossible to get tiny eyes in tiny heads LoL, getting wigs that tiny ...everything has to be scaled down ...and If I cnat get the right look I wont do it :)
      I have shelved the idea for a while ...it may be one of next years projects ..but not yet
      Smaller isnt cheeper ...:) as it normally gets harder
      .. I always have my Mina with me LOL ...she sits in a Sunglasses case with my I-pod perfect LOL
      but I love that size
      Mine , Elf , Banji , Peya ,Dogibi

      ..goes with 1/12 scale, and my Rement .they are slight too and delicate
      although I do have Pukie and Brownie ...I prefere this size any day :)
    16. LOL, we gotcha!

      Actually, they'd fit in a pocket very easily :) I use an eyeglass case to keep them safe though. Two fit in each case!

      As meantioned above, I think your best bets are:

      Tinybear's elfs (and, you've got to at least look at the fat fairies, they sit in the palm of your hand so well, I mean, they feel awesome! Like real little beings in your hand, and so incredible) Moona and Mina and Bracken are superb. 6" may sound large, but they curl up quite small, would fit in a shirt pocket, but I wouldn't want to risk losing them in there! here is a picture of the bodies - make sure, if you order them, to get the small version!

      Dollmore's Banji dolls. They don't have breasts for the girls, more childlike, though they look fine dressed up mature. Again, a wonderful doll, and the hands and feet are awesome! Just so you don't miss the optional special limited edition dolls, look at these as well :)

      Elfdolls are 1/2" smaller in general than Tinybear's dolls or Banjis. They're also slimmer with incredibly small arms and legs! I mean they're so slim and delicate (yet I've never had any trouble with them, they don't break easily or anything that I've found - though I don't go banging them around... LOL)

      And of course, the new doll which I don't own, but looks amazing, the Dolkot Peya meantioned above.

      I really think that you will be amazed at the size of any of these dolls. They actually are smaller than Puki's, just taller! They're so thin and flexible, honestly, I tried to make one last year like Tinybear said, and found it impossible. I think there is a point where it just can't be done, LOL.

      Good luck finding your perfect doll!
    17. Dear Annik,

      Not sure if you're into my style of dolls or into Fantasy creatures BJD's, but if you do/are you might want to take a look at my latest released tiny doll: Fidelia The Firefly Faerie, she's a tiny faerie size 12cm and very petite but with all joints. And she has a special feature (glow-in-the-dark resin)



      More pics of her can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31829030@N02/

      And here: http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/

      Thanks for looking :-)
      Have a great day,

      EDIT: Oh sorry..thank you SMAUG, she already wrote about her as well...
    18. Big thanks to all people, who replied! :)
      I took a look at all links.

      yeap, these tiny dolls are really nice, i am still a little 'off' by this childish look, but i must confess that BJD kinda have a more... warm personality, dunno how to explain exactly... than just dolls a la toy soldiers.

      but anyway... ->

      these human proportions i would say are the most close to my taste... And these dolls do have joints. I will think on variant of Heidi Ott. Thanks a lot, because i was unable to find this link myself via google. However, 1/12th is about 7" - so if i end up on this type of dolls, i should look tinier size :)