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Is it rude to ask this of customizers?

Mar 16, 2012

    1. If a customizer does both mods and faceups, would it be considered, maybe not rude but offensive perhaps, to ask for a mod, then immediately turn around and ask someone else to do the faceup?
      This is just something I have worried about for a long while, being pathetic about not wanting to offend someone. There are people who do mods that I think are amazing, but their faceup styles are just not my cup of tea, so I don't commish them at all, even when my doll needs a modification done....

      Just wondering what others thoughts were on the matter
    2. I... don't have experience on this sort of thing relating to dolls, but in my opinion, it's like going out to a nice restaurant for dinner... But then hitting Dairy Queen on the way home for desert: [paragraph]A) You prefer a simple Blizzard over a three tiered cake with five different flavors in it, that's your choice.[/paragraph] [paragraph]B) Yes there's a community here where it's all shared, but unless they're stalking you, it's probably going to be chance that they find out.[/paragraph] [paragraph]C) Does the customizer offer their modding and face up services separately? If so, they probably understand that there's people out there who want them to add, say, scars or fancy ears or whatever, but don't like their general style of face up. It seems like face-ups definitely have a particular style to them based on the artist, and any artist worth their salt really shouldn't get a bruised ego over someone appreciating one avenue of their work but preferring someone else's style for another.[/paragraph][paragraph]I could be wrong of course. As I said, this is what makes sense to me given what I know about the rest of the world and currently struggling to get accepted as an artist, but maybe there's other lines of courtesy here in the doll community I don't know yet.[/paragraph]
    3. Personally, I agree with EludyaQuinn. If someone is going to get offended after you just paid them to do your dolls modifications, just because you want to send your doll elsewhere, maybe they're not 'worth their salt,' as such.

      I mean, you just chose them out of all the customizers here to do your modification...

      So no, I don't think they should really get offended. I think they should just be pleased that you wanted their services in the first place :)
    4. As a person who mods and customizes, I think they are separate services. Anyone here has a right to choose to spend their money on things they prefer. Besides, if two customizers offer the same level of modding ability, at say, totally different prices, why not get the mods done for less, then send it to the one you prefer for the faceup? I think that's reasonable.
    5. Your doll, your money? Why would they get 'offended'? How could it even be considered rude to just politely say to them 'I'd like some scars/eye opening/sanding done, but my preferred artist -x- is going to do the face-up afterwards'.

      On the other hand, if you say 'Sorry your face-ups are really CRAP, so please just do the mods and I'll send my doll to this awesome artist who is way better than you', then yeah, that is probably going to offend them........

    6. I know how exciting dolly plans are and the how tempting it is to tell everything to everyone, but you aren't really obligated to divulge any plans outside of what's necessary for the services you're actually commissioning. What they don't know can't hurt them. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to share your goals, but if you're worried about it, you don't have to either.

      That said... I agree with a lot of other's here - most customizers are not going to get upset if you tell them you only want X services, and not a face-up. Not too long ago, I was PMing a customizer here about quotes for some mod work I wanted done. I did tell her that I planned on painting him myself, and she offered some tips on how to get a specific effect and showed me an example of it from her gallery.
    7. As a customizer and face-up/body blush artist, I'll say no, it's not rude or offensive. I get people wanting just modding work and have someone else in mind for face-ups, and I get people who just want it all done at once, too. Not everyone has the same style (how boring would that be?), turn-around time, or availability.
    8. I don't think it's rude to book a slot with one customiser for mods and book a slot with someone else for the face-up.

      The person doing the mods really doesn't need to know what you have planned for the doll after they've finished working on it, and there's no need to mention it to them either, if you think it may offend them to think you don't like their style of face-ups.

      It's your doll and you want it to look a certain way, so I think most customisers will understand that and won't take it personally. They might even be interested in seeing what another artist will do with the sculpt they've modded. It's always interesting to see someone else's take on an idea.
    9. I can't see why it could be considered rude. You pay for a job you like to have done. Nothing else.
    10. Really there is no reason why you'd have to justify why you wouldn't want a face up from someone who does face ups and mods. Some people do their own face ups because they know exactly how the doll is supposed to look, as mentioned, artists have different styles... but really, when you are paying for a service, you don't have any obligation to divulge why you are getting one service and not the other or both. I don't see how not wanting a face up from them would be viewed as some sort of insult to their artistic work.

      Heck if it were me with the abilities to do mods and/or face ups, I'd just be happy that my work was good enough that someone wanted to pay me for the services.
    11. I don't think it's rude. Everyone has their own specialty and style. The fact that you want to pay them for their services for anything is a great compliment, I think.
    12. I personally do not think it's rude. If they get offended, that is their own personal problem, but you simply paid them for what you wanted them to do which is the mod. Chances are, if you don't tell them, they'll never know anyway.
    13. I do minor mods and faceups, and I don't think it's rude. (I no longer have a thread for either, but used to) I would much rather you go to the artist of your choosing than have me redo a faceup 4 times and no matter what I do, my style just doesn't meet your taste. Then I've wasted my time and supplies, and you've wasted your money. Nobody wins.

      There's really no need to explain to the artist why you are only getting one thing done and not the other, but if you feel the need (artist asks or something), then I agree with almaxaquotal. As long as you say it politely and keep it as an issue of style preference, not personal attack, it really shouldn't be an issue.
    14. I wouldn't think so. You aren't obligated to get everything done by one person. It's your doll, and at the end of the day, YOU are the one who has to look at it 24/7 - you might as well get it to look the way you wanted it to.

      Customizers and face up artists are providing a service. There's no way they can make you get your doll both modified and customized by them if you don't want to - and if they somehow try to make you sign a contract or do something similar, I urge you to step away and get your modifications done elsewhere. That's not how someone running a business is supposed to act.

      (A little OT, but proving my point) JCPenny isn't going to get upset if I prefer to buy my pants at Macy's. Sure, JCPenny may lose part of my business, but there are plenty of people buying pants from them that my decision not to is of no bother to them.

      If I commissioned a customizer to mod my doll, and they found out that I wanted a face up and decided to confront me as to why I wasn't getting it done from them, I'd feel uneasy. It's none of their business why, anyway, and I wouldn't even need to give an answer.

      Luckily, I doubt most - if not, any - customizer would be willing to risk losing your business by trying to make you do something you don't want to do. Not only that, they'd also be risking their reputation should they make you feel uncomfortable enough to tell others about it. But after all is said and done, even if they do find out that you preferred to have something done by someone else, they may sulk for a moment - but they've got other face ups and modifications to worry about, so they probably won't sulk for too long.
    15. No, I do not think so. They charge both for mods and face-up (2 separate charge). I do not think you have to worry about it. Just request for mod and don't mention anything about the way you feel about their face-up. I don't think you need to go into detail about why you are not asking for face-up but only mods. If the artist refuse to only do just mods (which I find strange if they did).......then don't use her/him then. ^^
    16. As everyone said - you really don't need to mention it. Just book them for the mods, pay for the mods, get your doll back and then send your doll to the face up artist you like. ^_^

      The only way I'd see you having to mention it (really) is if you want them to send it straight to the face up artist after they've finished working (to save on shipping because perhaps they're in the same country and you're international or something along those lines). In this instance all you have to do is be polite about asking and make sure both the modder and the face up artist are informed of what's going on (ie: that the package won't be going directly from you but from the modder etc).
    17. But please beware that many artists do not accept modded heads for face-ups. So please make sure you don't end up being declined of face-up after you modded the head ^^
    18. I personally wouldn't care if the modder was offended. It's your doll and your money and entirely your choice.
      Although as a modder/faceup artist I wouldn't give a hoot XD
      My faceups aren't nearly to the quality that my mods are anyways. If someone asked me to do a faceup for their doll I would literally ask them why, because I think my faceups suck still XD
    19. No, I think it's the consumer's choice whether or not they wish for the customizer they've employed to paint their doll's face-up along with modifying the doll. If the artist is receiving compensation, it really shouldn't be the their concern what you choose to do with a doll you own. Unless, of course, there's an understood etiquette between the artist and their patrons, though I haven't heard of this. Everyone has personal preference regarding aesthetic, and it's that diversity in artistic style that makes BJDs so unique and amazing.
    20. Why is that? Is it because they're worried that they'd be in a bind if the head breaks due to a modification done to it?