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Is it safe to apply a perfume on your doll?

Jul 10, 2017

    1. I mean not directly but just spray it on the cotton pad and put it in the head or on the wigs. Still, Is it safe? Will it make the yellowing process faster?
    2. I imagine it depends what is in the perfume. I think an alcohol-based one would damage blushing/face-up.
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    3. Be wary about the contents of the perfume. Some are heavy in oils, which is bad for resin, but the oils help it absorb into our skin easier. The ones that are high in alcohol content would be safer, but like Dobry said, if you spray directly, it will harm any sealant you have on the doll.
      Typically it will be safe to assume that products that are good for human skin are bad for resin dolls.

      If you must, like you said, spray an alcohol based one on a cotton swab and dab that to the wig or an outer piece of clothing. I would not put it directly onto the doll or soak through any article the doll is wearing.
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    4. I have a few dolls that smell of perfume or similar, but I either a) apply it to a piece of clothing they wear or b) have scented wooden pearls in a little glass tray in their cabinet.
      I regularly mist the pearls with some water to make them smell heavier again, some of them have been there for years and by now I always get a pleasant smell whenever I open the cabinets.
      It only lightly sticks to the dolls (same like perfume), but I prefer it like that instead of applying it straight onto the doll.

      Else I can second what the others said. If you spray it on a doll, avoid sealed parts and avoid the ones with oil.
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    5. I have my SDs near a candle warmer/electric warmer, (Not right on top of, but they share a dresser) And I've learned they have begun to smell like it. So that could be an option if possible? xD I wouldn't recommend spraying them directly...
    6. Well, I want to put a perfume on them as a part of their characters. So, each of my dolls will have different smell. Guess I can't use candle warmer T-T
    7. I apply scented spray to doll wigs and to the backs of box cushions so it doesn't directly touch the dolls. I love the smell of new resin too though x'3
    8. @Evazeth : Awe. Yeah, I guess not. Unless you secluded each one with a certain smell for sometime, but that's a lot of work and will eventually fade over time.
      Maybe you can do something like spray a piece of cloth and tuck it into a pocket, or something in their clothes? spray the fabric and leave it until it dries before hiding it somewhere in teh dolls. With it being dry it shouldn't ruin anything and you didn' tput it directly on the doll so no harm, no foul? Or maybe you could hide it inside of their head?
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    9. I always put it on top of the wig and have the doll wear a silicone wig cap, so the perfume itself never touches the resin. It helps them keep the scent without damaging them.

      Another reason it's good to only scent the clothes/wig rather than the doll is in case you ever want to sell the doll. Some people are highly sensitive to perfume and may get very ill if they open a doll box and the doll is soaked in perfume. By putting it on the wig, it's easy to remove and wash the doll to get the smell gone for the new owner.
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    10. As @Ara mentioned, you could always scent something that doll wears specifically so that each has their smell.

      You could even take a hint from the Elizabethans/Tudors and use a satchet or diffuser which holds specific scents. I believe they used basically potpourri, but they sell locket-like filigreed spheres online which you could fill with a scented wooden bead, pumice stone, pillow, or satchet.
    11. Thank you all. Since my dolls always stay outside of the box, I guess the safest way is to spray it on the wig.
    12. I have a friend who puts Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea bags inside her dolls head, she has done this for years, it has caused no discoloration, and smells great. I am sure you could put dried herbs or poupourri inside a scrap of white cloth and tie it with a ribbon and it would be fine.
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    13. @rosalynmouse, I was about to ask if the OP could put a sachet in the dolls' heads. :lol:

      I am always worried about oil on the dolls and don't personally like most perfume, but I may try the teabags in the heads. Lol
    14. Don't apply it on the dolls' make up!I saw somebody did that and the make up was totally messed up
    15. Not directly, no. On the exterior of clothing or a soaked object/aromatic inside the head are another story.
    16. I have never done this personally. But I would assume that applying it on their clothes and let it air a bit before putting them on should be fine in theory.
      I've sprayed my carrier where I kept my MSD with perfume and let it dry before putting the doll in there. It didn't harm my doll at all and he smelled wonderful.
    17. I wonder if incense would maybe work? Burn something nice, with a strong smell and if you leave your doll nearby it would likely pick up the scent (especially in clothes or wigs). That way you're not actually putting anything directly on the doll, and you still get a "perfume" smell.
    18. Much as I love incense: the smoke would hasten yellowing, unfortunately. :(
    19. Damn! It was a good idea while it lasted :sigh
    20. Not sure if it has been mentioned but I know that some perfumes leave really bad staining on doll clothes from experience (... even though the perfume was clear!). Also best to watch out for face-ups and perfumes eating away at it. I'm sure though there might be some other fragrant alternatives. Eg I have a lot of strong smelling herbs like rosemary... never tried but I think it should be safe.... Also you get the nice smelling soap block, pop the doll in a cupboard next to it and the smell kinda sticks to it (once again done by accident) if your wanting a particular scent.