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Is it strange to only want one?

Aug 9, 2007

    1. While I have not known about BJD's for a long time, I am noticing a bit of a trend. It seems that in the BJD community a lot of people have whole families (well maybe not whole, if there's only a head:sweat ). But what if you only want one? Is this unusual?

      I only want one, so that I can focus entirely on her. How do other people feel who only want one?

      For those that have more than one, what are your personal reasons? Do you find that having to share your time between them all, that each one feels less special because of that? Or do they all interact and become more beloved?

      (Mods: let me know if this thread has gone on before, or may be inappropriate to this forum. I did not find another one similar. Feel free to delete it if it has:sorry .)
    2. It's not unusual. However, what's more usual is that you tell yourself that you only want one but you won't be able to stick to it. :sweat

      There are still those who can, but I think there's more who lost the battle so to say. ^^

      You just do your thing and I'm sure no matter how many dolls you end up with you'll be happy. ^^
    3. To start with I only wanted one, and I love her to bits! Only thing was she was a very delicate Lolita style doll, and I wanted another punkier one to design for too.

      At first I was worried about splitting time between the 2 but it works out pretty well.

      I think one doll can be perfect, I know I was very happy with my one girl on her own, and now I have 2 I don't feel the need for any more, so I plan to stop where I'm at right now.

      To me I think having one or a very small number of dolls makes them feel that much more special.
    4. Right now, I'm one of those who tell themselves they'll only get one, but have yet to see if they'll actually stick to it. Everyone says that once you get the doll, it's so cool and great that you won't be able to help wanting another... but I'm hoping not to get so addicted that I'll have a bazillion and no time to split between them or anything else. *_*

      At the moment, I'm only saving up for one, and sort of playing with the idea of getting another-- just to have one doll of each gender, so I can design for boy dolls too. *Shrug* But we'll see. I may not be able to afford another. That's the other factor that has to be considered. XD
    5. I only wanted one. For nearly a year, I only had one and I was perfectly happy with just one and no amount of persuading could convince me buying a second was worth it.

      Then a friend bought me a second.

      Then I started to feel like I wasn't losing anything by having more than one. My first will always be my precious one and get favoured, but it just... changed. If not for that friend, maybe it wouldn't have.
    6. I think the initial idea for a lot of people is to have just one, maybe two... but then you start seeing other dolls you really like (but you don't want to sell the old ones) and there are clothes you really like but they are just not your doll's style and you start wanting more... :sweat

      But I see a lot of advantages in having just one. I plan to have a boy and a girl and that's it (hopefully) so, there are still some people that do prefer to have a very small "family".
    7. I started out saying I only wanted one doll (my F04) and then ended up getting a second one. Now I am up to 4 *_* and want at least 3 more! I honestly think that once you get one you will be itching for more. It would be better of course if I stuck to one money wise!
    8. The safest way to only have one, I think, is to have a doll that's very flexible in terms of style and character. If you nail doll #1 down to a single character with specific style preferences and personality, then you'll eventually have an idea for another.. and another....

      I only wanted one. I just put #5 on Layaway, and #6 is coming home as a Christmas gift this winter... 0_o
    9. I only wanted one!

      Until I bought my first one, he's not even arrived yet and i've picked his brother Shinu and... I haven't decided on Fiyero's relationship to the boys yet but I know I will! I also want a girl ^_^ And maybe a not-quite-human one.
      So that's 5 already :sweat

      There's nothing wrong with only wanting one, but see how you feel once you've got one, I fell in love with the PICTURES of the boys, and now I want many :sweat imagine how i'll be once I've got them :sweat

      Ohhh dear XD

      [edit: I can't even spell ¬_¬]
    10. I don't think that's unusual at all. One doll can be customized and changed over and over again with wig, eye, and clothes changes. I could easily find my "perfect" doll and never really think to order another one. I don't have plans to buy more than a handful of them myself (maybe not even more than 2) when I find the face mold that really calls to me. :)
    11. I did say too that I only want one doll... now I have three *gg*

      It's the virus, you can't have only one. When you have one, you always want more.
    12. I don't think it's unusual, or strange. I can imagine your reason, to have only her and to give her full attention.

      For the longest time I thought I'd only have one and that it be enough. And it was for a while. But then I wanted a doll I could be cuddly with and Kayne is hardly the loving type. And that was when I started to go downhill.

      I don't think I'm loving one doll more than all the others. They all have their reason why I bought them. Kayne is my grumpy fellow and I love his personality. Zana is the one that is just gorgeous and fun to take pictures of. Timothy is my little cuddly fellow.
      And I like the stories you can write about them. But there is one problem with stories... they tend to have characters in them and that means... MORE DOLLS.
    13. I got into this hobby wanting/needing only one doll. One doll to embody my favorite character. I found him, got him, and still love him to pieces. :)

      Buuuut, no matter how hard I tried to stick to just that one perfect doll... more wormed their way into my heart, and I had to get them too.

      Absolutely nothing wrong/strange/unusual with wanting and getting only one!
    14. As much as I would love to stick with just one, to spoil and pamper. The fact is I am lucky to so quickly into this hobby over others I know what I want size wise as well as what my limits are. So at last count I am down to 3 guys all SD sized and 1 SD girl. Now weather they will fight over her or she will be just a one man woman remains to be seen. But I don't think the other two will get a girl. I plan they will be to busy with life. At least my wallet hopes so. LOL
    15. I don't think it's unusual or strange to want only one doll to spoil and pamper :)

      I have two SD13 boys - Kaito and Taku. It took me quite a while to get used to having my second boy around, so i guess the case of "the more the merrier" doesn't really apply to me. I find it hard to 'divide' my love and attention.

      I can't bear to leave my dolls home alone if i'm going for a trip, so having more than two dolls will not be ideal.
    16. It's the resin fumes. They muddle your mind and dissolve your defenses! :sweat
    17. My boy is extremely spoiled. I, too, said "I just want one", but then within a month or so I started thinking about another. Really I just kept seeing molds I loved .. I'm an art student, so anything beautiful catches me. >3<

      However, my second doll (and my last for quite some time), isn't exactly for me, he's for my boy Cain. He's going to be a butler of sorts, and so I don't feel like I'm replacing Cain at all, just spoiling him a little bit more.

      Cain will always, always, ALWAYS be my first and most important, and most loved, though. No other doll can take that from him.
    18. Oh, and another reason: I don't want to change the way Cain looks, even though I love doing faceups and changing wigs and eyes. I like him how he is, and so getting another doll (my floating obitsu head, anyhow) would let me do that without feeling guilty or weird, too.
    19. -cain- that's funny about the butler. I think it's the first time I've heard about someone getting another doll as a servant to a previous one. But, I suppose with all of the cute maid outfits there are, it's bound to happen.

      One of the aspects of bjd's that I love, and that really got me thinking of getting into it, was the wigs. There are so many ways to change a single doll by just putting a new wig on.
    20. I originally only wanted one doll. Then my first doll ended up not entirely going with the character I wanted (actually not at all, she always seemed rather annoyed I wanted to stick her in frilly things). So I had the chance to get a FCS and jumped on it. When my new girl arrived I found she was just so exactly what I wanted that my first girl has gone on to an owner that will cherish her and unlock her real personality (I was feeling very bad because she wasn't getting nearly as much attention).

      So anyways, I'm back down to one. I really can't see myself having more than one. For now I'm overwhelmingly content with my one little angel. ^_^

      But I suppose I could see myself down the road maybe wanting another, but I just feel horrible about the whole incident with the lack of attention on my first doll when I had 2 at the same time. Maybe if I found a sculpt that would be a different character I would have the same affection for, but that hasn't happened yet!