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Is it unusual to have more than one doll waiting to come home?

Oct 18, 2010

    1. Perhaps I am the only one scrutinizing myself, but I'm feeling a little 'guilty.'

      I've got one doll on layaway and two waiting to come home this week, and I'm concerned it looks like I'm probably adding to my doll family too quickly. ^_^;

      I know I probably shouldn't care what other people might think, and I can justify my purchases to myself (not to mention my husband doesn't mind/supports me), but I do wonder if I'm out of the norm in this respect. I certainly don't plan to add anymore to my family for awhile (need to be able to afford to clothe everyone sufficiently!), but I just wonder:

      Is it more common or uncommon to have more than one doll waiting to come home, on layaway, etc?
    2. Naw, if you check out people's signatures (points to own) and other threads, you'll see it's pretty common. If I had to guess I'd say one at a time was more common, but it's certainly not unusual for people to be waiting for multiple dolls. Part of that is inevitable because of the long waiting times that can happen.
    3. It seems pretty common.. A lot of people have more than one doll incoming, some even more than one on layaway..
      I don't want it though.. I have one doll incoming and I'm tempted to buy another, but I want to enjoy my puki before buying another one..
    4. Don't feel guilty, because then I'm downright criminal... When Luts Regen LE came out, I ordered him on layaway. Then I found a second-hand Abadon LE in the marketplace, and bought him (I had been looking for him ever since I missed the ordering time). Then I bought a DZ Ivan to make use of the DZ summer event and get the dragon girl. Then I found a Bory LE to go with my other two Luts LEs, and bought him (Customs haz him). Then DZ Asura came out, and I swore he was the last one... Then my mom found out about Off-topic dolls (pullips, concretely), loved them too, and we bought an Elisabeth.

      Summary: Three bjd home (two mine, one my mom's), one off-topic doll home. Five more dollies waiting to come home (DZ Ivan and Dragon girl on their way, Bory in customs, Regen soon-to-be-shipped, Asura in the making).

      Thing is, I only buy during the summer, because it's when I can work on them. I order, they arrive, and spend a year being loved, but with no faceups or new things ^^;;;; Then next year the proccess repeats itself. Though hopefully next summer won't be as... "productive"... as this one. One or two is more than enough, I swear.
    5. It doesn't sound that uncommon... though I wish I could afford to do that. I am really wanting about two dolls right now. I might be getting a doll for my friend for Christmas and a doll for myself around the same time though.
    6. I go for months and months and don't buy any new dolls, then suddenly find two or three I can't live without. *sigh* I usually buy dolls in the spring and early summer; I seem to have more money in those months, probably because Christmas and my family birthdays are all in the fall and winter.
    7. I'm the same as the above post. I will go a long time with no new dolls, moving various sculpts off and on my wishlist but not taking the plunge. To be honest, I was always a one doll at a time person. However, I recently I put a Soom body for my Chrom on layaway and so have discovered the joy of being able to pay dolls off slowly. So I think my days of having more than one doll on the way are about to begin, particularly since I've refocused myself on Soom MDs again. The prospect has rekindled my passion!! :D
    8. This has happened to me twice. The first one was with my second and third BJD, both large size. I bought them almost at the same time and at the same time and in the same package they came. The second time was of four BJD (Three large size and one medium size). None of them was ordered by layaway and in fact I did not plan it at all. The first time it happened I had to save hard and the second one I had a lucky pocket which allowed me to afford them that way.

      I do not think waiting for several at the same time is unusual at all. As some other people already said, there may be periods you do not see any BJD you could be interested in and other periods that just the opposite. I think it depends on what you like, what you see and find and what you might afford. But, to be honest and in my personal case, I rather go in my BJD ordering by the step by step of each per time/order whenever I can.
    9. It's not a common occurrence for me, but it has happened. I ordered my MNF Rheia and DZ Jake within weeks of each other.
    10. It's uncommon for ME, as I'm getting my third doll after after a four year wait since the last.
      But I don't think it's uncommon around the forums.
    11. I've been doing that a lot this year. I don't usually like to buy while I've got something on layaway (like I do now) but I tend to buy while waiting a lot. Especially if the doll I'm waiting on is new from a company and I know it will take awhile, I'll totally start looking at the MP wondering if I can get something to take the edge off the wait XDD

      Right now I'm waiting for a Felix Brownie I ordered in September, I have a Peakswoods Goldie on layaway and a head coming from Dollmore. I'm really hoping the head shows up soon because I plan on putting a lot of faceup and body blushing work into her (the body is already here and waiting) which will occupy me while I pay off the Goldie.
    12. I ordered two dolls from Fairyland so I would qualify for the event item I wanted. It's my first time ordering multiple dolls at once. I felt a little guilty about it at first, but I don't anymore. It's my money and I am budgeting carefully to pay for them on layaway. Now I'm just excited and can't wait to have them home!
    13. I thought it was strange at first too but I slowly got used to it :D
      August~October (current month) is definitely the busiest period for me as I have 4dolls on their way home :D....
      So I guess,time is what you need to change your view about this :D
    14. In januray I had a total of 5 dolls waiting to come home and 2 on layaways.... though I will never do that again it is pretty rare I am only waiting for only 1 thing at a time xD
    15. It's not uncommon in general, though it doesn't usually happen for me. I've had a couple of times that dolls have either overlapped or arrived very shortly one after the other. Usually I like to space things out a little bit, but there's nothing wrong with having more than one doll coming at once. It's whatever works for the individual.
    16. I haven't yet, but that's more about my budget than being bothered by the concept! I have had a couple that came close together. I prefer to have them strung out a bit so I can get them set up, but it does happen.
    17. This is pretty uncommon for me, although it has happened before. I think my DoD Luke and Soom Sard may have overlapped for a week there before the Luke came home, then I was just waiting on Sard. I think I may have put my Volks Rose on layaway while waiting for Sard (because let's face it, I waited on him for quite awhile), but she was on layaway for 4 months I think. Besides that, I did order a Leekeworld Milch a couple of years ago, then ordered my Glorydoll Lucy and Karin together about a month later, so the most I've ever been waiting on at once was 3. Besides that, it's always just been one at a time with the exception of maybe a body or a head here or there. It's especially thinned out within the last 6 months I'd say.
    18. I don't really think the 'norm' is really any scale that you should be measuring yourself on, for many reasons that should be obvious.

      For me, I've only owned one doll for several years now, and I still love him. I just haven't found anything to suit my needs and financial situations to be in any position to purchase another. :)

      I say, if you can handle the financial implications without regret, there's no problem! Only you know what's a good pace for yourself. Nobody else can really tell you otherwise. If you feel like you're buying too much, it's up to you to slow things down. :)
    19. It is very normal..... 3 of my dollies are getting a face up- one is in a trade and another is purchased.
    20. As others have said, it's pretty normal. I'm currently waiting on Soom's Epidos and Nephelin. I'll go for months without ordering anything, then BAM! Resin avalanche! I prefer to not order a zillion dolls all at once. But I found out a long time ago that if you like something you need to pounce on it (finances willing). You probably won't find it again. Or if you do it'll be second hand with an inflated price.

      If you're feeling a little saturated it's also common to sell dolls you aren't bonding with.