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Is it weid to have 60cm and 70cm in the same doll family?

Dec 6, 2010

    1. It seems everytime I go to sites thesedays im finding beautiful fantastic sculpts id sell my ears for and then seeing that they are 65-70cm dolls. My doll is 60 cm and the ones im getting in a couple months are 60 cms. I will have 40-55 cms and a handful of 25-30 cm dolls but those I figure are the younger ones of my doll family and the 60 cm dolls are the young adults. so basically if i had 70 cm ones i wouldnt know how to explain them in my doll family, make sense? so im wondering if anyone else has had this 'issue' in their heads , and if the 70 cm dolls or even 65 cm ones look really odd or big next to an adult looking 60 cm? sry for the long windedness. i just want to know if anyone else has the same issue or has different opinions :P sry if its the wrong place to post this on the forum >.>
    2. I do have a 70cm doll in a family with a 60cm doll. I will admit he looks a bit odd for several reasons. One of which being that my 70cm is a dz and my 60cm is a delf lu-wen. The lu-wen has a small face, the dz Yuu has a larger face. That means that their heads actually look rather odd next to each other. They are not family, but they are in the same story line and they are both adults. Noble just happens to be considerably taller than Kisten. Eventually I will also own Dorian, Noble's best friend, who will be 65ish cm's I hope. However I intend to choose a sculpt with a head that is at least similar in size so they don't look as strange next to each other so they can interact better in photos with each other. It is fine that Dorian and Noble are different heights, Noble is very tall, but I don't want them to look weird next to each other. Head sculpts can really effect how a doll looks next to another doll more so than height.
    3. hmm interesting. i never figured to just check for headsize before XD. Thats a good idea to check into
    4. My girlfriend and I have both in our house. In fact, my 60 cm boy is the lover of her 70 cm. I've never really been too concerned with the size differences. People come in lots of different sizes, so if you really feel the need for an explanation, your 70 cm is just really, really tall. ^^
    5. that works too.XD i feel silly but im so ocd about my dolls looks. i guess ill get 70cm dolls too, they have so many nice sculpts now
    6. I don't think it's weird at all, my doll couple is based on their webcomic counterparts; my guy is 6'2 while my girl is 5'6. He is a whole head taller than her, so 70cm and 60cm represents their respective heights really well.
    7. I have 50cm girls and a 60cm boy and they look perfectly natural together. Real humans have different heights too :whee: I think the most important thing to get right is proportions and overall aesthetic style if you really want them to 'match'.
    8. I have an 80 cm Mecha Angel among my mostly 60-65 cm SD sized dolls and he's just a very tall person. ;)
      My dolls have all sorts of sizes between 15 cm and 80 cm, some of them are child MSD-sized dolls, some are mature minis and my FL Chic-line is also very different from the mature minis. It helps that I like to collect dolls that look good on their own, so that they don't need to match with my other dolls all the time.
    9. I use to have both in my house as well. I had a 60cm girl, and a 70cm boy. I think with that, it's much easier then if my female was taller than my male doll. It would be just an extra tall guy hanging around, if you think about it, it's not so weird. In real life, I'm 5'5 and my Fiance is 6'3-6'4. He's just a really tall guy. :D

      Now, I do have one 70cm and (about to be) 3 MNFs (45cm), and they will stay in separate stories since it's hard to get a good picture with both sizes in it. But..it's not really all that strange.
    10. I'm going to have soon ~60 cm and ~70 cm girls in same doll family. And from different company! I'm sure I'm not bothered with it, because there are people in different sizes anyway, why my dolls should be all in same sizes? My taller girls are more powerful characters anyway, so it's just a good thing.

      If you feel comfortable with it, it's not weird. ^^
    11. I absolutely love this thread because I really care about this topic. All my BJD interact with the others in the same story and I always try to stick to the heights and proportions of the characters they are in 1/3 scale. That is my guide for heights. I think the easiest way to sum it up is a list of my BJD heights and how tall they would be in real life:

      - Nami, CP Luts Delf Soo Special, NS: 57cm 22" -> 171cm 5'7" (Original character height: 169cm 5'7")
      - Monkey D. Luffy, CP Luts Delf Shiwoo, NS: 62.1cm 24"-> 186cm 6'2" (Original character height: 172cm 5'8")
      - Sanji, CP Luts Delf Chiwoo Special, NS + Iplehouse Boy Body - Muscle type, NS [Hybrid]: 63.4cm 25" -> 190cm 6'4" (Original character height: 177cm 5'10")
      - Roronoa Zoro, CP Luts Delf El Special, NS + Unidoll UBr-01(Real Body), NS [Hybrid]: 66.7cm 26" -> 200cm 6'7" (Original character height: 178cm 5'10")
      - Satsuma, CP Luts MiniFée Chiwoo Special, NS: 42.3cm 16" -> 127cm 4'2" (Own creation character)
      - Nico Robin, CP Luts Delf Tanning Lishe, NS [Hybrid soon]: I am in the process of placing a tanned by myself UBr-02(Real girl body) on her so she will have the height, 62.6cm, and proportions she is expected to have (Original character height: 188cm 6'3")
      - Headstrong Entêté, CP Luts MiniFée Soo Special, NS: 41.3cm 16" -> 124cm 4'1" (Own creation character)
      - Usopp, CP Luts Delf Yder Special, NS: 60.8cm 24" -> 182cm 6' (Original character height: 174cm 5'8")
      - Nefertari Vivi, CP Luts Delf Soony Special, NS: 56.5cm 22" -> 170cm 5'7" (Original character height: 166cm 5'6")
      - Kaya, BuddyDoll W-Buddy <60cm> Jiny, WS: 59cm 23" -> 177cm 5'9"
      - Kohza, Luts Senior Delf THE COMMANDER OF BLUE KNIGHTS-ABADON, RS + CP Luts Delf BOY Type 1, NS [Hybrid]: 62.1cm 24" -> 186cm 6'2"
      - Franky, Dollmore Glamor Model Doll - Nayuta Kenzo, NS: About 75cm 29" -> 225cm 7'4½, the original character height he is supposed to be

      BJD height measurements were taken with their wigs on them. Original characters heights are the ones given in the beginning of their story and they have grown up during it. About heads sizes, curiously my tallest BJD has one of the smaller ones among my large BJD, but it fits and all of them within my family crew. Therefore no, that is not weird at all for me.
    12. my dolls range in height alot... for me its more about the characters, my first SD was 70cm, so he set the heights of the others. and realllly he should have been 60-65cm.... i still have two SD's around the 60cm range and yeah thier short but it matches their characters. and i have a 65cm (who'll be modded and become taller) and a 70cm. along with a few planned in the 75cm+ range XD alot of the SD girls i have planned are the 62-65cm girls... to match with my boys...

      i guess it really depends.. i like to match my dolls heights to their characters or as close to as possible... but for some people its about the sculpt rather than anything.
    13. I think the real question is whether you feel it will look odd to you. People have different ideas as to what seems weird or off. Depending on the characters and storyline, I may or may not be terribly concerned about size difference -- My main storyline don't have huge differences in size (except for the character that's a three year old of course). With them the proliferation of girl dolls over 60cm and boy dolls over about 63-64 create difficulties. However, I have two dolls from a different story who have quite a height difference, and that works ok for them. You could try requesting a 70cm/60cm comparison in the picture request forum -- that may really help you get an idea of what they'd look like together.

      Also, not just height but build make a difference when it comes to how much bigger a doll seems than another.
    14. Well I have 27cm dolls (children) and a few 27cm dolls on the way that are mature dolls but those girls don't count. lol Anywho, so I also have a 45cm doll, he's a teenager, a 16 yr old or at least in appearance. He's actually 112, because he's a a sprite he's just tiny is all and never really ages. My 60cm boy's are also teens or young adults, it depends entirely on the character. Two of the ones I own/are planned to arrive are teens, the other one's are young adults and I do mean adults. And my 70cm boy is the proper adult.

      He's almost double the age of most of my teens and at least 10 years older than my young adults. He is also an army man and just happens to be seriously tall. Like someone else said, you can just say that the 70cm ones are just really tall. In my house, the 45cm boy is like 4 ft 5 (he really is very iddy in character form, but he's just supposed to be) the 60cm boy I'm saving up for is 5ft exactly, my 70cm boy is 6ft, my other 60cm boy is supposed to be about 5 ft 4, 5ft 3ish and the three kids are 3ft (my girl who's the eldest of the bunch), 2 ft 9 (second oldest and a boy,) and 2 ft 8 (youngest child, and also a boy.) None of the kids are related to each other, just for note.

      But yeah, that's how it works out in my family. I don't think it's weird at all and it definitely works in my house. Especially with the height diffs of their original characters. As someone else said. I think it's sculpt and asthetics that make whether two dolls work together rather than height. The old sculpt for my 70cm's lover was also 70cm (they are supposed to be an entire foot in height diff so that didn't work,) but he also looked a little too childish and animeish to go with my very realistic 70cm boy. The new sculpt is far more realistic and natural looking as well as being 60cm and slimmer and less muscular. Much more like Blade should be.

      I think if you want dolls that 'interact' and look good together, don't worry so much about the height and more about the sculptural differences between the dolls you want to interact together and it'll work out just fine. You won't even think about the whole height issue in the end. Or that's my experience anyway.
    15. 0_0...I'm the other way round.
      My doll family now consist of 12 members and 7 of them are 70cm range while the rest are 60cm range o_O...
      The weird thing for me is I'm getting my first Yo,a 26cm CB Cheshire Lance soon o__O...
      That works the other way round for me....It does look weird when I tried to imagine-_________________________-

      The height and head is ok for me.It's just the face-.-
      Sometimes,my 70cm boys look younger or as young as my 60 ones.....
    16. Well, if you were to scale it up from 1/3 scale, it would be about a 50 cm or 1'5 ft height difference...but then again, our dollies are actually larger than 1/3 scale. If they actually were then a 58 cm girl would be 174 cm or 5'6 ft tall, so it is actually a smaller height difference than that.... It would make sense if one was very short and the other was very tall ^^
    17. Don't worry at all for this. I have lots of friends who have different sizes of bjds in their families: yo-sd, sd, msd... Sometimes they try to find characters adequate for making a good scale, but normally it's not a problem. Maybe it can be a problem if you want to make girlfriends/boyfriends or sons if they're too different of size, but you can also do it. The real problem, as it's already said, it's if you see it bad or not. ^^
    18. Thanks a lot guys! I have thought it out and found a couple 70 cm range dolls that have good porpotions compared to my 60 cm dolls. I'm getting a luts avalance, I fell in love with him pretty quickly. in response to the posts- I'm 174 cms XD its not 6'6 its 5'8.5 ish. conversions are weird i know . my boyfriend is actually shorter then me hes 5'7. I guess avalance can be like 6'10 XD (70x3=120cm=82.7 inches=6'10-6'11) I'll probably make him 6'6 in the storyline though. thanks again guys. you really helped put my mind at ease. I'm going to request pictures in the picture thread, I'm curious now as to what dolls people have with height differences in their storylines.
    19. I don't think it's weird at all. I mean I have a 65cm boy and a 63cm boy, the height differences aren't that noticeable, but at meets he's been around other 60cm boys and still not quite so noticeable. The 70cm are more noticeable but they just look like taller people.

      I will have a mix of sizes from 43cm-70cm so my collection will be varied a lot. (One of the 45cm's will still be considered adult even!! xP)
    20. I have 70cm dolls and 63-ish cm dolls. There is height difference but to me it's not as noticeable or awkard/disproportionate as a 45cm and 70cm. As for explaining how the height indicates age, some are just shorter adults, or a different race.
      Heights: 71.9 cm and 61.8 cm (according to the websites)