Is it worth it to sell a fullset with missing pieces?

May 8, 2016

    1. I'm thinking of selling one of my Littlefee fullsets, but it's been two years and it's missing a couple little pieces. I would, of course, knock a bit off the price because of this, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it to sell. So what I'm asking is this, would you buy a fullset you liked, if it were missing a few non-key pieces like an eyepatch or a wristband?
    2. I think for me it'd depend on the fullset. If it wasn't a particularly important piece and I didn't really plan on using it much anyway, then I probably wouldn't mind buying an incomplete set if the price was lower than a complete one. If it was a piece I really wanted then I would rather wait and see if I can find a complete set, since getting just one or two tiny things from a fullset might be challenging later. I guess it's worth trying? Different people want different things after all, maybe you'll find someone who feels the same way I do and doesn't care too much about the specific pieces your set is missing.
    3. I wouldn't want to buy it, to be honest. Fullset's merit for me is it being a complete, company produced original design. An eye patch missing would drive me crazy!
    4. I'd still buy it as long as the missing piece wasn't my favorite part and/or I didn't have any desire to use that piece, anyway. I def' think your set it worth selling, as long as you fully disclose the missing pieces and price accordingly.
    5. The price tag would take a hit, and you probably shouldn't sell it under the label "fullset". However, I'm positive someone would buy! Give it a shot!
    6. Thanks for your input guys, I'm going to be looking extra hard in my dolly clothes horde in the hope that the pieces turn up, but if they don't, I'll definitely be disclosing that they're missing and pricing to reflect that
    7. You might also consider accepting splits. Full sets don't mean anything to me, since I haven't found one yet that is worth buying for me. So someone might be willing to buy just the doll or just the clothing pieces as well.
    8. I think it depends on the person. Sometimes I like pieces from a fullset, but not necessarily the doll itself so it would be easier for me to find them in a split. Other times I'm only looking at the doll and the clothes/accessories don't interest me. But there are times where I'm like, "I need everything in that full set now~" So really, anything goes when putting up your fullset, so be open to possibilities maybe?
    9. I think it's absolutely okay, i was thinking about it many times, because i often like only some parts of fullset and would rather prefer some of them to be missing - especially when i for example lie the makeup-hair-accessories and dislike the outfit which costs the most) surely, for every fullsel girl there must be a person who doesn't need the fullset to be complete
    10. theoriticaly speaking If it's only some eyepatch or a wristband, why not
      I dont like eyepatches and making an wristband should be easy
      And another thing is avilability of missing parts, if i can buy that/similar part then its not a problem
    11. Defiantly depends on the full set in question. I can't see minding in most cases. If the missing parts are fairly simple, I wouldn't care, the only way I would care is if the eye patch or wrist band was a key item. However, if I wanted the doll, most likely I wouldn't care about what outfit came with them. As long as they where in good condition, the clothing would just be a bonus!