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Is it Wrong to Buy an LE Doll to get LE Outfits?

Aug 20, 2007

    1. I have seen several beautiful dolls in the since I learned about BJDs but there are only a few that I would like to own. There are several gorgeous outfits that I'd like to purchase but they are only offered with certain LE dolls. So would you think it a terrible thing if a person bought a full package LE doll for the outfit then turn around and sell the doll?

      I'd really like to know what everyone thinks about this so please post.
    2. I don't think it's wrong with a limited it more multiple dolls are out there. In this case you end up with possibly more than one happy person.

      With one-offs or offerings where it's a one only type doll it would be a shame to do since it's really being sold as more of an art doll that's already precustomized.
    3. I think it's fine, and you see "want to split" threads in the marketplace frequently. The Volks LE Luna seemed to have a lot of people who wanted that BTSSB dress for their dolls, so quite a few people chose to buy the set and sell the doll or vice-versa.

      As AreeElf said, I personally wouldn't do it with a one-off or an incredibly rare doll, but with the regular limited editions, go for it. :)
    4. There are undoubtedly people who want the doll and not the outfit, so I think it's ok to buy whatever you want. I have split LE dolls and outfits twice (I wanted the dolls) and have no regrets. The people who bought the outfits were happy to have them available to buy separately, and my dolls never wore them after I got them home. I'm sure it bothers some people (there have been tons of threads on this topic), but it doesn't bother me. If the dolls I bought had been available as standards, I would have bought them, but they were only for sale as LE's.
    5. I think its a great idea so instead of only 1 person getting a LE and being happy with the outfit while the doll is neglected 2 people get what makes them happy.
    6. I see no problem with it. It can depreciate the value, but that's owner choice. (LE dolls tend to be worth the most in original full-set condition.) But I think, whatever makes you happy... It's a doll. Once you own it, you can chose how to handle your property, whether it be selling the doll or outfit, erasing the face-up... it's really up to you.
      As everyone else has already pointed out, splitting an LE doll can make multiple people happy. So it is usually win-win anyway.
    7. I don't think so at all, I can probably rattle off five or six LE outfits I'd want without the doll. One-offs I consider bad to split, for the reasons AreeElf posted, but as long as you don't expect the full price back and don't split to scalp or anything like that, I don't see it as a problem. :)
    8. I don't think it's wrong at all, although I wouldn't do it with a one-off or ultra-rare doll (like one of the Bermanns). But that's just a personal preference.

      In fact, I split my Black Cat Lucas last year, although in my case I wanted the doll but not the outfit. I had a character in mind for him, and the outfit/wigs did not fit the character at all. I was happy, the person who got the outfit without having to buy the whole set was happy, and it helped defray the cost of buying him.
    9. I think its alright as long as the doll isnt sold at the same price it would be with it's outfit..or worse, even MORE expensive after taking the clothes.
    10. Eh. In the end, its the person who bought the dolls choice.

      Like everyone else says if its a OOAK or super special doll, it would be sorta dumb to split it up. But if the person wants to, I gets its their prerogative.
    11. I agree that it is not wrong to split a Limited doll between multiple buyers.

      I agree with BunnyChan that a person shouldn't buy a doll, keep the outfit and then turn around and sell the doll at the retail price of the Full Set. I think if I saw a person do that repeatedly, I'd consider them a scalper.

      As with most of these buying/selling/splitting issues, it's how the transaction is handled that makes a difference as to how I'd feel about it.
    12. As I bought my Misty Blue Kumi Elf from someone who was splitting up the Full-Set, I guess I don't think it's wrong! We both got what we wanted out of it all. :)

      It may seem a shame in some cases--and perhaps prices could be hurt, but really, it's up to the owner to do what they want with their doll.
    13. I don't think it's wrong at all--I'm sure there are plenty of people that probably wanted the doll and not the outfit and would be perfectly willing to buy.
    14. Ermmmm, just a thought, but . . . isn't this the same topic as the one about splitting LEs and one-offs? *points down the screen, just a couple of threads*
    15. I don't think this is wrong at all. I have actually found that sometimes I will prefer a LE doll to their outfit. I think in that kind of situation it would also be best to ask on the forums if anyone is after the outfit or the doll and work out a split.
    16. I am with Idrisfyn here. There is nothing wrong with keeping the outfit and selling the doll, as long as the doll isn't being sold at a scalpers price.
    17. This is the same topic as that "splitting one-offs and fullsets" debate....
    18. Not really, it's your money afterall.
    19. Quoted for the truth! If you like that outfit there is no reason you should feel guilty about buying the entire doll for it~
    20. As has been said by other posters, absolutely nothing wrong in my books if you're not reselling the doll at ridiculous markup. :)