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Is it wrong to change who your doll is?

Aug 6, 2011

    1. As in... is it wrong to change your doll from one identity to a completely new one?

      I ask because I'm thinking of doing this, rather than buying a new doll because I don't want to sell her, but I can't help but feel more than a bit guilty, even though I'm not too... attached to her, at all.

      Is it okay to change who your doll is, or not? What if they're your first doll? What if you feel as if you can't be very creative with them, based on the time period they come from, or their personality? Could you essentially have the two characters for the one doll, keep the old clothing and wigs but have the new ones for the new character as well, or is that cheap and/or... just, wrong?

      Personally, I don't see it to be something terribly wrong. If you're not absolutely in love with your doll, I think it's alright - they may be developed, but what if you just can't feel a certain attachment? It's not as if I'm completely 'throwing my doll away', with her personality and such, as she is a character in something that I'm currently writing. I love her sculpt and thus, I'm not looking to sell her, but I'm feeling restricted on the clothing that I can make and buy her, as well as ideas for creative photoshoots.

      Please discuss! Your opinions are much appreciated, I'd love to see what others think of this.
      {If there's already another topic on this, I'm very sorry, please delete or merge if there is. And if so, please send me a link to it, as I really am curious!}
    2. personnaly I am a bit tired of all those "is it wrong?". how could it be wrong to chance the caracter of your doll? no one have the right to tell you what to do with your doll. they can't go all "no bitch you have to get a new one and lose money or else it's unfair. recycling is wrong. è____é "
      if you question was "is it wrong to throw my very rare and limited doll on the floor to watch it break into millions of pieces?" then I, and probably a bunch of other persons too, would be like: WTF is wrong with you?
      here you are not even doing anything bad to the doll itself. anything is good to make you really love your doll :)
    3. As far as I'm concerned, there's no rule saying you can't change their personality. There isn't even a rule saying you have to give them any personality. Some people just like having a doll to dress up in whatever they like, without having to stick to a set character.

      You spent the money on the doll, so why not do whatever you like to get the most out of it? If you aren't bonding with the way she is now, go and change what you need to! Nobody's going to say you aren't allowed. They're supposed to bring you happiness, so do what makes you happy. :>
    4. Well ... in the end the doll is just that ... a doll ... a piece of resin that you paid money for and that is therefore entirly at your disposal to do with as you like. Wanna change the character ... go ahead ... wanna chop off limps ... go ahead! Melt their face and paint weird symbols on it ... GO AHEAD! It's your property and therefore yours to do with as you please!

      My dolls all have characters and I love them all to pieces ... but my first boy already went through a change. I got him with an entirly different character in mind, didn't work out for me, so I changed him ... and now I love him lots.

      My only girl, despite having a fix character to her as well, will most likely go through changes every once in a while as well for the purpose of photoshoots, different stories, etc ...

      So ... I cannot say it's 'wrong' ... it's your doll ... do whatever you like!
    5. Who's going to get mad at you Siceria? Tastes can evolve and change... there's no reason your dolls shouldn't reflect that.
    6. This is not a debateable topic. Most members will agree that once you purchase a doll with your own hard-earned money, it is up to you what you do with the doll and it's no one else's business but your own :)

      Den of Angels is focused on the physical dolls, rather than upon any character-building or the 'personality/identity' of your doll.