Is Limhwa ToYou line discontinued?

Jul 7, 2020

    1. It seems like nobody is selling them anymore for a long time. I just need a confirmation.
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    2. Yep, discontinued for over a decade :(
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    3. The original 2005 ToYous are long gone, alas. Limhwa changed its name to eosdoll a few years back, though, and in theory you can still order the newer ToYous - Sara, Mari, and Yume - directly from them:
      If you go to the 'Order' page, there's an email there that you can use to ask about them. A year or two ago the artist was still selling dolls that way and letting DoA folks use Paypal to pay for them. I don't know if she's still doing that, though. It's worth sending an email!
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    4. Great, I just sent them an email! I will get back to you guys if eosdoll replies.
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    5. I purchased a 27cm Yume through the Eosdoll website (email) in 2018. It was an easy process, and now I believe the artist even accepts Paypal (back then it was bank transfer). It took two months almost exactly to be produced and shipped to my door. :) Love Limhwa! Best of luck getting your girl!
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    6. I sent them an email on Wednesday asking them if they still sell the dolls and they replied something along the lines of ''yes that it's still possible, but the delivery will be slow due to the virus.'' The next day, I asked how much does Sara cost and if they accept Paypal because I want to purchase her in August and now I'm waiting for a response. At least it's good that they're still operating in 2020.

      How much did you pay for Yume with shipping so I can get an estimation? I'm guessing they're around $250-$300 USD for that size?
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    7. Oh, good, it sounds like the purchase is moving forward! I'm glad this seems to be working out for you.
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    8. @Calust She was $230 (including faceup, wig, and eyes) plus $30 shipping at that time. I believe there was a $200 version with only faceup (no wig or eyes) back then.

      I'm very glad to hear she is still selling them! I love her work so much. Best of luck getting yours in a few weeks.
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