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Is Luts really that bad?!

Feb 26, 2008

    1. Hello, I've been reading threads about luts and their less than satisfactory customer service and it is making me quite scared.
      I ordered a Husky from them today as I really want him and he will no longer be produced. Should I be very worried?
      Thank you for any feedback to this thread.

      I sent Luts the money today so it is too late for me to turn back!
    2. I think you shouldn't worry to much,
      looking at the fact you bought a non luts produced doll.

      Their service is going better now,
      for me it seems like they just had a very @_@ time.
      And were busy with ...everything.

      Most Luts complains come from the resin, and you didn't order a doll from luts itself..
      im sure this won't be a problem for you ^_^"

    3. Ahh, thank you so much Naiara; I feel better now. I felt terribly nervous when I ordered my other doll too. I have been reading the threads and they are mostly about resin and face-ups; neither of those apply to my order.
      Thanks. I'll try to be calm and not get the dolly jitters too badly.
    4. Make sure you look your Dollshe over for flaws as soon as it arrives, the same day, under very bright light.

      When we ordered a Dollshe girl from them, we didn't notice hairline cracks running up both of her ankles until exactly seven days after she arrived. Mind you, the doll hadn't been out of the box yet so she definately arrived broken. Luts refused to believe it happened in shipping and said we'd waited too long to contact them, even though the doll had left Korea only ten days earler. They would not send replacement parts for free, we had to pay $66 plus shipping to get them. :|

      Everything will probably be fine but take my advice and check your doll carefully ASAP.
    5. Thanks and I will. I do not think I could leave him in the box anyway.
    6. I don't think you should be worried.
      I have three dolls from Luts and two of my orders were a nightmare and one went like a dream. I wouldn't use Luts again ever just for all the stress they have caused me so for me to say don't worry I think you can rest assured lol
    7. I've bought probably about 5 dolls from Luts and never had a problem. I would not worry about it. The odds are in your favor that everything will be just fine with your Husky.
    8. I got 6 dolls from Luts and there hasn't been much problems with them except for one with a cracked ankle, which they replaced for me in less than a week, and two who were shipped really late, I waited close to 90 days for them. :sweat

      4 of them had custom faceups from Luts and the other 2 had their default ones, and so far, I've had no problems with the faceups. I guess I'm pretty happy with their services. :) I don't think you should be worried though, since it's not a CP doll, they shouldn't have any problems with shipping it on time. ^^

      As for their customer service, they can be rather vague in their replies. *_* I asked them about my boys when their shipping has been delayed twice, and for both times, it was the same answer that they will be shipped soon. >_<;; No definite date or anything.

      Edit: Actually... I didn't even get an email telling me they were shipped. XD They just appeared at my house without warning. *_*
    9. My friend had the same problem, though her Bernard had a chunk missing out of his ankle. she found it and glued it back, she didn't want to return him to luts. But, really make sure when you first get him, look over every inch, you never know. best of luck, i haven't had any problems with them, but know others have.
    10. I think it seems that more people have had ok experiences then really bad ones. After being on their Q&A board I think they get more orders on a daily basis then the other companies I've purchased from.
      I am curious though, if they replace them or not, why do their dolls get cracked and broken so frequently?:?
    11. I'm not really sure. However, it might have something to do with the quantity of Luts dolls being ordered. It seems like everyone has one. (My first doll was from Luts) In my opinion, Luts seems like the most popular BJD company after Volks. High demand sometimes leads to corners being cut or not enough time taken with production and quality control. Luts is a great company. I only waited about a 25-30 days for my doll when I ordered him. He was in wonderful condition when he arrived. I think you&#8217;ll be fine!
    12. I think now that their Juri head event is over they might be better..
      But god, the last doll I ordered from them had a broken chipped neck. :(

      Oh god my poor El. I was so upset I didn't even trust sending them back the doll to fix it. @_@; Aye.

      But I wish a lot of luck to you!!!
    13. WAhh:o Another person wit ha broken doll! Well they do not have an event going on that I know of so hopefully it will be fine.
      oooo but maybe many other people are trying to get their dollshes before it is too late!:? :o
      No, I'm fine now:lol: Thanks for answering you guys. For some reason reading what other people had to say eased my mind quite a bit.
    14. O__________O' what's wrong with Luts' resin?
    15. The tanned resin seems to be a little brittle... which is a bad engineering combination with the construction of the Type 2 bodies... but I haven't noticed anything off about the current NS or BW.

      Personally, I think they just don't check the dolls are well as they should prior to sending them out. They don't always catch casting flaws and that sort of thing.
    16. I'm thinking of getting a luts and I really REALLY want one, do you think I'll be okay ordering one from them? I'm kind of scared to order from them, but I don't want any other doll at the moment (Other than the Fei I've already ordered) :o
    17. Personally? I'd say yeah... There are still many, many more good transactions with them than bad ones. It's just that no one ever makes threads on DoA to say "Hey, I got my order from Luts and everything was fine." When all you see are the complaints, that can really skew perceptions about how likely it really is for an order to go pear-shaped.

      I've ordered a *lot* of things from Luts... whole dolls, bods, heads, outfits, all kinds of things... and out of all of that (Probably 40+ transactions all together-), they've only seriously messed up twice. Once they made a typo on a mailing label and transposed two digits of my zip code. My Elf Moon Juri ended up doing a "grand tour" of California before the PO caught the mistake and re-routed him to Washington, and another time they sent me a Dreaming Shiwoo head instead of a Dreaming El. They were very quick and very polite about fixing that once I showed them the mistake on the Q&A board.

      Over-all, your odds of having something go wrong are still pretty slim...
    18. I'm so glad i read this thread:o
      I just ordered my hound from them and will remember to check for any cracks when i get him! Eeeek..
    19. @_@ Yeah even though the horrible thing that has happened to me happened...
      I'm ordering from them again. I sold the old body and am currently ordering a new one and such! :3

      >_>; neee ways, oh god I hope all goes well this time. If something goes wrong I'll never ever order from them again. @_@; (I've already spent over 2000 dollars there, jeez! D:)
    20. Actually I bought a shiwoo from them around beginnign this year, and I have a quite nice experince. I think I have my doll shipped around a month and 10 days or so. My doll and wigs are all in good condition. :)
      Although I heard some horrible story, but I think it is all about chance...