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Is my doll yellowing or mellowing?

Feb 23, 2011

    1. Hello DoA! I'm not sure exactly where to post this so I decided to do it here! If I'm incorrect, feel free to move this thread to the appropriate place, thanks!

      So, I bought my Bory second hand from another user a while ago. I'm super grateful for him, thanks agin, and he has been showered with love ever since I got him. Quickly making his way to being my favorite of my three boys. However, I live in a dorm. So I assume the lighting is absolutely horrid (my red hair sometimes looks a blondish brown). Anyway he looks EXTREMELY yellow under this lighting. Of course this could just be in comparison to my very pink DoD Kirill and normal skinned Wilka? Perhaps only by comparison he is yellower. I took a couple of images with flash and without flash. I took the head off for comparison.

      I'm probably worrying too much about this but since it is a reoccurring thought, I figured I would ask the community. If he is yellowing, is there anything to be done about it? I have never taken him outside without being in a case of bag that would protect him from exposure to the sun, and never for long periods of time.

      Whenever I hold the head up to the face, I can never tell the difference, and just assume it is the terrible lighting. :doh I'll stop ranting and hear everyones opinion. Thanks!

      With flash, it seems I am only allowed one image :3, if you want to see more I have recent photos in the galleries of him.

      I take all photos in galleries without flash.
    2. He looks like he's yellowed a bit, but it's not unattractive. Even if you are very good and keep your doll out of the sun, the resin will still oxidize, but much more slowly. Fluorescents make everything look awful, though, so you'll get a better idea if you look at him in natural light (a few minutes won't hurt him).

      There are some treatments for yellowing in the Painting, Customizing, and Aesthetics subforum, but as long as it's even, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I actually prefer some yellowing on WS dolls because I like a vintage look. He's a beautiful boy, I see why you like him so much!
    3. Wildwoodflower: Thanks ^^! This relieves me quite a bit :D
    4. LUTS resin is a lot more yellow-tinted to begin with than DoD or DZ. He will go more 'buttery' over time, but he's also starting out at a different spot than them. I was pretty surprised the first time I saw the difference myself, but it's nothing to worry about and unless you've got him in direct sunlight all the time it's not something you've done.
    5. Buttery is such a nice term for it! :) Thank you for replying, it helps me understand it is natural and by no means, unattractive.