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Is one doll better than another for a "First Doll"?

Mar 5, 2010

    1. I've beem chattering about getting a BJD since 2008 or so, but after going to my first meetup and having seen them in real life, I'm extra inspired to save money, do layaway, and basically do whatever I need to in order to have one for my very own!

      When I first started shopping for BJD's, I was smitten by Souldoll's Osu and Iplehouse's Soo Ri & Lion. By now, Iplehouse has released their freaking GORGEOUS EID dolls, and Akando, Chase, and Tedros have joined the "serious consideration" list. Of course, my interest in taller dolls has also led me to look more closely at Souldolls' Zenith dolls, and I'm fairly smitten by Chiron. Granted, I still think the 60 cm boys I mentioned before are gorgeous, etc.

      The fact that Souldoll has a (relatively easy) layaway plan only makes Chiron that much more appealing, though I'm interested in him regardless.

      A pal of mine has mentioned that Chiron might be "too much" for a first doll, expressing concern that he might get damaged accidentally due to common newbie mistakes & naivete, etc.

      What do you think? Is one doll 'better' as a first doll than another?
    2. As a first doll I wanted a Glamor Model Doll, but he ended up being my newest doll. The first doll I ever bought was a Kid Dollmore Girl - Pado. I thought it would be a better idea with a small one to start out with. I remember how big I thought she was when I got her o.o
    3. The doll that's best as a first doll is the one you love the most. Not every newbie damages their first doll, I certainly didn't. You know youself better than any of us do, are you the kind of person to dive right in to everything without looking for information about it first? Or are you the kind of person who will do some research and look up info on a hobby before joining? At this point, the hobby has grown so much that there is nearly limitless information readily available, so really you should pick the doll you want most rather than a doll to "practice on" or ruin.
    4. The grey skin may be more of a worry if that was what you were going for, it does tend to show scratches etc more than a normal skin or WS but I don't think it matters which doll your first one is other than you chose the one that you really like. Do some research, see what you think. Definitely look at owner's photos in the database. The way I'm always positive that I'm going to like a doll is when I see all different styles and looks and still find I love them regardless.

      EID are 70cm and extremely heavy, plus not the best posers but I have Akando and at the doll meet, he's always the one people are racing to pick up. He ends up seated in child seats and in all funny poses because people can't resist playing with him. He's that sort of guy. In the end, it's your personal preference.

      There is no ideal starter doll. I've recently seen Dreaming Doll in the news thread and they have a fullset with face-up for $530 and if I was buying my first BJD she would probably be my idea of a starter doll with wig, eyes, face-up and outfit all in the one package, but there are still plenty of outfits etc for 70cm males as well as shoes etc and unless you're wanting the Centaur version, you can also put him on layaway at DDE and a couple of other US stores and possibly save a bit on shipping.
    5. Wow, Hobbysue, I just saw the DreamingDoll sets you mentioned! If I wasn't set on a boy doll for my first, I'd totally be looking into that! I might still get one as a 2nd doll or something, down the line.
    6. Not at all, get what you want. As a first time owner, I think as long as you read up on care then you should be fine. Follow the usual advice to make sure you do not make silly mistakes - like marker faceups, or leaving them in the sun, or dunking them in water, etc. As you wait and save you can read up on them and make clothes, or whatever.

      It is most important to get the one you want, if you get something you do not love as much, then you may lose interest in the hobby, thinking that you just do not love them as much as you thought you would!

      I also did not damage my first doll at all, but ended up not loving him and would prob have left the hobby if my husband had not gotten into MSDs and I fell in love with them as well - my first was an SD.
    7. I think if you've got your heart set on one particular doll as "first", then it's absolutely fine to get that doll, regardless of what people are telling you would or wouldn't be a good idea. If you feel unconfident about, say, restringing, or painting, or cleaning, or anything... these forums are vast and there is almost always someone else who has had the exact same question as you. And if not, there will always be someone who can help out~!

      My first doll ended up needing a bit of work to get her to pose well (especially with her legs), and she's quite touchy to handle at the best of times. But I don't regret having her for my first, because I had my heart totally set on her. She really dragged me into the hobby!

      I think also that it's going to depend on what you want to get out of owning dolls. If you want to keep them on the shelf and look at them, or if you want to sew for them, or if you like taking photos, or engineering, modding... take into consideration what you'd like to do to help you make the best decision!

      Good luck! ^_^/
    8. A lot of people seem to psych themselves out of getting their favorite sculpt as it's too big or too complicated and go for something simple and small. That doesn't mean they will love the doll less (either of them), but if you're going to spend a certain amount for a doll, I say get the one you really want.

      I have never damaged either of my dolls (yet, accidents happen). I've taken the SD apart and sanded her seams, restrung, sueded her joints (hotglue and real leather suede), edited her faceup, wiped it and had it redone, put in her lashes, scrubbed her down, and all without any incidents. *knocks on wood* It's all about what you think you want and what you know you can handle. Get that doll you want.
    9. I did a lot of careful consideration for my 'first' since I generally think your 'firsts' are pretty memorable, so when it really comes down to it, get that one that screams your name. Don't worry about it being 'too much', 'too complex', 'too whatever'. If its got a hold of you, that's the one to go for. Plus....you can always get the rest later >_>

      Up until the very moment I put in my order I was going between two because everyone around me 'liked the other one better'. And I'm pretty indecisive so it's easy to get me to second guess myself, but when it was time to send it in I looked at my little cutie and KNEW I couldn't listen to anyone but myself. So I told them all to 'shut up' and bought the one I originally wanted to 'come first'. So very very happy I did.

      So go with your gut. Pull up a few photos of the 'options' and just let them call to you. :D
    10. I second this. If you want a Dollshe DSAM35 as your first doll, read up on how to restring that doll and go for it. If you want an intimidating 80 cm Mecha Angel, be prepared that it may be hard to find the right size of clothing, but don't let that stop you. If you want a full set limited Volks doll, save up and get that dream doll. If you want a mini or a tiny sized doll, don't let other people bother you when they call it a "beginner doll". It's not like you need to prove yourself to other people.

      What matters most is that you don't disappoint yourself by spending hundreds of dollars on "the next best thing" if you can get the best thing. It doesn't matter which doll you get, you'd still have to read up on how to take care of your doll. Each doll has its own pros and cons and it's easier to live with the cons if you really like the doll.
    11. Every doll has strengths and weaknesses. My 70cm Super Senior Delf from LUTS is 70 rebellious centimetres, but if there's an SSDF calling you, you can certainly get used to wrestling with a bigger doll. You can figure out where to get clothes for hard-to-find sizes. Whether it's a simple body or a complex one, you're going to have to learn how to deal with it anyways. A particularly big or tricky doll might make your learning curve a bit steeper, but you'll still like him/her better than a doll you were less drawn to. Besides, if you don't like an aspect of the doll (like poseability), there are options you can take advantage of later (hybrids, sueding, commissioning clothes yada yada).

      Which is all a long-winded way of saying what everyone else is - get the doll you really want!
    12. You're lucky to have seen dolls IRL before buying so you have an idea of what size you want. I wish I could have in a way as I ended up with a few that are just too big.

      My very first big doll was, and still is, an Obitsu 60. Being a mostly 1/6 scaler having a big vinyl doll was helpful with getting used to a doll that size. My favorite is my second doll, Xavier a Dollzone Fei mini boy. It could have been an Orientdoll Il had I been able to find one at the time. In many ways that could have been my entire ball joint family, not counting tinies.

      No matter what I spent on Xavier everything would be the same in how I treat him. I spent my money on something I wanted. If you're smitten buy the damn doll. There are a million worse things you could spend your money on. Don't think about burn out, my boys are going on 4 years old, don't worry what other people think. Your doll, be selfish.
    13. Just follow your heart and get what you like best.

      I don't think there's anything that's 'too expensive' to handle for a newbie. If you're a careless person who manhandles your dolls, all dolls are probably going to be too expensive for you. You can always read up about the 'common newbie mistakes' and bear in mind not to commit them when you get your doll.

      Personally, I think a first doll should be one that you have strong feelings for, because your experience with this doll is likely to determine your experience with this hobby. If your first doll isn't all that appealing to you, you may end up giving up the hobby all together. Of course I'm sure not everyone gives up after failing to have a good experience with their first doll, but the likelihood is higher I suppose.
    14. Now I got myself a cheeper doll to start with, simply because I wanted to try my hand at modding and didn't want to start on a more expensive doll. So I found a head sculpt I liked on sale, got an inexpensive body, and went to town. But that was me, and what I wanted. I liked the idea of a smaller inexpensive first doll, because it fit with what I was planing to do. If you want a big boy for your first, go for it with gusto. I don't really think you are more likely to ruin a large doll than a small one, and you are infinitely less likely to ruin a doll you really like, because you'll be motivated that much more to care for it.
    15. Go for what YOU want. The big one's are big, they tiny ones you can loose parts for. Even people who are careful with their dolls can have accidents. Get the doll you really want, and have fun!
    16. I used to think that the cheaper dolls were better for first dolls... but then I realized the only reason why most newbies get cheap first dolls is because they're craving a doll period, and the shorter wait, the better XDDD
      I was going to get something like a bobobie at first, or even a volks Dollfie -off topic, I know XD-
      but then my parents got me a DZ yuu for christmas -that I had found on ebay for the most amazing price ever, and then was mysteriously sold- and he is the absolute love of my life XDDD
      Nothing's gone wrong with him, his default wig stained his head a little, but I immediately knew what to do ;D

      Simply, I think it depends on the person. I got Giriko during my third year in the hobby, and I knew pretty much everything a beginner should know. I knew how to take care of him, but then there are some who don't know....
      I've seen... horrible... beginner mistakes before... o.0 -sharpie nightmares-
      and the thought of someone unexperienced who just got into the hobby a month or two ago getting an expensive doll kinda scares me...
      I think total nubs should stick to cheaper dolls instead of, say, a Soom MD...

      It depends on the person!!!
    17. I think any doll that you are interested in is a good first doll. I have heard and I am sure there will be some in this thread about people whose first doll as a soom monthly and they learned all about changing legs and re-stringing right away. Others follow the smaller is better mentality. But if you a doll and you think...MUST HAVE...that is the right first doll for you.

      My first was an MSD...I had never seen a BJD in person before I didn't know the difference in sizes and was WAY UNPREPARED when I ordered but some amazing people directed me here and I learned A LOT while I waited for my first boy and I was really lucky because when he arrived I was completely in love.

      You have already seen them, touched them, and researched them. You know what you are getting yourself into so I think that picking a doll based on size and not desire is not a good choice because you will always wonder....what if...and regret not getting the doll you really want.
    18. If you are patient enough to wait and save for a bigger doll, my hat's off to you! Go for what makes you happiest, so you don't get caught in that revolving door of dissatisfaction. It's so sad to hear of owners who scrimp and save for that special doll, only to discover it's not quite what they thought when it arrives.
    19. I think it's best just to go for a doll you really want. There's no point settling for something less expensive/rare/limited if you don't like it as much. It's a big investment to make regardless of which doll you buy so you might as well get something you're likely to be happy with. I went with a Volks FCS as my first doll which was anything but cheap, but I haven't damaged him or anything. As long as you do plenty of research before making the purchase I don't see any reason why you shouldn't buy whatever you want.
    20. My first was a Dollmore Thinking Larme, and he was limited to 15. I still have nightmares about damaging him, or finding him damaged, but so far, I think the only thing that's happened to him is some very minor scrapes on his feet and he might have yellowed (no way to compare). My third, a floating Heliot head, is the one that gets the abuse. I feel so bad about his nose and ear, but it does fit the character I have for him to be so damaged.

      I think you should be free to get whatever doll you fall in love with, whether it's your 1st or 101st. I'm still a lot more careful with my first boy than I ever was with any of the dolls that came after, so it's not a given that first-time owners will damage their doll.