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Is Serendipity doll closing?

Apr 2, 2008

    1. I just read in an ebay auction that they are closing. Does anyone know for sure if this is true? I was hoping to order a Cumi next year.
      Any info appreciated:)
      Thanks, Mary
    2. I think I've read this on the Unoa Hybrid thread also, as many people like to use a Serendipity body....
    3. This reply was posted on their English website in response to a restocking question:

      Serendipity English web-site will close in near future.
      therefore we will not re-stock our goods.
      Thank you!

      I'm sad...I was going to order another body for my Lusis faceplate, because I love the one I have for my Sist. I guess I'll have to find another body to use for my hybrid dollie :(
    4. I was thinking, how can the Serendipity body possibly work for Unoa then I remembered they have a darker skintone choice as well. Standard Serendipity (Pinky white) would never match.

      I'm really sad they are closing the English shop, I wonder why

    5. Yeah, I ordered the normal skin tone and it's an almost perfect match. A smidgen yellower than Unoa, but not bad. All my other dolls are white skin color, so the normal may seem yellow in comparison.
    6. Sorry for the delay. I'm new here & I couldn't find this thread again! LOL

      Here it is:
      I hope it works.


    7. It was the old Serendipity Sharmine body ...it was perfect
      the new resin wasnt as good at all

      sad ,I love the old Aga ...but they never restocked those :(
      glad I got my Candy
    8. The new resin "normal" was a decent match for Unoa 1.5. Several people used the 14yr body (not the same as the old body).

      I hate to see Serendipity go. My first BJD was Sharmin. They had gorgeous dolls. I think their main problem was that they never quite hit it right on sizes. Their minis usually looked slimmer and smaller-headed than most others - I think they didn't quite mix right. Gorgeous resin and construction though - very good sculpts.

    9. I saw this too - my serendipity charles girl, Charlie, has an AWESOME body with just amazing posing. I am so sorry to see them closing! I do wonder why. I hope they are all okay.
    10. They specifically said the ENGLISH website. I wonder if they meant that they're still going to produce dolls, but not maintain an international website anymore?
    11. I hope that maybe they will form a new company or sell through a company like Dollndoll or Luts.