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Is the Volks FCS F37 head the same as the Volks Chii head?

Mar 7, 2008

    1. Forgive me if this is already a topic, please forgive!

      I was looking at head mold options of the Volks FCS and I was wondering if the current F-37 head the same one they used for the Limited Edition Chii? Or is the Chii head more like the DD type of head instead...
    2. As far as I know the F37 isn't Chii - and they don't look very much alike....

      Compare Chii to the F37 - very different eyes, noses, mouths... Chii looks sad, the F37 looks happy.
    3. Oh...now looking at both of the pictures they do seem very different, curse my evil lack to paying attention to detail! Thank you Quiet Queen!
    4. ria_ria~ I own a DD1 head but besides the fact that its made of a different material it seemed a little small on a super dollfie body in comparison to the Chii...Then again my head was a little defected...
      Amy~ Stupid me. I forgot all about the F-32 mold!